I’m Back — Stronger and More Inspired!

Did you notice that I was gone for a few days? It was because I had fever and then this bad case of intestinal flu. It was horrible! I could not stand because I was too weak. Anyway, I’m better now and I’m stronger and more inspired.

You know why? Secret! haha!

My friends hate it when I say that (kakabitin daw). Well, okay, I’m more inspired because during the time that I got sick, I got to realize that I really need to have a break (REALLY) once in a while and it reminded me on how I love writing and how I miss blogging. I’m a fan of Tim Ferris and I share his teachings, but I always forget to apply the things that he shares (especially if it’s not related to dieting). My sickness is that I hardly say NO (kaladkarin much). Even if my schedule is packed, I always make time for people. But see, this is what happens. You become sick. 🙁

During that time too, I thought about growing up (not physically, obviously), but achieving a better ME! I’m inspired now to look and feel stronger and fitter. I’m inspired to take action in intentionally relaxing. BTW, have you read my article in MakeItBlissful.com (Make Your Own Blissful Home Spa)? Please do read it! Also, I’m more inspired to grow more spiritually.

It’s a few days before my birthday and meditating during that time of weakness was perfect.

Hate being sick!

Hate being sick!

I hated being sick but something good came out from it so I am grateful. How can I can be grateful when every minute I was throwing up in the bathroom?

Well, with every moment in your life, you can choose to look at the glass half empty or half full. I always choose to look at the brighter side of things. It’s always really your call.

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