Happy Heart Kids Yoga Summer Camp

I think that I need not be worried. My daughter seems to love yoga and she seems to be enjoying it. Everytime she watches me practice in the morning, she goes into her own version of her downward dog (much like just bending over and touching the floor). I love that she’s so enthusiastic about it at such an early age. I have always believed that yoga is beneficial and I’m happy that it will be a part of my daughter’s life early on.

My daughter appreciates yoga!

My daughter appreciates yoga!

It’s so nice to see that there are a lot of kids yoga classes being offered already. In my teacher training classes with Onelife, I was fortunate enough to be batchmates with one super-duper passionate kids / prenatal yoga teacher and doctor (by profession), Dr. Raissa Paje. She is the Program Director and Faculty Head of Happy Heart Kids Yoga. Happy Heart Kids Yoga aims to promote health and wellness in children. Their mission is to share yoga with the children, both the typical kids and those with special needs, and make it an enjoyable way for them to imbibe a healthy lifestyle through movement and mindfulness, so that young as they are, they can become happy, healthy and productive in every aspect of their lives.

Me and Dr. Raissa Paje


This summer, Happy Heart Kids  is introducing a Yoga Summer Camp called the LIFE PROJECT. It will be led by my friend, Dr. Raissa and assisted by Teaches Karla, Kristina and Camille. It will run from April 13-18, 2015 at Onelife Makati from 10:30 AM to 12:00 NN.

Happy Heart Kids


For 6 days, your little one will do a series of yoga poses and activities that are in line with the theme. Ooooh, check out the different themes!

Day 1: The Love Project

Day 2: The Gratitude Project

Day 3: The Dream Project

Day 4: The Funny Project

Day 5: The Time Project

Day 6: The Happiness Project

I have heard and seen Raissa teach and believe me, she is really great at teaching kids! I’m sure that your kids will have a fabulous time learning and interacting with the other students. The program rates are at Php 5000 but if you pay before April 1, 2015, the early bird rate is at Php 4000.

If you want to know more about this Happy Heart Kids Yoga Summer Camp, please visit the Happy Heart Kids Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/HappyHeartKids or visit their website at http://happyheartkids.com/.




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