My Life List

I was inspired to create a list of things that I plan to accomplish in my life. This would be my life list. This inspiration came from other mom bloggers, WAHMs and momtrepreneurs who already have their own list. So one day, I set aside time to reflect and this is the list that I came up with! 🙂

*BLUE and BOLD Ones are not yet done

1. Get married. (Oct 2009)

Got Married :)

Got Married 🙂

2. Transfer to our own condominium unit. (May 2012)

3. Have my own place interior decorated. (Mar – May 2012)
4. Then, purchase another one for investment. (April 2023)
5. Have a condo unit in different places in the world.
6. Have the capacity and means to travel anytime, anywhere! (Note: Jan 2023 – I think I need to be more specific for number 6.)
7. Have a daughter. (Actually had two daughter … March 2013 Say hello to Zeeka!)


… and Yani (Oct 2021)

8. Go on a Mediterranean cruise. October 2009

Mediterranean Cruise on the Celebrity Solstice Ship :)

Mediterranean Cruise on the Celebrity Solstice Ship 🙂

9. Go on a Caribbean cruise.
10. Go on an Asian cruise.
11. Have my own car (not shared with my husband)… haha!  (I don’t think I need this because of Uber/Grab!)
12. Have my own driver to bring me to meetings. (I don’t think I need this because of Uber/Grab!)
13. Help young people jumpstart their careers or businesses. (December 2014 – Love the Leap) Watch this interview!

14. Help young fashion designers jump start their careers. (June 2011 – June 2012)

Hot Young Designers (HYD)

Hot Young Designers (HYD)

15. Speak before a class of college students. (
16. Speak about blogging. (April 2011)
17. Retire… and not be an employee anymore! before age 45. (Oct 2012)
18. Achieve my weight during college of 118 pounds and maintain it for at least 3 months.
19. Learn how to put make up on. (Aug 2011)

Maquillage Professionel Graduation day

Maquillage Professional Graduation day

20. Learn pottery.
21. Learn a foreign language and speak it fluently. (Currently learning French via Duolingo)
22. Learn more about investing. (continuously doing this but learned a lot in the year 2011)
23. Come up to a local celebrity and have a picture taken with him/her. (Did this already in 2008 with Edu Manzano at Contis, Serendra)
24. Run 10K marathons. (1998-2001)
25. Run a half marathon. (Note: June 2023 – Thinking if I still want to do this… hmmm)
26. Learn yoga. (Dec. 2008)
27. Join a yoga teacher training class. (Got my RYT200 – American Yoga School at Onelife Studio Makati)

Certification RYT200
28. Be a certified yoga instructor. (see #27)
29. Appear on TV by accident. – A commercial where I actually said some lines! haha! #WilkinsCircleofTrust

30. Be interviewed on TV. (January 3, 2013 – interviewed for the It’s a WAHMderful Life workshop with Martine de Luna of

ANC Shop Talk interview for WAHMdeful Life Workshop

ANC Shop Talk interview for WAHMdeful Life Workshop

31. Be an extra for a local movie. (mid 2008 – Look for Ej in the movie! My scene was deleted… darn it!)

Extra in the Movie One True Love: The scene was cut! :( boo!

Extra in the Movie One True Love: The scene was cut! 🙁 boo!

32. Audition for a reality show. (PBB Season 2 – 2006)
33. Start my own events planning company for baby showers and bridal showers. (not a goal anymore 🙂 hehe!)
34. Learn to drive. (2009)
35. Drive a car alone. (Don’t need this anymore — Uber / Grab!)
36. Exclusively breastfeed my children for at least 1 year. (Exclusively Breastfed Zeeka for 1 year and 2 weeks)
37. Start my own business – sole prop. (GPA Events Management Services – May 2013)
38. Create a book for Entrepreneurs.
39. Learn how to create my own mobile application.  (Sept. 2016 – Started my own tech startup with zeee hubby… I think this can count as fulfilled!)
40. Conduct mentoring sessions with others who want to start their own businesses. (Continuously doing this but started in 2013)
41. Train people on how to create solid business plans. (July 27, 2013 First talk on this topic at the WAHMEO or WAHM CEO Workshop)
42. Have my own accountant / secretary / virtual assistant. (Jan 2023 – Hired one!)
43. Train and have my own apprentice/s.  (Manila Workshops 2013)
44. Create a mommy blog. (Jan. 2013 – Created
45. Earn enough income from my mommy blog to use for my child’s college fund. 
46. Become active in an organization. (Dec. 2014 – Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy)
47. Visit Spain.
48. Visit Italy. (Oct-Nov 2009)

