Smart Spray: Make your Own Disinfectant

I’ve been seeing and getting a lot of “smart” stuff lately. I’m amazed at how this huge challenge for everyone has pushed us to think outside the box and create something new. This week, I received a smart spray that can help you make your own disinfectant. Just wanted to say that this is so cool!

Smart Spray from Smart Home Phils.

About the Smart Spray

This spray converts water and salt into Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach). It uses electrolysis technology to electrolyze the water added with the appropriate amount of salt. Why do I say appropriate amount? The appropriate concentration of sodium hypochlorite disinfection water is safe and also reliable when it comes to protecting us from bacteria.

How to Make your Own Disinfectant

  1. Fill the Bottle up to 270ml with tap water.
  2. Using the spoon that comes with the spray bottle (please avoid losing this spoon), add 2 spoons of iodized salt. One salt spoon is at 2 grams.
  3. Cover up and shake a bit. Remove the cover before electrolysis.
  4. Connect the power cord and turn on the power button (long press) then select the desired concentration (low, medium or high). Long press the work button to shift modes.
  5. To start electrolysis, press the Work button once. A blue light indicator will light up. When it’s done, the blue light of the Smart Spray will turn off.

Cover the bottle and voila! You’re done with making your own disinfectant.

How can you use this Smart Spray?

Here are the things that you can use it for:

Low Concentration

  • Clean fruits
  • Sanitize Hands
  • Clean cuts and wounds
  • Cleanse Seafood
  • Keep meat fresh

Medium Concentration

  • Clean bottles
  • Clean phones
  • Disinfect Sofa
  • Sanitize Table and Chairs
  • Disinfect office and school supplies
  • Disinfect car interior

High Concentration

  • Disinfect Packages
  • Disinfectant on mats
  • wash cloth masks
  • Disinfectant for children’s toys
  • clean and wash kitchen tools
  • Clean sink
  • Clean bathroom

With this new discovery, it leads me to my point that we always need to question things around us. Why do we need to buy some things when we can just create?

Just something to ponder on.

To check out more details on this Smart Spray, please go to

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How to Write an OR as VAT Registered Individuals

I am registered as a VAT Registered Individual. I didn’t start as a VAT registered self-employed professional. I moved from being Non-VAT to VAT. This was required when I finally earned more than 3 Million gross earnings or gross revenue in a year.

One of our concerns as VAT registered individual taxpayers is how to write an OR for VAT Individuals. By the way, OR is short for official receipts. We’re not used to writing VAT official receipts, since we’ve been so used to writing Non-VAT official receipts (haha! I may just be speaking for myself). So I took some time out of my day actually to write this blog post so that I will have my own guide and so that you may have a guide, too.

I’ll be sharing two scenarios to teach you how to write an OR for VAT Individuals

Scenario one:

You charged your client Php 20,000 and you said that this is net of taxes. They asked you if you are withholding and how much percentage will that be.

Answer: The first thing that you always need to do (and this is for both scenarios that I indicate in this blog) is to send them the following together with your proposal: (1) your Certificate of Registration; (2) mention that you are a VAT entity just in case they don’t check the COR; and, (3) send a sample official receipt or invoice (a blank one).

Next, the Php 20,000 that you mentioned above also becomes your VATABLE amount. My PRO TIP is that it’s best to quote “net of taxes” because it’s easier for you and for the finance department of your client to compute. So what’s the computation?

VATable Amount₱ 20,000.00
+ VAT (12% of VATable Amount)₱ 2,400.00
Total Payable₱ 22,400.00

On withholding taxes

Since they are withholding, withholding taxes for VAT individuals are usually at 10%. I usually find it weird when big local companies (their finance) ask me what ATC do I want. The company that withholds should be the one to choose how they want to declare the person based on the COR and service to be rendered by the individual is.

Let’s pause for a while though and define an ATC or Alphanumeric Tax Code. This is the code that tells the BIR what type of tax are you paying for. There are ATCs in different tax forms, but let’s focus on Withholding Taxes. You can find the complete guide of Alphanumeric Tax Codes in the BIR’s website. It’s alphanumeric because the format is like this… WI080.

