Learning How to Make Bento Boxes using Cheez Whiz

I recently got the chance to attend a Bento Making Class conducted by the Bento Mommas and which was sponsored by Cheez Whiz. I recently developed this love for making bento boxes. I love it because it brings out my creative side, plus, you don’t have to cook anything (I can just put together a Cheez Whiz sandwich all the time) and if you do, you can have someone cook it for you and you just need to creatively combine all the ingredients together. I really don’t know how to cook, but I promise that I will find the time when my daughter’s a bit older and if I really find the need to learn.

I love bento making because I get to use all of these colourful materials and ingredients. For the class, we had to make two bento boxes. One bento was a snack bento box, while the other one was a rice bento box for lunch. We started with creating the snack bento box with Cheez Whiz as the star.

Cheez Whiz Bento Making Tools

Bento Mommas teaching us how to create bento boxes

Bento Mommas teaching us how to create bento boxes

We had to create our very own Snowman! It was the perfect theme for the Holidays. First off, we had to cut four pieces of circles from the white Gardenia bread that we were given. These were the materials / ingredients that we were going to use for the body of the snowman. Next, we had to spread the new variant of Cheez Whiz, which was the Cheez Whiz Milky Delight flavour. It’s the perfect blend of Sweet Milk and Mild Cheese. I love its sweet taste!

Cheez Whiz Milky Delight

2014-11-16 14.43.14

2014-11-16 14.44.45

2014-11-16 14.45.26

After creating the two mini circle sandwiches, we had to place them inside the container to create the snowman. After which, we had to decorate it with raisins, sour candy and chocolate. Check out my little unfinished snowman. The pieces were “glued” to the bread using Cheez Whiz.

2014-11-16 14.52.04

My Bento Box Cheez Whiz Creation!

My Bento Box Cheez Whiz Creation!

The next bento box that we made was a rice bento box. I loved this since we made our own Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer! First of all, what we did was we got a Glad sandwich bag and scooped one cup into the bag. We formed the head of Rudolf and we placed in inside the container. We had to check on the size of the scoop of the rice by closing the container. We had to make sure that we had enough room to still place the nose, eyes, etc. without destroying the head.

2014-11-16 15.23.00

Next we cut a heart using the bread and placed it at the middle of the rice, facing downwards. For the eyes, we used sliced cheese and nori and for the nose, we used tomatoes. For the antlers, we used pretzels. To stick all of these in place, we had to use Cheez Whiz Milky Delight again as our glue.

Again, for the bento box to keep its form, we need to fill up the box so the components won’t move. We placed chicken on the side and green apple again on the other end. We used broccoli to fill up the other parts. As you can see, the box is a balanced meal with food from the grow, glow and go food groups! This is my finished product.

2014-11-16 15.50.41-2

2014-11-16 15.59.20

2014-11-16 16.03.08

2014-11-16 16.08.34-2

I can’t wait to create other amazing bento boxes with Cheez Whiz. After all, you can Cheese anything with Cheez Whiz. To learn more about the Cheese Anything campaign, please visit cheeseanything.com.

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