There is no such thing as Inspiration

There is no such thing as inspiration.

Okay, what I meant was you can’t just sit while drinking your coffee and pray that you suddenly get that next brilliant business idea out of nowhere. Inspiration requires work, too. But what probably makes it different is the lack of structure to achieve something structured.

What do I mean? Let me put some structure into finding inspiration.


First of all, look for something that puts you in a good mood. This is probably what we mean by identifying people who inspire us or finding that spot where your ideas usually run free. Another thing is doodling. I have found that doodling makes me happy, which is a solid platform that I could take off from. Doodling, that particular spot or that person makes you feel happy, and when you’re in a good mood, it is easier to think of new ideas.

Next is — do something. Yes, anything. Some things that you can do is write anything down. Write about the people that you see in that coffee shop. Write about plans this year. Write about dreams and wishes. Listen to podcasts, music, recordings. Watch videos. Just do something. This will tickle your brain to think of new things or to probably focus on one thing that will lead to another idea, then to another.

During this process of finding inspiration, keep an open mind. Anyway, these are just thoughts. Don’t shut down your thoughts first (especially when you haven’t even validated them yet). Hey, thinking about impossible things may lead to great ideas and possibilities.

I hope that this article placed you in a good mood. I hope it inspired you enough. Now, jump to the next idea!

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