Monitoring the Fetal Heart Rate of Zeeka with the Sonoline Hand-held Fetal Doppler

I went to the doctor last January 19. I forgot to tell you about it, since I have been busy with all the preparations for the It’s a WAHMderful Life workshop. BTW, thank you to all those who went to the WAHMderful Life Workshop! I’ll be posting about it soon. My obstetrician advised me to monitor the fetal heart rate of Zeeka everyday.

I forgot to mention that Zeeka is now in a transverse position (lying across my tummy). It seems as if this little girl can’t stay put (hmmm, I wonder if she gets that from me). She keeps on swimming around and around my tummy. Two weeks ago, she was still in ‘footling’ breech. Footling breech is when the legs of the baby are sticking out, instead of having their butt near the cervix. Now, shes is in a transverse position.

The doctor advised me to get a handheld doppler to monitor the fetal heart rate. Monitoring the fetal heart rate (FHR) can be frustrating for a non-medical practitioner like me. It’s so hard to look for the heartbeat of the baby. It’s a good thing that this Sonoline B handheld doppler that I bought is quite efficient. The minute the doctor said that I needed my own handheld doppler, I thought of the review that my friend Rona made for This is what she wrote:

Sonoline B Hand-held Doppler

Sonoline B Hand-held Doppler

Sonoline B Hand-held doppler parts: comes with 1 tube of gel

Sonoline B Hand-held doppler parts: comes with 1 tube of gel


The doctor advised me to monitor the fetal heart rate. In monitoring, the heart rate should be at around 120 – 160 beats per minute. It should not go lower nor should it go higher. This is just to be sure that the baby does not encounter any cord coil, since Baby Zeeka loves to move around.

Also, monitoring fetal heart rate is best done 3o minutes after a meal. This is when the baby is active. I monitor Zeeka thrice a day.

For those looking for a hand-held doppler, check out Sonoline Hand-held Fetal Doppler. I got  it for Php 4,695.00 plus Php 300.00 delivery charge through Entropy Marketing. The number is +63930-4061066.


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  1. Cherrie
    February 23, 2018 / 2:11 pm

    Hi ginger! Just wondering if I can rent your fetal doppler? 🙂

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