Activities That You Can Do with your Kids at Home

Activities that you can do with your kids at home

It’s been a struggle for us parents to keeps our kids pre-occupied and “not bored”. Zeeka would always come up to me and say “I’m bored”, and what I do is automatically give her the iPad. It’s not a good thing to have our kids on their gadgets 24/7, since they need to move around, too. They have other “type of intelligence” that need to be practiced and enhanced.

So in this article, I’ll be sharing some of the other cool stuff that I saw that you can do with your kids.

Before that though, check out this video. We’re sharing with you some of the activities that Zeeka does at home.

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Visual Journaling

One of the activities that you can do with your kids at home is Visual Journaling. I first saw this activity on my Skillshare account. Zeeka watched with me, and she isn’t really that interested with the things that I watch online. I was pretty surprised that she stayed on and watched with me.

Visual journaling is basically using drawing to express your emotions, interests, dislikes, etc. As parents, we can guide them though the exercise like ask them to draw things that they like, draw the feelings that they feel when they’re inside the house, etc. It helps us understand their emotions, too, during these times.

Bring Me Game or Scavenger Hunt Game

Kids love to love to play this. A fun twist that you can do to get to know your child better is to have them bring things that make them feel happy, or things that they think is funny. For them to familiarize themselves with color, you can ask them to bring an item with a specific color.

Riddles or “Who Knows Me Best” During Mealtime

Another one of the activities that you can do with your kids at home (and sometimes with the entire family) are riddles and the “Who knows me best” game. It’s hard for kids to stay at the dining table during mealtime. What keeps Zeeka entertained is when we do some sort of activity. Yesterday, daddy EJ was throwing some riddles that she needed to solve.

Other times, we play “Who Knows Me Best”. One of us asks a question about himself or herself, then the other members of the family need to guess the answer.

Here are other indoor activities that I did with Zeeka:

Art with GummyBox PH

Creative Writing for Kids

Do you have other activities that you can do with your kids at home? Share them with on the comments section below or in social media.

Woman in Business While Being A New Mom

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Being a woman in business has never been easy. We’ve had to fight for the right to work in the first place, fight for safe working spaces that are free from sexual harassment, fight for equal pay, and fight for respect. The fight for true equality in business may be far from over, but with more than 9 million businesses in the US now owned by women and more women opening businesses than men in the Philippines (*Philippine Statistics Authority report), we have made undeniable progress and have forged a path for future generations of women to follow. 

When it comes to business women there’s always one topic that recurs time after time – how do women balance the running of their business with being a mom and a parent?

The reason why this topic comes up so often is that being a mom and a parent can be hard, but just because it is hard, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. After 9 months of pregnancy, the experiences of childbirth, and surviving the first few months caring for a newborn baby, women aren’t in the same position as men when it comes to jumping back to work, but these differences don’t make us any weaker than our male counterparts, no, in fact, our ability to overcome our biological differences makes us stronger. So if you are currently feeling overwhelmed as a new parent but are rearing to get back to your business, then here are some tips to help you balance things as a new mom. 

Give yourself some support

As a woman in business, there can often be this overriding feeling that we need to prove ourselves, leading us to try to do too much. You may be a supermom, but even superheroes have “back-ups”. Make sure that you put some support in place to help you with your workload at home and at work. This could be having a family member or friend help you with childcare, utilizing a cleaner so that it’s one less thing on your mind, using a recipe box service so that you and your partner need not worry about grocery shopping or dinner, or even outsourcing some of your simple work tasks so that you can focus on the ones that matter most. Using the services of a virtual headquarters or virtual office, sometimes abbreviated to a VHQ, can be a great way to free up your time, handling your incoming phone calls and screening them so that you only need to speak to the people that matter. 

Schedule in time to just be a mom 

When you own a business, it can be very difficult to switch off, putting pressure on your mental health and potentially impeding the valuable time that you have as a family. Many new moms feel guilty about going back to work, so to give your brain a rest and to allow you to just focus on being a mom, try scheduling in some time each day for you to switch off from work, put your phone down and enjoy the unadulterated pleasures of being a mom.

If you are working from the office, then this could mean scheduling time in the mornings and evenings, but if you are working remotely then you have more flexibility to schedule in family time throughout the day. By scheduling in free-family time, you will begin to feel less guilty about the time you spend at work and will start to feel as though you are achieving a more realistic sense of balance. 

Don’t be afraid to allow your family and business lives to mix 

Although scheduling separate time for family and business is very important, you shouldn’t be afraid to let the two mix. With more women in business than ever and antiquated attitudes to business changing, it is now more widely accepted that family and business sometimes have to mix. If you can’t schedule childcare and have an internal meeting, make it known that your child will be joining you for the call, let them see you in action as a businesswoman and not just as a mom. If you need to travel for work, then so long as you are able to, then there is nothing stopping you from taking your child with you for the trip. Many clients like to see a family-friendly attitude within the businesses they choose to work with, so embrace the fact that you are both a mom and a businesswoman, and don’t feel as though having children is ever something you need to hide. 

