Encouraging Kids to Learn about Money — Money Smart Kids!

My mom’s so cute! We were having a discussion about Zeeka’s party and we were suddenly discussing about Zeeka’s future. I told her that I opened a mutual fund account for Zeeka’s future. She was insisting that that wasn’t enough. She was telling me that I should open a passbook account for Zeeka so that I can write down line-by-line where the money came from and from whom, so that when she grows up, she’ll know where the money came from. I told her that I already had an excel file, but she insisted that writing it down was different. She’s so cute because that’s such an ‘old school’ method. So anyway, I got a passbook.

I didn’t really grow up in a house where money and how it works was taught to me. I think I just figured it out. We were never really taught how to invest and if we did (invest), I think my parents did that for us. The concept of interest wasn’t really explained to me. I think I only knew about it when I was graduating from college, etc. I didn’t have a credit card and was only exposed to the concept of debt when I was in College.

I think what I’m thankful for was that early on, I was taught the basic concepts (even if investing, interest and debt) were not explained to me. I saw that my parents had to work to earn to buy what they want. I wasn’t really spoiled by my parents. Even if we were living a comfortable life, I never asked (and abused) for money to buy what I want. I don’t think I threw a tantrum even just for my parents to buy me toys (I know because my mom always tells everyone that we were well-behaved children). I guess it’s because we were both girls, too! đŸ™‚

For Zeeka, I know that I will expose her to the concept of earning and saving early on. I want her to realize that money does not grow on trees, even if we wish they did. I want her that working smart is the best way to earn money (rather than working hard). I have a lot of lessons that I want to teach her, and hopefully, she’ll be happy, contented, rich with wealth and blessings and healthy when she grows up.

Fitz Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich and I came up with the idea of teaching children, ages 6-12 the concepts of earning, banking, saving, etc. so we came up with this workshop called Money Smart Kids.

Money Smart Kids Logo

I am so excited for this workshop since there will be a lot of activities. We have cute materials and even role playing to explain the different concepts. We’d like to thank Mothercare Philippines who has been kind enough to sponsor the venue for this event. This event will be on Feb. 23, Sunday at Mothercare, Level 3, Podium. From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm.

Money Smart Kids poster

We hope that you can join this workshop with your child. We are requiring that the child must be accompanied by a guardian so that both of them can go through the activities together.

To sign up, plesae fill out this form:

See you at the Money Smart Kids Workshop!

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