Fire Prevention Month

There have been a lot of frill drills in our area lately and this is actually something good. I love that our community thinks of these kinds of things. Our homes are our safe havens. They hold the people most precious to our hearts. That’s why it’s important to always be on top of the situation when it comes to keeping our homes safe and secure. Since March is Fire Prevention Month, it’s the perfect time to check our homes for any possible fire hazards.

Here are some basic tips that can help you attain the peace of mind of having a fire hazard-free home:


  1. Prepare a family go-bag in case of fire/emergencies, including essentials like medicines, snacks and clothes. Of course bottled water is important. To be sure it’s clean and safe, go for distilled water like Wilkins. For emergencies, it’s best to go with trusted brands
  2. Remind kids about dangers of fire. – Keep matches and lighters stored and away from their prying hands and curious eyes. Help kids understand that if they play with fire, they might end up hurting themselves, other people, and destroy things and even homes besides.
  3. Keep your kitchen safe. – Talking about eyes, keep an eye on the grill or when cooking or frying anything using an open flame.
  4. Remove fire hazards. – Curtains, towels, and any furniture that can catch fire should ideally be 3 feet from heat sources.
  5. Invest in a fire extinguisher. – Especially if a significant part of your home is made up of wood. You can buy one at your friendly neighborhood home depot but do ask for assistance when buying one. You have to consider the type of fire extinguisher to buy, and you also have to know how to use it.
  6. Create a fire escape plan. – Let’s hope that it never happens, but if a fire does occur, everyone must know the fastest and easiest way to escape. This is important especially since, according to the American Red Cross, you may only have two minutes to escape should a fire break out.


Do you have any other fire prevention tips? Sharing these tips and talking about it will go a long way in keeping people safe and free from harm. We’d love to hear them at the Wilkins Facebook Page. Please don’t forget to use #WilkinsCircleofTrust so that we all can follow your amazing tips!


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