5 Ways to Improve Your e-Book Reading Experience on Your Smartphone

In today’s “wired” era, you can likely count on your smartphone to do almost anything related to work, leisure, or entertainment. It may be one of the spec-rich, but cheap mobile phones in Singapore that nonetheless comes with a great mobile data plan, or perhaps it’s a high-end model you’ve saved up for. Either way, it’s common to depend on a smartphone for everyday activities like reading e-books. 

Smartphones are practical alternatives to large, bulky books and e-readers given that these small devices can store up to thousands of e-books at a time. If you’re the type who loves to read on the go but doesn’t want to strain their back, your smartphone will be a perfect reading companion. But you must also be ready to deal with certain limitations on your phone as opposed to a physical book or e-reader. These include its small screen size and the existence of features and apps that may sometimes disrupt your reading experience. 

To that end, here are some tips for making the best of what you have and turning your smartphone into a capable e-reader:  

1) Find an e-Book Reading App That Suits Your Needs

Different e-book reading apps offer varying features, layouts, and additional tools. Some apps provide you with extensive customisation options for reading, while others focus on a minimalist design for a distraction-free environment. 

That being said, you’ll want to choose an e-book reading app that suits your exact preferences, as the right app can significantly improve your reading experience overall. Check out the most popular e-book reading apps available for your smartphone platform and compare their features, and read user reviews so that you’ll know what to expect out of each app.

2) Keep the Text at the Centre of Your Screen

Keeping the text centrally aligned on your screen will minimise the need for constant eye movement, thus reducing your eye fatigue when reading. It will also enhance your focus by ensuring that the content is directly in your line of sight, ensuring for you a comfortable and immersive reading experience. 

Explore the settings of your e-book reading app to find options related to text alignment. Choose the central alignment option to keep the text in the middle of the screen. Some apps may also allow you to customise your margins so that you can further optimise the central placement of the text, whether you’re reading a page or scrolling through the book.

3) Increase the Font Size

A bigger font size will make text more legible, reducing the need for squinting and enhancing the reading experience for individuals who are visually challenged. It also helps prevent eye strain, especially during prolonged reading sessions. 

Most e-book reading apps have a dedicated section where you can customise the font style and size. Navigate to the font or text settings within the app and make the adjustments from there. And while increasing the font size, be mindful of the screen size as well. Aim for a font size that maintains a good balance between readability and the amount of text visible on each page.

4) Adjust the Screen’s Brightness

Another thing you can do to prevent eye strain, especially when you’re reading at night, is to adjust your smartphone screen’s brightness. A screen that’s too bright or too dim can cause discomfort and discourage you from reading altogether. 

You can configure your smartphone’s auto-brightness feature to adjust the brightness based on ambient light conditions. This will ensure that your screen is automatically optimised for different environments. If your smartphone doesn’t have an auto-brightness feature, you can adjust its brightness manually and find a brightness level that is comfortable for your eyes.

5) Turn Off Your Phone Notifications

Notifications can disrupt your concentration and detract from the immersive experience of reading. Turn off unnecessary notifications to create a distraction-free environment, thus allowing you to enjoy your e-book without constant interruptions. 

Turning off your phone’s notifications is usually a pretty straightforward process. All you have to do is go to your phone’s settings and switch to silent mode to prevent notifications from incoming calls, texts, and messages from making a sound. Just remember to turn your phone’s general audio back on to hear your notifications properly. 

For a more granular approach, you can explore app-specific notification settings. It’s possible for you to temporarily disable the notifications on certain apps during your reading sessions to ensure an uninterrupted reading experience for the most part, and just enough attention from you when the most important notifications come up.

One of the best things about modern smartphones is their versatile nature. Even though they’re primarily made for communication, users can install various apps and configure their devices’ settings to make them fit their lifestyles and accommodate an activity like reading. 

A book lover like yourself can incorporate these tips into your e-book reading sessions to maximise your smartphone’s features and still enjoy the pleasure of getting lost in the text. 

Empower Your Grandparents with Tech Skills in Globe’s #SeniorDigizen TikTok Contest

Imagine the heartwarming scene of your beloved grandparents attempting to navigate the world of smartphones or booking medical appointments online. Now, thanks to Globe, you have the opportunity to capture these priceless moments and share them with the world through the exciting “#SeniorDigizen: Teach Me How To ‘Digi’” TikTok contest!

