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In one of my businesses, we are looking for freelance account executives who will be paid a minimal fixed income but the opportunities are endless when it comes to commissions. It’s actually a pretty good job opportunity, but guess what? We are having a hard time looking for freelancers in the Philippines (where are you, people?). I don’t know why this is so. Looking at the unemployment rate of the Philippines, which is at 7.6% of the population (that’s approximately around a whopping 7.6MM Filipinos), I don’t really understand why we still can’t find people to fill in this position.

Recently, I have launched a new workshop series under Manila Workshops and this is in partnership with Marv De Leon of Freelance Blend. Marv and I have a noble cause to help lower the unemployment rate in the Philippines, starting with Metro Manila. And how will we do this? We will do this by educating people on how to go about being freelancers. We will help build and strengthen a community of freelancers in the Philippines under the brand FREELANCE BLEND.

Freelance Blend

We know that this is a long shot but it’s Marv’s dream to grow this community and I will help him. Manila Workshops believes in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality and sometimes the stepping stone is really to do freelance work, so you get to discover yourself, what you are capable of and what you can potentially earn from.

I’m proud to say, too, that I will be one of the panelists for the first ever workshop under the Freelance Blend Workshop Series. The workshop is entitled Freelancing for Beginners.

Freelancing for Beginners Workshop

Freelancing for Beginners Workshop

The slots are almost filled up already so if you want to register, please visit this link: CLICK HERE

Do you have questions about how to be a freelancer or on being one? Kindly leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer these questions.

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