JBL and Harman Speakers and Headphones for the Busy Entrepreneur

Technology is an important part on my life. Although I don’t watch TV at all (this is really true!), my laptop, mobile phone, earphones and speakers are my most treasured material possessions. I’m sure you get why my laptop and phone is important, but my earphones and speakers are important, too, because…

1) I listen to music from Spotify while working. Music relaxes me.
2) I listen to music or Podcasts while traveling.
3) I need my speakers because I normally watch You Tube videos and downloads using my computer.

Yes, I’m that type of person. Haha! So recently, I was thrilled to attend the Harman and JBL event. I know i’m not a tech blogger and gadget specs are not part of my vocabulary, but I really wanted to see the products of Harman and JBL and see how the products stand out from the others in terms of function, design and quality of sound. For those who are not yet familiar with the brand, HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated is the award-winning maker of outstanding audio and entertainment solutions. Harman has won 116 awards for 70 unique products from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), producer of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for its wireless sound systems that make use of Bluetooth and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology for just the past two years — how amazing is that!

“HARMAN recognizes the importance of providing stylish products that deliver not only high-quality technology, but also a sense of connectedness and we are very proud to introduce these new products to the Philippine market”, says Lauro Secreto, representative from Harman International Singapore.

Lauro Secreto, Brand Activation Manager, Harman International

Lauro Secreto, Brand Activation Manager, Harman International

“Applying the concept of creating products designed to enhance everyday life, these wireless systems are perfect for those who value constant connections not only to music, but also to friends, family and the world around them,” said Secreto.

Harman Speakers

Harman Speakers

Harman Speakers

Harman Kardon Products

Harman Kardon Products

I tried out and listened to the sound of the Harman Kardon Products and the sound quality was superb. I love the design, too. I’m just scared that if I purchase the ones seen above, my daughter who loves throwing things around might break these. She’s like me — we have this thing that with whatever gadget we touch, it suddenly gives up on us (without meaning to break it).

From all the products from Harman Kardon, I love this. This is the Harman Soho Wireless Headphones. I love it’s really classy and sleek design. What’s so cool about it is that you can change from one song to another by swiping the leather cover of your ear.

Harman Soho Mini --- my favorite!

Harman Soho Mini — my favorite!

For JBL, my favorite product is this. This is the JBL Reflect. It can be connected via bluetooth, which I love because there is less wiring. I hate wires cause when I keep it inside my bag, with a thousand things, it gets all tangled up. It’s called reflect since the wiring has a reflector. It’s perfect for those who love to go jogging at night.

2014-12-02 14.42.57

Mohit Parasher, Vice President - Asia Pacific, Harman International demoed using the JBL earphones

Mohit Parasher, Vice President – Asia Pacific, Harman International demoed using the JBL earphones

2014-12-02 14.46.25

2014-12-02 14.46.36


While creating this post, I’m actually using my own JBL Micro Wireless. I love it since the sound comes out really nice. I also carry it along with me now since I use it for presentations.
2014-12-02 14.46.49

I think these can be great gifts for loved ones this Christmas. Check out the other speakers that they have. They are also available at Abensons. Please follow their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HarmanKardonPH


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