Dear Zeeka,

It’s 8:56 in the evening. You’re dad and I had an early dinner at 7:OO pm like we normally do. This time though, daddy did not eat a lot. He’s not feeling well. i think he going to come down with a flu tomorrow. Even when he’s not feeling well, he is always thinking of me. He’s been telling you to take care of mommy by not kicking me too hard.

You’ve been kicking me like crazy today. I think that warm sack that you are in now is getting a little bit uncomfortable for you already. Hush now, little one. A month from now, we will already get to see you.

Daddy always calls out your name. He’s sleeping now, but just before he went to sleep, he called out your name. He said ‘Zeeka, I can’t wait to see you’. Know that even before you were born, we both loved you already and we love you deeply.

Which brings me to my life lesson number two for you. Love God then love your family above anyone or anything else. Nothing compares to the love that we, both mommy and daddy, have for you. I hope that you see that genuine love that daddy and mommy share, and we want you to fell our love, also. We will always be here for you, Zeeka. We always want what’s best for you.

I know that in the future, you may want things and we may not allow you to have them. Sometimes, you may even think that we are unreasonable. We will have our reasons, but again, it is for you. It is because we love you. Believe me when I say that it all boils down to the fact that we love you.

I can’t wait to see you, baby. I can’t wait to hold you. I can’t wait to love you.

Love your mommy,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

This is my first time to join a Blog Carnival. I’m participating in the Keeping LOVE in LENT Blog Link-Up 2013, hosted by Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints, Truly Rich Mom and Arma Dei: Equipping Catholic Families. We’ll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help us focus on Lenten sacrifices, prayer and good deeds, and how to carry them out with LOVE instead of a GRUMBLE. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of link-up entries.

Keep Love in Lent

Keep Love in Lent

Lenten season started with Ash Wednesday last February 13, 2013, a day before Valentine’s Day. Since, I had my 35th week ultrasound last February 15, 2013 and my last CBC and Urinalysis done, I haven’t had the time to reflect on Lent. I only got the chance to think about it this weekend. It was Baby Noah’s baptism (the second son of Ate Nina of Attending the baptism made me think of how wonderful God is by giving all of us the gift of life. I thought that this Lenten season is the best time to show Him that we truly appreciate our lives by ‘caring’ for it.

Sacrifices come in different forms. For this Lenten season, we came up with the theme of Little Acts of Love for our family. Although in general, little acts of love can be defined in so many ways, each of us in the family (EJ and I) wrote down a list of things that we will do this Lenten Season.

This is my list:
1. Every Saturday starting February 23, write a letter of thanks to people in your family.
We’re not really a ‘showy’ family, if you get what I mean. We are there for each other, but we really are not into sentimental exchanges of love letters or even hugs. This would be difficult for me, since I don’t know how the people I will give these letters to will react to it.

2. Take extra care during my last weeks of pregnancy. This little act of love is for my baby Zeeka. I know that a lot of people have reprimanded me for being too busy and for not taking it easy. This is actually hard for me. Taking it slow is soooo hard for me. So starting February 16 or Week 36 of my pregnancy, I will make it a point to lie down from 2:30 – 4:00 every afternoon and not sit in front of the computer the entire day.

3. Another thing related to taking care of Zeeka and myself is to take enough water daily. I will make it a point to drink 8 glasses of water a day and cut down on junk food. Since I cannot fast, this will be my sacrifice.

4. For my EJ, thank you for being a good provider. As an act of love for him, I will not spend on unnecessary things for this and next week. And yes, I will keep track of this! I promise!

5. For my friends online, I will visit at least 2 blogs daily, read the latest article and comment on it. This will be my way of showing support for the online community of mom bloggers out there.

6. Be patient and control emotions. I will be patient with everyone — our house helpers, family, friends, servers at restaurants, traffic, etc.

So these are the things that I plan to do this Lenten season to spread Lenten love. My husband has his own list of little acts of love. I’ll try to see if I could post them for you.

How about you? What are the little acts of love that you plan to do? How will you spread Lenten love?

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Check out the Lent reflections participating in the Keep LOVE in LENT Blog Link-Up 2013! We’ll be sharing different ways, tips, stories and real-life experiences that will help us focus on Lenten sacrifices, prayer and good deeds, and how to carry them out with LOVE instead of a GRUMBLE.

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Are you mommies having a great day? It’s almost a month to go before my due date. I have one… no, two things in mind right now. One of which is that I have to start fixing the nursery and the other one is that I have to start fixing my hospital bag. I think I still have lots of time, but I really want to do this as quickly as possible. For those of you who know me, I have always been the type who wants to have everything set or even done a month before something is expected to done.

Soooo, this was how the nursery looked before.

This was how my nursery looked before

This was how my nursery looked before

Before Nursery picture 2

Before Nursery picture 3

Yes, it looks like more of a storage room. Hey, don’t worry! I removed all the clutter already, but I still have to fix it to make it more baby friendly and livable. So with this, here are the steps that you have to undergo in fixing a nursery.