In honor of Grandparents Day and Elderly Week, this contest aims to make technology enjoyable for senior citizens. It’s all about strengthening family bonds while guiding seniors into the digital age, with the support of their tech-savvy children and grandchildren.

Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, expresses the company’s commitment to digital inclusion: “We believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, whether young or old. Through this contest, we celebrate family, learning, and the joy of discovery as we encourage our beloved senior citizens to become ‘senior digizens.'”

Do you want to join?
Participating is easy! Create a TikTok video in which someone from the younger generation, aged between 15 and 50, teaches their senior parent or grandparent a tech skill or two. This could include setting up a new app, using a mobile wallet, or even mastering the art of emojis. The key is to make it creative, engaging, authentic, and heartwarming.

Your submission should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long, include a one-liner caption, and be set to “public” access on TikTok. Don’t forget to tag @globeofgood and use the official hashtag #SeniorDigizen. Multiple entries are allowed, but you can only win once.

Ensure that your video is original, fun, and creative, following the popular TikTok format where situations unfold in real time from the viewer’s perspective. Both the senior citizen and the younger participant must be visible in the frame. Use only commercially available sounds, keep the spoken parts free of profanity and avoid mentioning other brand names under patent. Avoid depicting harmful actions or violence, and try to incorporate Globe’s signature color blue while avoiding other unrelated colors.

Your video must also adhere to TikTok’s community guidelines and promote positivity and respect. Aim to capture your video in high resolution, as low-quality or shaky videos won’t be considered.

Liza Reyes, Public Relations and Communications Strategy Head at Globe Group Corporate Communications, emphasizes the initiative’s message to senior citizens: “Embracing digital is easy, and you can do it! We are here, along with your children and grandchildren, to guide you through this journey. We invite our Lolos and Lolas, their children, and grandchildren to participate in this contest that not only bridges generational gaps but also the digital divide.”

What’s in store for the winners?
Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, engagement, and overall content. The top 25 entries will receive PHP 25,000 worth of Globe products and exciting prizes. Those who complete the #SeniorDigizen Ambassador program can win up to PHP 75,000 worth of Globe products.

Winning seniors should be physically able to attend an exclusive learning session hosted by Globe and complete the two-month #SeniorDigizen Ambassador program, with details to be announced later.

Important Dates:
You can submit your entries from September 10, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. until September 30, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. In October 2023, stay tuned to Globe’s Globe Of Good TikTok and Globe of Good Facebook page for the exciting announcement of winners.

Join now!
Don’t miss this opportunity! Encourage your grandparents to dive into the world of TikTok and prove that age is merely a number in the #SeniorDigizen contest.

For a comprehensive understanding of the contest mechanics and more, check out Globe’s official social media channels on Globe Of Good TikTok and the Globe of Good Facebook page, starting September 10, 2023.

To learn more about Globe, visit their website at https://www.globe.com.ph/.

Movie Nights with the LUMOS RAY Projector

Last year, we got to fix our room. We had the cabinets in the master’s bedroom taken out for more space and for decluttering. We were left with an empty blank wall. Being used to seeing a lot of things in the room, we were contemplating if we should place shelves, or decorate the wall, or add a TV so that we can watch our favorite shows.

We didn’t have any TV in the room, and we used to just watch from our laptops or iPads. We then had this idea of buying a mini projector. We tried one mini projector, but the quality wasn’t really that good. The room needed to be really dark, plus the shows on Netflix were pixelated when using this cheap projector.

Ginger Arboleda with her LUMOS RAY projector

We then came across the LUMOS RAY projector which costs either Php 8999 for the LUMOS RAY and Php 11,999 for the RAY Smart. We were pleasantly surprised with how the LUMOS RAY Projector worked. Okay, you probably are thinking why not just buy a TV with this price. What we love about this projector is that we can bring it anywhere we go. 

Before the pandemic, we used to travel a lot. Now with things easing up, I’m sure that we’ll be able to travel again, so we’ll be bringing the LUMOS RAY projector with us.

If you are a family who loves watching movies and shows, this projector is for you.

Video Clarity

This small device can project an impressive 100 inch screen. Just to share with you, the distance from our projector to the wall now is around 100 inches (2.5 meters). To give you an idea, a 3 meter distance can project the 100 inch screen.

It really can show whatever show you’re watching clearly at 720p HD clear resolution (1080p Blu-Ray Support). It has a Bright 3,000 Lumens making the colors more vivid in darkness (not grainy or washed out). Other projectors are just at 1000 Lumens.

