Kate Quinn Organics now in the Philippines from A.Ka

I have been so busy last week that I have forgotten to pick up my blood test results that would determine allergens causing all of these skin irritations that I get. I also often have rhinitis, which is really very uncomfortable. I hate the feeling of sniffling and trying to breathe during meetings. I also have urticaria, which are those red patches that you see on your skin. I have that after taking a shower, carrying a bag, after rubbing my skin, etc. Then after a few minutes, it disappears. With Zeeka, I am seeing that she may have taken after me in that department. Her skin is so sensitive, too! One time, when she was a baby, I placed this mosquito repellent (that you rub on the skin) and I saw some discoloration already on her skin. Pretty sensitive, huh?

With this, I really have to be careful on what I place on her skin or even on what she wears. I read somewhere that even the materials used to create fabrics nowadays contain toxins. If I have the choice, I would go for all organic clothing. Which reminds me of the dress and the towel that I got recently for Zeeka.

Kate Quinn Organics Philippines

Kate Quinn Organics Philippines 2

I got her this cute Kate Quinn Organics dress through the recently launched site called A.Ka, which sells luxury baby products. I also got her a wash cloth, which was also of the same brand.

Kate Quinn Organics Philippines 3

Why did I chose this brand? It’s one of the best organic baby clothes from US. What Kate Quinn Organics uses are certified organic cotton grown using sustainable farming practices which maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of any toxic pesticides and fertilizers. I love this fact since Zeeka has very sensitive skin; so with this, I’m sure of the quality of this dress. You’ll also notice how soft the cloth is (It really feels nice!). It is made out of organically produced cotton certified by Control Union Certifications (formally SKAL), a USDA Accredited Certifying Agent.

kate quinn long_sleeve_kimono_bodysuit_-_tree

If you see the designs of Kate Quinn Organics in A.Ka’s site, you will love the different patterns. They all look so elegant and chic. What’s good too is that they colored the fabrics using low environmentally impact dyes. See, I love this brand! They really thought about everything!

Check out how Zeeka looked wearing her dress!

 Kate Quinn Baby Model 1 Kate Quinn Baby Model 2 Kate Quinn Baby Model 3 Kate Quinn Baby Model 4

So hurry and check out the stuff at A.Ka. Sign up at their online store and get a Php 200 voucher that you can use! Here’s the link to the shop (CLICK HERE). I’m so excited to see what you have purchased! Do share it with me! Feel free to leave a comment below.

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