So there you have it – a few tips to help you in the first few months of life as a mom and a woman in business. Balancing being a mom and a businesswoman may not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. 

How Businesses Can Thrive in this New Landscape

There is no doubt that businesses all over the world are reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. With millions of people currently being advised to stay at home as much as possible, companies need to be agile and adaptable to survive. I, personally think that most businesses now are asking “now what?”. They’re asking how businesses can thrive in this new landscape. If you run a business, and you’re looking to work towards a more stable and profitable future, here are some tips to help you thrive in a new landscape.

Go online

While many businesses have been hampered by having to close physical premises (we’ve just moved into a full work-from-home scheme), some have seen an increase in traffic, customers and sales as a result of offering online services. People are spending more time online than usual, and they’re also using websites to place orders and find details of companies providing services in their local area.

If you don’t already have a website, you don’t offer an option to order or buy online, or you don’t accept web or phone payments, now is the time to consider making changes. If you run a store, for example, you could look into marketing your products online and setting up a local delivery service, or you could offer customers the chance to order and pay online using systems like those available from Total Merchant Services.

For businesses to thrive in this new landscape, it’s also useful for businesses to use online marketing techniques to drum up interest while offices, stores and showrooms are shut. Using SEO, PPC and social media marketing, you can drive traffic to your website, create high-quality leads and increase conversion rates.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


One of the most crucial aspects of navigating uncharted waters is keeping in touch with customers and clients. Keep people in the loop and let them know what kinds of services and products you’re selling and how they can continue to support you during and after the Covid-19 crisis. If you’re now offering online services, for example, let your customers know how they can find your website, what they can buy and which delivery or collection options are available to them.

Use social media to promote your products and services, but also to reach out, keep channels of communication open and inform followers of any news or updates. At this time, customers may have questions and queries about placing orders or visiting a store or an office, so it’s critical to check your emails and social media comments and reply promptly.


The pandemic has created difficulties for businesses across all sectors, but it has also opened doors. Demand for some products has soared, for example, and many companies and brands have emerged in a positive light after supporting relief services or measures designed to benefit those on the front line.

If you’re looking to make the most of a negative situation, diversifying may be an option. Could you turn towards creating and selling a different type of product or change the way you provide services? Gyms are an excellent example. While clients cannot train at a facility at the moment, they can tune into virtual sessions, register for online classes or enroll in one-to-one personal training sessions delivered by video call. 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Global lockdowns have impacted businesses in almost every country, and there is no doubt that the landscape is very different now. To thrive, it’s vital to be adaptable, flexible, resourceful and innovative.

All About Business Registration with the BIR

The Bureau of Internal Revenue just announced recently that anyone who is earning income, especially those who are earning via electronic means, should be registered with the BIR. They discussed in detail business registration with the BIR in this circular RMC 60-2020.

Part of the list of types of business mentioned by the BIR are the following:

  • businesses earning via electronic means
  • Partner sellers and merchants
  • Payment gateways
  • Delivery channels
  • Internet service Providers
  • and other facilitators

All business owners shall update their business registration document with the BIR and their status no later then July 31, 2020.

Business owners, aside from business registration, are all encouraged to voluntarily declare all past transactions when declared and paid before the said date.

For all newly registered businesses, too, you are also required to have and do the following:

  • Issue Official Receipt or Invoice for every sale
  • Keep registered Books of Accounts and accounting records of business transactions
  • Withhold taxes (if applicable)
  • File required tax returns
  • Pay correct taxes on time


Which RDO should you register with?

In general, register with the RDO in the city where your head office is located or in the city of your residence if you are an individual or self-employed tax payer.

If I don’t have TIN?

You have to get a Tax Identification Number first before registering your business.

What if I have a TIN but I haven’t registered any business yet?

Please register your business using Form 1901 of the BIR in the RDO within the correct city of the place of business.

If you need the list of requirements, feel free to head on over to The complete list is there for Individual tax payer (whether you are a Non-Licensed professional like a consultant, freelancer, etc. or a Licensed Professional like a doctor, etc. or a Sole Proprietor like an online seller, etc.)

What are the requirements to get a Certificate of Registration?

How do I know if I am completed business registration with the BIR?

You will know if you are completely registered with the BIR if you have a Certificate of Registration or Form 2303, An Authority to Print form (this is so that you can have ORs and Invoices printed by accredited printers) and stamped books of accounts.

If you are based in these locations, Taxumo offers a service where they can process the registration for you:

  • All parts of Metro Manila
  • Rizal
  • Laguna
  • Cavite
  • Tarlac
  • Batangas

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to

Hope this helps!