As you can see, we shot the images above at around 4:00 pm in the afternoon, when it was still bright and sunny outside. We had no problem watching, and the video projected was clear.

Plug and Play

To use the device, just plug it in and turn it on. It has a built-in Netflix and Youtube app. Do take note to simply press ‘cancel’  when Netflix asks for an upgrade as the inbuilt version works best with the projector.

The user interface was simple and easy to use, that even our 9 year old understood how to use the device.

Screen Mirroring

You can also open a file, app or video via your mobile device and have it projected. Just open the Air Screen app on the LUMOS RAY and connect via Wi-Fi to mirror your file in your mobile device. Other people use it to play mobile games, use Spotify, or even join Zoom calls over a huge screen while lying in bed.

Sleek and portable

As mentioned, what we love about the LUMOS RAY is that you can just grab it and go! I love how it looks — it’s very sleek and compact. It also has a built-in Dolby Audio so sound is good. But if you’d like to use your own speaker, you can attach it and plug it into your LUMOS RAY.

The LUMOS RAY is again priced at only ₱8,999 and the RAY Smart at ₱11,999 with 1-year local warranty. You can purchase these devices directly from LUMOS Projector via their website at https://www.lumosprojector.ph/MommyGinger. You can order from anywhere in the Philippines, Malaysia or Singapore.

Overall, we’d highly recommend getting this for your bedroom, living room or home theater. We love the experience, and now that we seldom go to movie houses, this is a great option for movie nights with the kids at home!

4 Types of Headphones and Earphones and How to Know Which One Is Right for You

If you like listening to music while working, exercising, or traveling, then you know the importance of having the right audio accessories. Nothing ruins the experience more than a pair of headphones or earphones that produce low-quality sounds.

Fortunately, you can buy headphones online so you can replace your inferior ones with a better pair. Before you make a purchase, however, make sure that you’re getting the type of headphones (or earphones, as the case may be) that suits your listening habits and preferences.

Below, we discuss the four most common types of headphones and earphones to help you choose:

Over-Ear Headphones

If you want the best sound quality, you should definitely get over-ear headphones. Their large size can make them look and feel bulky, but it also allows them to house larger drivers. This, in turn, allows headphones to produce a wider range of sound frequencies—from those smooth, high notes to those deep, thumping bass beats.

Another reason that over-hear headphones produce such great audio output is that the ear cups cover your entire ear. This feature helps isolate sound, creating that “surround” experience. In addition, by covering your entire ear, the cups or pads of your headphones can help increase comfort.

The downside of headphones is that they aren’t as portable. As such, they’re better used at home or at work. This is not to say that you can’t use headphones when traveling, but it can be a little inconvenient to carry them around.

Wearing headphones for hours can also cause a bit of added pressure on your head and make your ears feel warm. If you can, find a pair of headphones with a padded headband; for the ear cups, memory foam is often ideal for added breathability.

On-Ear Headphones

Unlike over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones don’t have ear cups. Rather, they have ear pads that sit on top of your ears. Thus, they don’t offer the same surround-sound experience. This doesn’t mean that over-ear headphones can’t deliver quality audio. The key is to find a model with a large enough driver so you can listen to your favorite songs without losing fidelity.

On the other hand, on-ear headphones are more portable than their over-ear counterparts; they’re also much lighter. Some on-ear headphones even boast foldable styles and come with free carrying cases. As such, they’re better travel companions.

Just manage your expectations regarding ambient sounds, since the partial ear coverage can let some noise get through. For foldable models, be careful when opening and closing them so the arms of the headband don’t snap.


If you’ve bought any kind of mobile phone online or in-store recently, you probably received a free pair of earbuds that you may have mistakenly called earphones. The difference between the two kinds of audio accessories is that earbuds are designed to rest on the concha, the opening in your ear that leads to the ear canal. As such, depending on the default size of the earbuds, you might not get a good fit.

Like on-ear headphones, earbuds also let in ambient noise. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on the situation. For example, if you’re jogging outside or crossing the road, being able to hear other sounds like car horns is definitely good. However, if you’re trying to listen to your favorite songs while on public transport, the lack of noise cancellation can be a downside.

On the other hand, most earbuds come with a built-in microphone. Thus, they’re perfect for answering calls hands-free. They can also be useful in basic video chats such as when you’re calling loved ones or having an online meeting. What’s more, earbuds are quite cheap. If they get damaged or broken, you easily find replacements without breaking the bank.