Step #1 Be inspired by other people’s nursery rooms!
I saw many pictures in Pinterest, but wondered if there were really nurseries in the Philippines that looked as amazing as those. Well, I tried to do my research, and came up with a few pictures of cute and really amazing kid’s rooms here in the Philippines.

Ziggy’s Nursery (suggested by Mommy Janice Lim)
You can read about the makeover of the room in this link:

Ziggy's Nursery

Ziggy’s Nursery

Ziggy's Nursery Room 2

Ziggy's Nursery Room 3

Alessi’s Nursery (inspiration from Glam-o-Mamas)
Here is the link to the article:

Cool and relaxing nursery for Allessi

Cool and relaxing nursery for Allessi

Alessi Nursery 2

I hope these nursery rooms gave you a dose of inspiration to start working on fixing the nursery.

Step #2 Start Clean.
I got rid of all the boxes in the room. I also got rid of that steel shelving that I had and placed it in our laundry room instead. We should really start with a bare room if you want to truly fix the area well. Another reason why we should start bare is so that we can really get rid of all the dust and bacteria in the place. Remember that your baby will be there most of the time, so we must keep it clean.

Step #3: You can start with choosing the color of the room.
I started with choosing the color that I wanted the room to have. I went with the shade of green in the picture above. At that time, I didn’t know if my baby was going to be a boy or a girl, so I chose a neutral color. This picture was also shared with me by a cousin of Rory from our Manila WAHMs group. I also love pastel colors! If you know the gender of the baby, you can also go with blue or pink.

You can go with pastel colors, too!

You can go with pastel colors, too!

Step #4: Lay out where furniture and fixtures will go.
The first thing that we had inside was the big cabinet (which was a built in cabinet) and the gift from Mom and Dad, which was the Cuddlebug Crib. See my post here: Baby PA at 26 Weeks: Crib Installation and Maternity Dresses Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I still do not have my drawers, but as soon as I have it, I will give you updates on how my nursery room looks. The picture in the link above is pretty much how my nursery room looks now. The basic furniture that we foresee on having inside the room are the crib, the big built in cabinet and the drawers for the things of Zeeka. I’m still contemplating on placing a layered storage table for her other things. Be sure to measure the area well. If you have a small area like ours, storage space is very important, so think about that.

Step #5: Look for a theme that would set the mood for the entire room. This will be your guide when looking for accent pieces or add ons that would beautify the place.

Your theme can be a color theme, a kiddie them like jungle or princesses, or a general theme like polka dots or stripes.

Here are other well decorated nursery or kid’s rooms.
Ethan’s Nursery Room (shared by Iris Illescas-Vea)

Ethan's Blue Nursery

Ethan’s Blue Nursery

Ethans nursery

Eila Rae’s Nursery Room (shared by Enah Tábora Quinto)

Eila Rae's Pink, Green and Yellow Nursery

Eila Rae’s Pink, Green and Yellow Nursery

Eila Raes Nursery 1

Eila Raes Nursery 2

Step 6: Check on the details.

This is the fun part! You can choose the crib sheets, comforters, pillows, picture frames, stickers and other decorations that go with your theme.

Fixing a nursery is fun! Don’t stress yourself too much in planning and preparing this room for baby. You can turn it into a project that you and your husband can do.

As for Zeeka’s nursery, it is still work-in-progress, but as soon as we finish it, we will post pictures. We will also share with you each step that we did and things and suppliers that we bought from for the things that we will place in the nursery.

If you have more tips on fixing a nursery, please feel free to drop a comment below!

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

When I go to Rustans, Toys R Us, SM or any other children’s store, I am amazed at how many kinds of toys are available in the market today. As much as possible, I’d like to limit my child’s toys into those that would ‘teach’ her and of course, still be ‘fun’ for her. Right now, I’m looking for educational toys that I can get for her.

I came across these Mighty Mind puzzles from Fatty Brain Toys, Inc., which is the exclusive distributor of these educational toys in the Philippines. These Mighty Mind Puzzles are recognized as a valuable learning tool in 17 plus countries around the world. It also won several awards like the following:

– Parents’ Choice Honor Toy
– Teachers’ Choice Award
– Dr. Toy’s Best Vacation Toy
– Nominated 4 times to Parenting Magazine’s Hall of Fame

These are the products that I got to see:




Super Mind from Mighty Mind

Super Mind from Mighty Mind

The child goes through 30 connected steps and with this, he or she develops skills in organizing & planning solutions. the child learns how to sort unique elements and learns problem solving. In this puzzle, the child manipulates geometric shapes to build pictures of increasing complexity. This puzzle from Mighty Mind is for kids ages 5-9 years old.