6 Essential Tools For A Successful Small Business

There are several types of software, tools, and apps that simplify tasks and speed up projects for small business owners and their employees. However, the problem of finding the ideal tools can be a bit challenging for even the tech-savviest entrepreneurs. So, in this article, we will take a look at essential tools for a successful small business. I divided it into different categories, but all aimed towards making the business experience less complicated. 

Project Management

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Every new business (particularly one with a remote workforce, or one that requires collaboration across various teams) needs some assistance in keeping track of its several projects and tasks. This is especially true if your business has a remote workforce that needs some means of collaboration across the board. Using traditional email service is not the optimal solution for this, as it is too isolated. Plus, some members can easily be left out of the mailing list and may lose important updates. 

Project management platforms such as make available several essential project tools that cover coding, writing, drawing, as well as other tools needed for taking on projects successfully. There are also cloud-based tools that give complete and transparent access to projects. They indicate project status, its lifecycle, and also allows every authorized user to trace the progress of such projects from start to completion.

Website performance monitoring

A company’s website is the online soul of the company. Not only should it offer visitors every information they need to know about the company, but it should be used as an advertising platform to attract potential clients and drive sales. No matter how attractive or impressive your website is, you should be able to know how people are using it, not using it, or have the potential to use it. This information will help you create adjustments with the sole purpose of influencing potential clients to make the decisions you want. Website monitoring tools such as Google Analytics helps to track all visitors to your website. It shows you whether they are leaving immediately or staying longer as well as the kind of pages they are visiting on your website. It also offers insight into what kind of data you can use to increase performance, create traffic, and boost sales.

Customer Relationship Management

No matter what kind of business you are engaged in, you cannot ignore the role digital marketing plays in the success or otherwise of a company. And one of the most important tools of digital marketing (and indeed, marketing in general) is customer relationship management (CRM). The days of operating your customer relationships on the fly are no longer here. Most of the time, this system has led to forgotten or lost leads, and in some instances, turned repeat clients into ghosts.

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool offers an opportunity to track almost every aspect of the client relationship you are able to build. It makes it possible to know how often a company follows up with loyal clients. It also gives an indication of which users and how many are visiting the company’s website. Also, a company will be able to track essential information like how many site visitors are filling out online forms but not completing purchases. There are several types of customer relationship management software to choose from. All these are designed to help you keep your company organized internally while ensuring a healthy relationship with your clients.

Social Media Management

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Almost every successful business is aware of the role social media plays in the success of businesses. With the constant rise in the number of social media users worldwide, there is a pool of potential customers in the billions that are waiting to be reached. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer businesses the chance to reach a wider number of audiences within a short period of time. 

One of the best ways a company can maximize the potential that social media offers are by linking the platforms to the company’s website. Doing this will help to direct traffic to the website with the help of effective marketing campaigns. This means that the company has to regularly update all social media platforms with engaging content that will draw comments and interactions. This will give the company the opportunity to respond to questions from both clients and potential customers. Another great thing about social media platforms is the fact that most of them come with optimization tools that allow users to monitor feed, view analysis, and even create and schedule relevant posts.

Accounting Software

Crunching numbers is one thing that most new business owners are not too excited about. In fact, some new business owners feel that the accounting aspect of their businesses is too boring to require proper attention until they start receiving surprise visits from the Internal Revenue Service for audits. Thankfully, you do not need to be an accounting guru to be able to handle the accounts of your new company, expertly.

With the presence of several online accounting software to choose from, you can easily handle the accounting rudiments of your new company. Online accounting software takes on the work of both accounting and bookkeeping. It does so by tracking both profits as well as expenses, creating expense claims, sending invoices, reconciling debts, and handling basically anything else that will keep the Internal Revenue Service off your door. If you are a beginner in this arena, and you’d like to simply keep track of your income and expenses, file and pay your taxes, try Taxumo. Although it’s not an accounting software but a tax service software, it’s something that you can use especially when you are just starting a business.

Email Marketing

One of the most slept-on online tools for new businesses is email marketing. Email marketing offers one of the most effective and popular digital marketing strategies – newsletters. And just like most of the tools already touched on, email marketing tools also come in different types to choose from. Most of the email marketing platforms will help businesses to easily design and send out and review the results of the company’s newsletters. It also helps businesses to respond to questions from customers as well as receive important feedback. Using email marketing will mean that your company will have a mailing list to communicate regularly. Some platforms come with features that allow you to monitor which recipients opened the newsletter, which pages they visited most, and who should receive follow-up emails.

Other Essential Tools For A Successful Small Business

There are other tools that you can use for other things in your business. From SEO to Graphic design — the list can go on and on. There are also a lot of tools online for Search Engine Optimization. When you want to rank on the first few pages of Google, it’s beneficial to do a website audit, see where you stand when it comes to certain keywords, etc. To know more about SEO, we discussed it in an interview with Sean Si, one of the experts here in the Philippines.

For Graphic design, I use Canva. How about you? What other essential tools for a successful small business do you use and you can recommend? Share with us using the comments section below.