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  1. Richelle Abilay
    September 16, 2016 / 1:09 am

    Hi Mommy Ginger,

    Good day!

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Richelle Abilay from Crated Memories. Our product is subscription box that assists busy parents in creating memories with their kids thru gadget-free, fun and interactive activities. We have been looking at different blogs for a quite while as we are doing a round-up question to mommy bloggers who share the same advocacy and who values spending quality time with their children. Though I really do not expect popular bloggers like yourself to respond, I might as well throw a mail just in case. We would like to inquire your thoughts about motherhood if you’re interested. You can just simply reply to our question below.

    “Assuming you were prompted to go abroad ASAP for a 1-year duration to do something very important, however, your kids cannot come with you. You were given 24 hrs. to spend the day with them, what would you do and how will you spend it?”

    We are very interested to find out how each participant’s reply. It has been our goal to inspire parents to spend and value the time they have with their kids, NOW. As you may know, time flies and kids grow sooo fast. It is very important to ensure that we are building and making memorable moments with them. We do hope that you can participate in this exciting and probably eye-opening experiment. Appreciate if you can spare some time and help us on this. Thank you very much po and GOD bless.

    Mommy Che
    Crated Memories

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