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I give great weight to experience. I love learning from people who share their own experiences, because I know that these people have gone through actual scenarios and moments that they have learned from rather from just things that they have read. I think Experience is the best teacher!

I have always wondered why it takes such a long time for doctors to graduate and I realized that a lot of the years spent in school is because of guided practice. All those years makes these doctors experts at what they do. I found this interesting infographic from Udemy that says that it takes 8251 hours of doing something before a person becomes an expert. No wonder why these doctors are so great at what they do!


My family’s health is very important. I think that health (this may be a cliché), is really wealth. Recently, I’ve heard a lot of friends who were down with flu. I also had fever over the weekend, but luckily, I’m now up and about. Sickness and disease can really bring you down emotionally. Also, all work is hampered so income and opportunities are lost.

As a parent, I try to avoid sickness. Both my husband and I really need to work really hard to provide for our daughter, so we can’t afford to get sick. This is the reason why I only trust doctors, who are experts, when making decisions with regard my family’s health. When it comes to medicine, I choose Pharex – trusted by more doctors over any other generic brand.

Check out this video:

Pharex is the leading brand when it comes to generics medicine. It is a subsidiary of Pascual Laboratories, Inc. which was established in 1972. Talk about years of experience! What’s more is that even if they are the leading brand when it comes to generic medicine, their products are very affordable and of great quality. They have a wide variety of vitamins and medicine from B Complex, Vitamin E, Carbocisteine, Multivitamins, and many more.

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I think that all of us deserve to have the best of health, so kudos to Pharex for making their products accessible to everyone! For more information about their products, you can visit their website: http://www.pharexhealth.com/about
Did you get to try out any of the products of this brand trusted by more doctors over any other generic brand? What was your experience? Please do share it with me.

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