Celebrating My Baby’s First Month

How fast time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when I gave birth to Zeeka. It’s true when people say to enjoy every minute of it, because children really grow up fast. Zeeka, so tiny when she was born, is not a bigger baby (haha! Although she’s still so small and fragile at 7.8 pounds.

The night before Zeeka’s first month celebration, we actually had to go to Baby Company to register for her baptism. When we were there, we bought this cute Hello Kitty Balloon, which we wrote on.

Zeeka's Cute Hello Kitty Balloon
Zeeka’s Cute Hello Kitty Balloon
Zeeka's One Month Celebration
Zeeka’s One Month Celebration

We also got her a cake from Red Ribbon. We got her one of those dedication cakes in chocolate!

In the morning, we both greeted her. She was obviously oblivious to what was going on. She stared at me as if to say “what’s with balloon, mom?” But that morning, she was in a good mood. She kept on smiling. I guess she finally figured out it was her first month birthday! She was supposed to wear this outfit that I got for her from Debenhams, but the leggings were still too long for her.

She was supposed to wear this...
She was supposed to wear this…
Instead she wore this pink dress!
Instead she wore this pink dress!

I must say that she was cute in this outfit!

We had to go to the doctor. The doctor gave her her second shots for Hepatitis and ordered for us to have her blood test to check her bilirubin levels. She was so stressed that she got to poop on her dress. It was too bad since we wanted my grandmother to see her all dolled up. But, it was okay. It was great that we brought an extra onesie.

We had the celebration at my grandmother’s house. Here is Zeeka with her great grandmother.

Zeeka with Mama E!
Zeeka with Mama E!

We had to wait for Daddy to arrive from work and the minute he arrived, Zeeka blew out her candle (of course, with mommy and daddy)!

Zeeka blowing her candle with mommy and daddy!
Zeeka blowing her candle with mommy and daddy!
Happy First Month Birthday, Zeeka!
Family Picture!

We had a simple celebration, but what is important is for Zeeka to know that she is loved!

Zeeka One Month 1

Happy 1st month, my Baby!
Happy 1st month, my Baby!

How about you? Did you celebrate your child’s “monthly” birthdays before he/she turned one? 🙂 What did you do? I’d love to hear about it.


Mommy Ginger
Mommy Ginger


    • April 11, 2013 / 10:28 am

      Thank you, Ate Nina!!! 🙂 hehe! See you soon! 🙂 I posted a picture of Zeeka with the onesie you gave ah! 🙂 She looks pretty in it!

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