The Client that you have is called a withholding tax agent. In their COR or Certificate of Registration, they probably have to pay “Withheld Taxes – Expanded” or Expanded Withholding Taxes. That means, for each expense that they have, they have to withhold a certain percentage. So since they are paying you, they need to withhold a certain percentage and declare this to the government. This filing of theirs (to put it simply) has a list of all the people and companies that they have paid and this list is called a QAP or Quarterly Alphalist of Payees. So if you still don’t know how BIR knew you were paid even if you didn’t declare, this is it.

This is the reason why they need to give you the form 2307 or Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld. It is proof that they really remitted the taxes they said they will withhold and pay for. This is important because you can deduct the taxes they withheld from the income taxes you’re supposed to pay. For paying of income tax and how to “attach or deduct” the amount from form 2307, just use Taxumo. They have an onboarding session where you will learn how to use Taxumo to pay for taxes without really needing to know how to compute the nitty gritty details. Use my code mommyg for a 10% from your chosen subscription plans: (if you are VAT, the plan for that is the SMB plan).

So going back to the computation, the withholding taxes are withheld from the VATable amount. So let’s say your ATC is for 10% withheld taxes: 

VATable Amount₱ 20,000.00
+ VAT (12% of VATable Amount)₱ 2,400.00
Total Payable₱ 22,400.00
LESS: Withholding Tax (10% of VATable Amount)₱ 2,000.00
Net Payable₱ 20,400.00

So what do you write on your official receipt? With all the numbers above, do you want to guess? 🙂

What you will write on the right side of the OR (where you write the amount in words) is the ₱ 20,400. You will then write the breakdown on the portion where you can write the breakdown, usually on the left side for the OR.

When you get paid, you will receive (1) ₱20,400 as payment in cash and (2) ₱2,000 as payment in the form of a Form 2307 Certificate of Tax Withheld. Make sure you get both!

Scenario two:

What if I failed to tell my client I was a VAT entity and I’m fine with Php 20,000 inclusive of VAT. What is the computation? The client will also withhold.

In this case, you’ll have to compute back from the total amount / VAT Inclusive Price to the VATable + VAT amounts. Don’t worry, doing so is very easy:

VAT Inclusive Price₱ 20,000.00
VATable Amount (VAT Inclusive ÷ 1.12)₱ 17,857.14
VAT (12% of VATable Amount)₱ 2,142.86
Total Payable₱ 20,000.00
LESS: Withholding Tax (10% of VATable Amount)₱ 1,785.71
Net Payable₱ 18,214.28

So there you have it. These are the two scenarios that I’d like to share with you. If your scenario is more complicated than what I shared above (it’s possible), you can consult with a CPA via Taxumo Consult. A 45 minute consultation with them is just at ₱1000.

Hope this helps you understand how to write an OR for VAT Individuals. Please share this if you find this useful.

P.S. For Non-VAT individuals, you can check this out: A Freelancers and Consultants Guide to Using Taxumo

4Life Transfer Factor Collagen

I’ve started taking 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen and have been adding it to my coffee. My husband saw me adding it to my drink and he was curious to know how doing this “extra step” would benefit me. I always thought that people had a pretty clear idea on what collagen does to your body, then I figured out that just maybe there a still a lot of people who wonder why I’m taking 4Life Transfer Collagen and what collagen in general is for. Also, a lot of you may wonder why I take this collagen supplement versus other brands during these times.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is found in your body. It is a building block that is a major component of connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, muscles and the biggest organ of our body, which is our skin.*

As we get older, our body produces less and less collagen. You can naturally increase the collagen production in your body by eating or ingesting food that help increase collagen production. Here is a great list of food that can help you produce more collagen:

Nowadays, a lot of products contain hydrolyzed collagen. Just to give you an idea of how big the market is, for collagen peptides, the market is seen to be valued at USD 599 Million in 2020. It’s projected to reach USD 795 Million by 2025.

What can Collagen do for us and our bodies?

I started becoming interested in adding collagen to my diet through supplements a couple of years ago. I added this into the list of supplements that I take alongside probiotics, etc. The reason why was that I started noticing that my body was changing — I had skin that was drier than usual and I started seeing lines around my eyes. I was feeling tired also most of the time.