Ej and I at the Trevi Fountain in Italy

Ej and I at the Trevi Fountain in Italy

49. Visit Paris.
50. Visit Australia.
51. Visit Japan. (2017) – Tokyo Disneyland

52. Visit Africa.
53. Visit Universal Studios. (in Singapore — May 2016!)
54. Visit Disneyland. (in Tokyo and Hong Kong)
55. Write an article for a magazine. (I think this counts. I got to write my first article last May 11, 2013: Turning Point: Quitting a Fulfilling Job to Start a Business)
56. Watch the Olympics. Super want to!
57. Go on a detoxification retreat after I hit 45 years old.
58. Own a smart TV. (Android enhanced TV= smart tv! – Jan 2013)
59. Be a brand endorser for a product. (Online Pond’s Endorser – June 2011)

Pond's Online Brand Endorser last 2011

Pond’s Online Brand Endorser last 2011

60. Triple my past ‘employee’ income by being a work-at-home-mom / entrepreneur. (2023)
61. Learn photography. As in really know how to work a DSLR.
62. Save enough for retirement.
63. Have a really nice portfolio site. Rebrand  (Feb. 13, 2013)
64. Join an advocacy group on breastfeeding.  (La Leche League, March 2013)
65. Have my own online store of anything. (realized i’m not meant for eCommerce! haha!)
66. Watch a play on Broadway.
67. Attend TED.
68. Meet Shonda Rhimes.
69. Have a family portrait/photo made (Dec. 2014 by Louie Arcilla)
The Arboledas taken by Louie Arcilla 7

70. Start an annual event of something(?). (Homeschooling Conference and Work-at-Home Expo from 2013!)
71. Learn more about product / food styling.
72. Bring my workshops (with regularity) to the provinces. (Done this, but priorities changed after the pandemic in 2020)
73. Start a VC or charity for women and/or children.
74. Okay, fine! — Learn how to cook!  (seriously, I only know how to cook pasta.. hihi!
75. Create a retail product for children. Clothes or shoes or bags (or partner with someone who can ‘create!’)  KookyLoopy 2013.
76. See my children happy and content with their own lives in the future.
77. Have my own grandchildren.
78. Meet Cesar Milan in person. (Maybe not anymore; Priorities changed but he’s still cool!)
79. See people whom I will mentor to start their own businesses grow and succeed. (ongoing)
80. Build my own mall — even a small one (2-3 floors).
81. Fly first class.
82. Attend a big conference in the U.S.
83. Be a business coach for entrepreneurs. (January 2014)
84. Create a community of entrepreneurs. (Dec. 2104 – Created my Facebook group of #bigleapers)

My first batch of Big Leapers from the Love the Leap Program!

My first batch of Big Leapers from the Love the Leap Program!

85. Learn Photoshop.  (Not anymore since CANVA’s here!)
86. Experience having a Boudoir Photography shoot. (

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 1
87. Create an ED-Tech company. (Built a SaaS company instead)
88. Go on a 5 detox retreat!
89. Be an advocate of fitness.  (Ongoing since 2014… The STEPS PROJECT).
90. Create a community for Women Empowerment  (BBB!!! Woot! Woot!
91. Start a community of Women and reach 1000 women.
92. Meet Timothy Ferris, Andrei Jikh,  in Person.
93. Meet Melanie Perkins in Person.
94. Create an app that will disrupt an industry and will change lives.
95. Go on a trip by myself. (Went to Israel last Sept, 2016!:

96. Visit Korea

97. Visit New Zealand

98. Visit Canada

99. Visit London

100. Visit Iceland

Have you created your life list? Please share it with me! 🙂 I’d love to exchange notes.


Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger


  1. January 5, 2013 / 1:15 am

    I love your list! I actually want to do more than half of the things on your list, and it’s so inspiring to see items already crossed off! I had a list on my old blog once of the things I want to achieve before I turn 31 this December, but pregnancy happened. 🙂 No regrets, though. I’ll just pick up where I left off after I gave birth.

    I should make a life list soon.

    • January 5, 2013 / 1:18 am

      *give birth* Teehee!

    • January 5, 2013 / 8:31 am

      Hi Dea, Please do share me your list once you have made it! 🙂 We might be able to help each other cross some off together. I’m excited to see your list! Good luck!

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