How to Find the Right Place to Raise a Family

I’ve been watching videos that talk about real estate lately. As you all know, I’m having my second child soon so we’re thinking of logistics. Situations and milestones like this also make you think, not only about life in the short term, but also your life in the future. In our case, we were thinking of a place where we could retire, too. I’ve been seeing a lot of families who are following the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) Movement. With this, I’ve starting to research about these things and topics related to this, such as how to find the right place to raise a family.

Preparing for Baby No. 2

Our goal is to “retire” by the age of 50 (in ten years). And when we mean by retire, it doesn’t mean literally not doing anything, because I think I can’t do that. This workaholic nature that I have (LOL!) might get bored easily.

So today, I will share with you some of the things to consider when finding the right place to raise a family.

With Zeeka in our little cozy place

We’ve been happy with our home here, for both short and long term plans, we have been researching about places here in Manila, houses and land in Portugal (viewing the Our Rich Journey vlogs), real estate for sale in Whistler (because Canada seems like a nice place to retire) and some places in the US.

Zeeka and Daddy EJ enjoying a meal with an amazing view

Here are some things that you can consider, too, to find the right place to raise a family:

  1. Consider timing and space. We’ve been happy here where we live, and we think that we will stay here until we have a third child. We plan to have three kids so by the time we have our third child, I think we will definitely have to move since we won’t have enough space in this house for us and our three kids.
  2. Check if stores and places that you need to go to frequently are accessible. This is one thing that we enjoy now. We can just do down our condo unit and there is a supermarket, drugstore and restaurants. The school of our daughter is also just a few minutes away by car, and it’s actually walkable just in case no ride is available. The walk is also very pleasant since you pass through malls.
  3. Check if the place is safe. Read news about the place, check with people who know people who live in the area. With social media, it’s so easy to find out all of these information.
  4. For leisure time with the family, check if there are things and activities that you and your kids can do. I’m sure you just don’t want to stay home so see what activities you can engage in with your family outside of your home.
  5. Is it in a nice neighborhood where properties may go up in value. Even if investment is not the main goal, if you’re purchasing something and you know that you’ll be able to sell this in the future, go for assets that might go up in value.

So these are some of the considerations that we have to find the right place to raise a family. How about you? Are you thinking of moving soon? Are you thinking of purchasing a home for your family? What other considerations can you share with us?

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