I started reading about Collagen and found out that it really helps in many ways. Aside from glowing and supple skin, as we all know, since this is how they advertise collagen, it also helps in delaying degenerative joint disorders such as osteoarthritis (which runs in the family).

It also helps stop bone loss and builds muscle mass. I’ve noticed that upon taking collagen for quite some time, I tend to build muscles faster. Of course, I also exercise at least 2x – 3x a week in addition to taking this.

What I do to increase collagen production?

I came across this company called 4Life. 4Life has been in the industry of creating food supplements since 1988 in Utah, USA. Their founders were intrigued with Transfer Factors (boosts immune system). They then created different supplements that contained Transfer Factors that support immune system health, body transformation, and general wellness.

I also joined their media briefing recently to really vet the company and see what it was about. I listened to Eileen Tan Dario, the country manager of the Philippines’ speech. She mentioned that 4Life has 6 US patents and 38 International patents. In 2019, 4Life Philippines has been deemed to be the 4th largest market.

What I got from the session is that in this day and age, when it comes to taking care of our bodies, there are a lot of things that are medically proven or backed by science that can help us. I wondered that if this were the case, I think I should take control of what goes into my body, and I really want healthy food, drinks, vitamins and supplements that will benefit me.

What makes 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen different from other collagen supplements?

4Life Transfer Factor Collagen is beauty + immunity in a sachet. Aside from collagen, it contains transfer factor (read more about transfer factor below**).

How do you order this?

4Life Transfer Factor Collagen can be ordered from their site. I actually have 2 boxes with me right now, but I’ll be ordering another box again soon, since I think my husband wants to try it out, too.

One box is at Php 1890. To buy a box, please visit:

I’d love to know what you think after you have tried the product.

During these times, I think we all need to be in tiptop shape. Fighting a battle with an invisible enemy is tough for everyone, so we have to equip our bodies with a strong immune system.




Autodeal Embraces Changes to Overcome Challenges

While most business are still in the mindset that things well eventually get back to normal, Autodeal embraced the changes and looked for ways to adapt. has been serving as a reliable go-to platform for car buyers in the country for 6 years now. With an average 3 million monthly site visits, over 350 partner local dealerships, and over 2,000 partner sales representatives, it’s the biggest digital platform in the Philippine automotive space. 

The site offers its visitors comprehensive information about vehicles to ease up the journey of researching for the best fitting vehicle for every consumer type. Its content varies from industry news, written and video car reviews, car comparisons, and feature articles, to name a few. AutoDeal website visitors benefit from comparing vehicles by price, specs, security features, and other special attributes.

They don’t need to visit multiple websites to get in touch, send an inquiry, and book a test drive with a local dealership in their area as they can do all these on the AutoDeal platform, therefore minimizing significant amount of research time. 

As advocates of a convenient and transparent car buying experience, AutoDeal founders Daniel Scott and Christopher Franks have been constantly coming up with smart solutions to offer Filipino car buyers.

Site features include the 3 Quote component, which distributes a customer’s inquiry to a maximum of 3 participating AutoDeal partner dealers to help the buyer compare multiple pricing options; the Auto Loan Calculator feature, which presents a calculation of down payment and monthly amortization of a car loan from its partner banks; and the newest feature, the ‘Buy Online’ component, which allows consumers to buy their dream car online, and pay for the reservation fee directly on the AutoDeal website in just a few clicks. 

AutoDeal’s mission is to offer a seamless, fitting, and fully digitized car buying experience to consumers, cover the car ownership cycle, and provide transparency in the whole process. 

AutoDeal’s business model 

Driven by a solid technical arm, AutoDeal provides a highly efficient and convenient process for the users to conduct the majority of their car buying activity. 

“Our business model has always been connecting a car buyer and a dealer together, via lead referral, to create a car sale. Receiving quotations from different car dealers, reviewing them, and accepting the best deal – all done from a screen to eliminate time-consuming trips to various dealerships – is now made possible for consumers via the AutoDeal platform.’, stated Daniel Scott, AutoDeal Co-Founder and CEO. “With an extensive amount of SaaS technology for brands, dealers, and sales agents, we have developed a strong technical backbone, which allows a dealer to track a customer from a lead all the way to a sale.”, added Scott.