Last but not least, earphones are audio output accessories that come with multiple rubber or silicone tips that extend into your ear canal. This means you can choose the correct size to ensure that they’re snug and won’t fall off easily. If you like listening to music while exercising, then earphones are your best bet.

Another advantage of earphones over earbuds is that earphones can isolate sounds. Thus, you don’t have to worry too much about ambient noise. Many earphones also come with noise cancellation technology. This helps filter the sounds better, giving you clearer audio even at lower volumes.

Just like over-ear headphones, however, wearing earphones for long periods can cause a bit of discomfort. This can be alleviated by getting the right size of ear tips, although finding the exact size that fits in your ear canal can be challenging.

As you can see, the “right” headphone or earphone is quite subjective. In fact, depending on what kind of listening experience you’re looking for, you might end up getting multiple products! However, if you only have a budget for one, then decide on what you’re going to use most often and then invest in that type of headphone or earphone.

Time to grab this acerpure cool!

Guess what? Acer, the brand that we love for laptops, tablets, and other gadgets has this new lifestyle brand called acerpure and we got the new acerpure cool. Before we jump into our review of this new device, let me introduce acerpure first. acerpure has new products that are focused on consumer electrical products related to air treatment at the first stage. This is in line with acerpure’s commitment to provide professional air quality (since they have been delivering this in the commercial field in Taiwan for many years). This decision to expand their consumer market was at the end of 2020, and it was very timely, since a lot of us would love to have fresh and clean air at home. Acerpure’s value proposition is to bring us a new lifestyle that combines “Smart” and “Freshness”. With these new products from acerpure, we can enjoy ‘’Simple Pure’’ using technology at Every Moment.

acerpure introduces 3 new products: acerpure cozy which is the air circulator. acerpure pro which is the airpurifier and the acerpure cool which is the air circulator and air purifier in one.

acerpure cool review

So we used the acerpure cool and placed it inside our bedroom. Our baby is oftentimes inside this room, so we wanted to have the air purifier placed inside this room to keep her safe.

So the acerpure cool has the True Circulation Fan. It’s my first time to see a fan really rotate that way — it can move side to side and even look up and down. How cool is that? It also has up to 12 meters airflow distance.

For the acerpure air purifier, it has a 4 in 1 HEPA filter which removes PM1.0 and 99.97% particles down to 0.3 microns. It was also tested for airborne bacteria (Escherichia coli) counts in air with an elimination rate up to 99.99%. As for H1N1 (which we all know about), it was also tested for it with an antiviral activity rate up to 99%. The acerpure air purifier also emits negative ions (10 Million) into the air with its Anion Function Auto Run feature.

Do we like the acerpure cool c2?

Yes, definitely and we highly recommend that you get one. Even if you spend Php 15K for this device, we think it’s really worth it. Here’s why…

It’s a space saver. Normally, you’d have a fan and the air purifier as separate devices. Our master’s bedroom is where all of us sleep at night and where the kids nap in the afternoon. We have to bring in Zeeka’s bed, because she wants to stay with us, and her bed takes up so much space. We don’t have a big room and with the fan and the air purifier in the room, there’s hardly any room to walk and move. The acerpure cool just does the job of these 2 devices well without taking too much space.

It gives me peace of mind. We live in a condo unit and obviously, we have no control over what happens in the units of our neighbors nearby. With COVID threatening our health and safety, as a mom, I’m just more comfortable if all of the purifiers are turned on. But of course, we just don’t get any air purifier. With the acerpure cool, we’re really sure that it has been tested against the virus we are scared of (like H1N1 / COVID) and also against particles like dust that I’m super allergic to (yes, I have a bad case of allergic rhinitis). Before having the acerpure, we all got COVID in the family and mind you, we don’t go out. We really think that we probably got it from the building. Having the acerpure cool here at home just gives me and my husband that peace of mind that we have another layer of defense against unseen enemies!

It’s super innovative — I love the circulation fan and the display with the app. In our condo unit, I don’t think air really moves around that much. Sure, we can open the windows but only to a certain extent that air doesn’t really circulate. And we know that this is important so that the air that we breathe is fresh and clean. I also love the display since I know and I am assured of the air quality inside our home.

These are just some of the things that we love about having the acerpure cool c2 here at home.

If you are seriously considering and in the market for an air purifier / circulator, visit the Acer Philippines Facebook Page! acerpure products are available in authorized retailers and online at


Share with me your experience, too, with acerpure products. Use #AirMadeClean #acerpure #AcerPH Stay safe and healthy!