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Basic First Aid for Yayas

TRUST. In order to build trust, one must be worthy of it by showing consistency in actions, expertise, willingness to learn and loyalty. For most of us here in the Philippines, we have house helpers, yayas, kasambahays who live with us in our homes. We need these people to be trustworthy and loyal. We treat them as part of our family.

As they do their responsibilities and help us with day to day tasks, we in turn must be willing to show them also that they matter. One way is to really hone their skills and help them develop themselves as individuals. This was what we had in mind when we created the Basic Yaya Training Session at

Yaya Training Workshop

We are inviting you to sign up your yayas, househelpers, kasambahays to the third session of the Basic Yaya Training — Basic First Aid for Yayas.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Hope you really can send your yayas to the workshop on the 30th. If you are interested, please sign up at

Entrepreneurship 101 for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Aspire… it’s such a nice word. It’s so nice and light and positive. But, personally, I have something against that word (haha!). I just feel that it has to be followed by a word or words to make it complete. Aspire to be great… Aspiring entrepreneurs. I feel if we just aspire and do nothing about it, aspiring or the word aspire will lose it’s meaning.

There are different kinds of people. There are those who aspire for great things but don’t do anything about it. There are those who aspire for great things and act on their dream. There are those who act on aspirations, but give up even before reaching it. And there are those who don’t desire for anything; their motto would be go with the flow.

It think it’s safe though to assume that most of us aspire for things. We may not be aspire to be rich and famous, but we aspire for things that will give our loved ones and ourselves comfortable lives. But we seriously need to act on these things. We lose our life’s purpose when we dream and dream and yet do nothing about it. The same can be said about entrepreneurship. A lot of us aspire to have our own businesses, but we don’t act on it. Sometimes, even if we take the first step, we don’t get to maintain, sustain and keep the business that we started.

Another problem that aspiring entrepreneurs have is that they don’t know what kind of business they should start or join (hey, anyone can be an investor). I know a lot of friends who are in this dilemma. Then, another concern is I don’t know how to create that plan that will lead me to entrepreneurship greatness. When am I worthy enough (if there is such a level) that I could charge for products and services?

Fear not! I have really developed the Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar to help you answer a few if not all of these questions.

Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

Entrepreneurship 101 Webinar

The objective of this webinar is:

– Help you be a more grounded entrepreneur if you do decide to be one
– Help you think of a clear reason why you are going into business
– Help you find a clear direction of what you want to do
– Help you determine what you want to achieve 3-5 years from now, and hopefully for the rest of your life!
– Help you get that entrepreneurial spirit and enough motivation and support to keep on going!
– Help you take that first step toward creating a solid business plan
– Help you take that first step to Financial Freedom as soon as possible!

I will be your guide as you try to identify the business (products/services) that you want to create and in taking the next step to make these entrepreneurial dreams come true.

So sign up now in this link:

My dream is really to help more and more people achieve their dreams of starting their own business.

I am excited to meet all of you! Hope you can join me!

*All the attendees of the webinar will be added to my group of #BigLeapers. This is a group of my current mentees and those that have attended the previous runs of the Love the Leap Entrepreneurship Program.

See you all!

Modern Calligraphy Meet Up on May 23!

When I was small, I used to watch my mom use a calligraphy pen and write on mass cards. Since I was so used to seeing her do that, I always associated Calligraphy with writing on mass cards, and nothing else. Then, who would have thought that after 20 years, this skill and art has now made it’s way to everyone’s homes and hearts. I love browsing through pictures on Instagram and I see a lot of people who are now learning this skill. I love it!

I love it because I love looking at beautiful things. Haha! I tried to use my Kuretake Brush Pen No. 22 and I discovered something after my first attempt.

Count on God during Trying Times


So, if you are like me and you are dying to learn this or to improve your skills, join the Modern Calligraphy Meet up on May 23 at SM Aura! This is a simple and fun Calligraphy gathering created by Memory Crafters and Zig Philippines. Our teacher will be Mr. Jelvin Base, who is one of the known calligraphers in the Philippines.

Modern Calligraphy Meet Up

Check out Jelvin’s Instagram account (@_jelvin)

Prove them wrong, Manny! #teampac #mannypacquiao

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The registration fee is just at Php 1000 and this includes the kit already which includes products from our sponsor Zig Philippines.

To register, please sign up at this link:

Sooooo excited for this!

Basic Yaya Training Sessions Starts on May 2

A lot of hullabaloo on how yayas and helpers are treated were brought up in the past month. I was recently interviewed in a mommy magazine on how we should deal with them. My answer was to treat them as people. Yayas, helpers, kasambahays, or however they are called are still human beings like us. They deserve the same respect and love that we give to others.

I know of a lot of people who complain about abusive and disrespectful behavior from their helpers. I, too, have been a victim of these kinds of people. But, again, to that I say, we cannot generalize. I have had my yaya for two years plus now and the ride with her (like any relationship) is not perfect. We have gotten into arguments before. She has gotten into arguments with my husband. But, what I think led her to stay is that we treated her fairly and we treated her with respect. We treated her like how we would treat a family member. We love our yaya and I hope she stays with us.

During her stay, I have had her attend workshops before so that she could increase her knowledge. I believe that even our helpers should be given the opportunity to grow as individuals. They should be given the opportunity to learn more about what they do best or even about things that would make their life comfortable.

With this, I invite you to sign them up for the Basic Yaya Workshops for 2015. These sessions are brought to you by Manila Workshops, VentureLab, Mothercare and Ready to be Rich.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Register them now by going to this link:

If you have questions, you can contact 🙂

Brand Yourself — Personal Branding Workshop!

I have been asked by a lot of bloggers and freelancers on how I get to successfully bring in brands for my site and for my business. Recently, I have signed up for three brands as a digital endorser. This is aside from the other projects that I have with other brands. Do you want to know the secret? Well, one of the secrets is to really build a good and solid PERSONAL BRAND. I have built my brand as an as an entrepreneur, business and marketing coach, because it is what was in line with my dream of helping build businesses here in the Philippines.

Personal branding does not just mean creating a great logo or knowing what your blog is about or what services will you offer as a freelancer or as a small business. It goes beyond that. You and your business or the services that you render are connected and you cannot separate who you are as a person with what you want to do. It makes sense and it can even make you more successful if you build on something that you are passionate about and this is where all the tips about doing what you are passionate about comes from. It’s easier to build your personal brand if you are pursuing something that you love and something that you want to do for the rest of your life!

I highly recommend that you sign up for the Personal Branding workshop this May 16 and 23. You can opt to attend just one of the two classes but of course, you will benefit more if you attend both classes.

Personal Branding Workshop

Personal Branding Workshop

On the second day, May 23, I will be sharing the brand story of Manila Workshops and will be a part of the panelist together with my good friend Nikki Tiu of and of course, the famous Shobiz Bro.


I hope that you can attend this workshop. I know that you will really learn a lot from this!

To sign up, please visit:

If you have branding questions, feel free to leave a comment below!