Opportunities amid trying times

The automotive industry is being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and with the imposition of an enhanced community quarantine, car dealerships, as a non-essential business, were pressed to temporarily close their showrooms and adapt a work-from-home set-up.

“We have been impacted in some areas of day to day business, but we have also seen many digital opportunities. As our partners think of innovative ways to conduct business moving forward, we are able to accelerate the development of features that perhaps would not have been possible in a regular working climate.”, shared Scott.

Embracing changes to adapt to challenges

Scott and Franks are continuously working on smart digital solutions to fully digitize the consumers’ car buying journey. Disrupting the way Filipinos shop for cars by coming up with more innovative services available at the consumers’ fingertips is the way AutoDeal embraces the changes brought about not just by the pandemic, but by the growing on-demand consumer lifestyle too. 

“As consumers are getting more accustomed to on-demand services with short waiting time, they expect more solutions of this nature from various industries, and automotive is no different.”, stated Christopher Franks, AutoDeal Co-Founder. 

Buying a car online is now made possible through the AutoDeal platform. The tech startup is launching the ‘Buy Online’ feature, which will allow users to choose the car and color they want, select the dealer, and make a reservation payment on the vehicle. AutoDeal is working to bring more of the traditional car buying process online, therefore helping the customers avoid queuing in banks and multiple showroom visits, allowing them to make more efficient use of their time.

“For the last six years, AutoDeal has persevered to deliver on the promise of “Car Buying, Simplified.”. We believe that the new solutions we introduce to the Philippine automotive landscape will contribute to a hassle-free, quick, and a more agreeable car shopping experience.”, added Franks. 

Business lessons from a pandemic

Keeping an optimistic attitude and focusing on the bigger picture helped the two young founders pursue innovation in the middle of a crisis. 

“I think once you have got over the initial shock of a terrible situation like this, you have to start thinking about what are the new problems that will now occur and how do you solve it as a business, or what opportunities may arise and how that steers your product development. You have to look past the difficult situation and imagine what society will be like, what the new norms will be, and prepare for that.”, shared Scott.

For both business partners, protecting their employees is a priority as they believe surviving a crisis like this together will only make them a stronger team than ever. Enduring tough times will only make them see the prosperous times together in the future.

Teeth Whitening at The Smile Bar

One of my insecurities come from how my teeth looks. I’ve never worn braces and my teeth are not as white as I’d like them to be. The probable reason and culprit would be my addiction to coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in College. This probably makes me the hyper person that I am! hahaha! But kidding aside, I think I need to make this right. It’s time to look or ways to check and correct this.

Although, I’m insecure about this, I’m also the type who would put off something like this until really necessary already (like teeth falling off, etc! haha!). But before I reach my forties, I’d love to look the best that I can. So when I saw The Smile Bar at Uptown, I decided to try it out.

The Smile Bar is not a Dental Clinic. It’s a Teeth Whitening Bar. To explain what a Teeth whitening bar is, it can be compared to a home teeth whitening kit, but this one comes with guidance and the ambiance. The reason why home teeth whitening kits don’t work as much, too, is because no one really explains how you use those things.

The first step was to fill out a form. Then, AJ explained what I was about to go through. There are three choices at The Smile Bar: Single Whitening, Double Whitening or Triple Whitening. They will check the shade of your teeth first before suggesting what to get.

When they checked the shade of my teeth, it was at S34. It was quite high so they suggested that we do a Triple Whitening Session.

Check out the experience that I had at The Smile Bar.

After the session, the shade of my teeth dropped 6 shades. From S34, it’s now at S28. After the session, they placed a Nano Seal to protect my teeth from stains at least for 2 weeks.

I plan to go back again after two months and have another session. I really intend to make my teeth whiter this year.

Before visiting The Smile Bar, I really thought that I couldn’t do anything anymore to make my teeth whiter. But hey! There is still hope! Thank you The Smile Bar.

To get 10% off, you can go to The Smile Bar and give the code SMILEGINGER.

Visit this link for more information: