Happy Birthday, Daddy EJ!

Happy Birthday to the one person who makes my life unbelievably happy!

Happy birthday to my panggah, EJ!

Life has been a blast with you by my side. I have been smiling from ear to ear every since the day I met you (my jaw hurts already).

2013-03-09 10.24.56 Happy birthday, Daddy EJ!

You have been a very understanding and supportive husband, a good provider and now a loving and caring dad to Baby Zeeka. I want the whole world to know that. I also want the world to know that you are a very genuine, humble and kind-hearted person. You have a good heart, gah! Stay that way.

2013-06-15 10.14.51

2013-06-22 08.22.38

Always pray. I know that we have gone and now are going through a difficult situation in our lives, but always remember that the Lord will not give you anything that you cannot handle. He loves you and I know that He will continue to bless you. Just keep the faith! Kaya natin, ‘toh!

Ginger and EJ

I cannot express enough how much I am grateful for all the things that you have done for me and for Zeeka. I am so proud of you. May you have a great, relaxing and stress-free day ahead 🙂

Again, happy birthday! I love you, panggah! 🙂

Love lots,

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