SuperMind Regular Edition consists of the following pieces and has these benefits:
– 32 colorful, easy to handle, durable design shapes
– 30 tangram-like advanced design cards
– Universal in appeal as no language is required
– All pieces neatly contained in the storage tray
– Made in USA; some components from China and/or Germany
– Instructions Included


Magnetic Mighty Mind Sea Explorer

Magnetic Mighty Mind Sea Explorer

Magnetic Mighty Mind Sea Explorer parts

Magnetic Mighty Mind Sea Explorer parts

Another educational to for kids ages 5-9 is this Magnetic Mightymind Sea Explorer. This creative adventure activity builds a child’s skill on how to build and solve colorful puzzles. Kids combine shapes and design blocks to create aquatic figures such as fish, sea creature, boats and imaginative pictures.

MIGHTY MIND : Makes Kids Smarter

Mighty Mind : Makes Kids Smarter!

Mighty Mind : Makes Kids Smarter!

This is the last product that I came across. It is for children from 3 – 5 years old. This is the game / puzzle that won the Parents’ Choice Honor Toy, cited by child development experts. Just like Super Mind, it offers a series of steps that the child must follow to encourage them to think, build complex designs, and solve puzzles without assistance. It definitely builds the confidence of the child. The box includes 32 colorful design shapes, neatly contained in a sturdy storage tray with a series of 30 numbered programmed puzzles.

I can’t wait for Zeeka to use these educational toys. Too bad though that I have to wait for her to grow up and be three years old before she can use these toys.

Do you know of other educational toys that I can buy for Zeeka?

Let me know!

PS. To buy these toys, you can visit the Mighty Minds PH facebook page.

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

Happy Valentines day, everyone! Love is in the air…aaaaah!

Happy Valentines Day from our home to yours!

Happy Valentines Day from our home to yours!

Today, I have planned this day for both EJ and I. We will be staying home and we will be having a “fix the nursery” date tonight. We both decided to stay in and fix Zeeka’s room. I’m so excited to show you our finished “product”.

Anyway, this post is not about fixing Zeeka’s nursery but about celebrating because I have crossed out another number in my Life List. I actually announced it already in facebook yesterday. I got to cross out number 63 in my life list.

“63. Have a really nice portfolio site. Rebrand”

Since January, Patricia from and I have been working towards creating an awesome portfolio site for moi. Although since December 2012, I have already been thinking of what I wanted shown in my site. I’m a firm believer in personal branding. Everything that you do or say or communicate (via actions, clothes, etc.) should be in line with how you want others to “brand” you, especially if you have a business. We know that we all hate to be branded, but the fact is, people do and they associate YOU with your business.

A communication channel where you can strengthen your personal brand is through a portfolio site. A good portfolio site that I have seen is obviously, one of my idol’s: Her site was actually my inspiration for I wanted it to be professional and yet still fun and interesting. Another one that I love is I loved that her site was dainty and cute, but still very simple and well thought out.

For those thinking of creating their own portfolio site for themselves, here are some tips that I would like to share with you:

Tip #1: Have your main audience in mind when you create your portfolio site.

Know how they would react to reading and visiting your site. As you can see, my site is really geared towards females, because I know, a lot of my clients or potential clients would be females who want to become entrepreneurs or to moms who want to attend workshops or even to women yuppies who want to have their make up done.

Viola! It's my new design for

Viola! It’s my new design for

Always keep your market in mind when creating your portfolio site. It will help you decide on the text, design, colors, etc. that you will use.

Tip #2: Keep the user interface simple.
Please, please please do not complicate your site. The simpler the things are in each page, the better. A page does not have to have complicated buttons, sliders, etc. Think of each page before you finalize the design. Think of how your potential client would navigate through your site. Will he/she be able to find what he/she is looking for without any hassle? I decided to keep just one layer of tabs to keep things simple.

Tip #3: Wow them with content.
Make sure that your content is clear and make sure that the visitor understands what services are you offering. Use language that they can relate to. Make all your messages clear and it also helps to be conversational and engaging. It’s good to place the price of the services that you offer if the service is a standard service. If it’s a customized service, then place a contact me page where the potential client can contact you and ask for a quotation.

Tip #4: Wow them with pictures
Pictures are very important, especially if you are offering a product or service that can be appreciated visually (ex. tangible product, make up services, styling, etc.) Place pictures of your best work. Make sure that pictures are high resolution pictures, to give your potential clients a clear picture of your work.

Tip #5: Have in mind that you still need to market your services even with a great portfolio.
Guys, even with a great portfolio, you still have to go out into the world and market your portfolio. It is not an ‘end’ but a tool for getting more clients and answering more ‘needs’ of your market. Having a great portfolio is a good start, but you have to work at marketing your services and products.

Hope you enjoyed my tips for personal branding today and creating a portfolio. Hope you can check out my portfolio at

Again, happy valentines day! 🙂

Love you all!

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger