It’s that time of the year once again when we have to deal with thick bundles of paper. Yes, I’m talking about our business documents.

I have a sole proprietorship established here in the Philippines. Most of the businesses here (99%+) are micro-small-medium enterprises or MSMEs. And to add to that, most of them are also Sole Proprietors like me.

So I would assume that most of the people reading this post are sole proprietors. I decided to focus on this segment also so as not to make the post long.

What do I need to do every January of the Calendar Year?

DTI Permit

First of, check that your DTI permit is still valid. The Department of Trade and Industry is the government agency that we deal with when we want to create a Sole Proprietorship. The DTI approves the “trade name” that we want to use. In my case, Manila Workshops’ trade name is GPA Events Management Services.

So if it’s already expired, fret not since you can actually renew your DTI certificate from the comfort of your own home. Just go to this site: and renew your certificate online. I did it last 2018, and I think (I don’t remember) I used GCASH to pay for the fee.

Baranggay and Business PermitLetter of Intent to Renew your Business (3 originally signed copies)

Next, you will need to gather all these documents before going to the Municipal Hall and office of the Baranggay (usually each one is in the same building or at lease close by).

  • DTI Certificate (for sole proprietors)
  • Letter of Intent to Renew your Business (3 originally signed copies)
  • Original and photocopy of previous year’s barangay permit and official receipt
  • Previous year’s Mayor’s Permit/Business Permit and Official Receipt, original and photocopy
  • Community Tax Certificate (CTC) / Cedula from previous year
  • Contract of Lease or Certificate of Occupancy to use Premises (what I do in lieu of this is I photocopy the Real Property Tax Receipts, which are under my name. That’s the one I present)
  • Previous year’s Sanitary Permit to Operate
  • Certification list of employees as of December 2019 signed by President or HRD (if you don’t have employees, create a certification that you don’t have any employees)
  • Quarterly VAT Returns (if you are a VAT entity) or Percentage Tax Returns (if you are non-VAT) for the previous year with BIR Confirmation
  • Quarterly Income Tax Returns (1st, 2nd and 3rd Quarter); these are your 1701Q forms
  • Certificate of Gross Sales for previous year (just add up your gross sales for the entire year)
  • Previous stamped financial statements, audited or unaudited (if applicable); note that for those with Php 3 Million and below gross sales, you don’t need an audited financial statement. BTW, this is for the year before last year.
  • Comprehensive General Liability Policy Insurance (CGLP) / Local Insurance and official receipt from previous year; note that some Municipal Halls don’t require this. The CGLP fees are computed also based on the square meters of your registered address.
  • Authorization Letter (3 originally signed copies) and Special Power of Attorney (3 originally signed copies) — if you are making someone else process it for you

Once you have collated all of these, you can now go to the Municipal Hall. For the fees, it really differs from one City Hall to another.

If you need help processing your Business Permit Renewal at your Municipal Hall, you can get in touch with Taxumo. They offer this service provided you are in Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna and Cavite.

They can still accommodate a few clients so please don’t mind the deadlines. Oh, Taxumo can also help you with Business Registration just in case you haven’t registered your business yet.

BIR Renewal

So we’re done with two agencies for Business Renewal for Sole Proprietorships. For BIR, it’s actually so easy. I just log in to my Taxumo account, and make sure that I have highlighted the tax types i’m supposed to pay for (check your Certificate of Registration or Form 2303 to be sure) in the settings page.

Go to the Tax Dues tab and click on file now for 0605. Please make sure that it’s for 2020! 🙂 For first time users, you can attend an online onboarding session by clicking on this link:

If you need information to be changed in your COR, you will need to go to the RDO to do that using 1905. Else, if nothing needs to be changed, you only need to file this 0605 form via Taxumo. No need to go to the RDO of the BIR.

I love that everything is easy! 🙂 If you have other questions on renewing your business permit and registrations and certificates, leave your questions in the comment section below!

Start the year right! I hope this somehow give you an idea of how to go through Business Renewal for Sole Proprietorships. Fix all of these and don’t wait for the last moment to avoid penalties!

My One Word for 2020 – Commit!

In life, there is comfort in knowing that we can easily change our minds later on. If we feel that we can’t decide, oftentimes, we don’t. We don’t take action and we just wait for things to “fall in place” — in a place where we are more comfortable to make decisions.

And sometimes, even if we have already decided, we oftentimes change our minds.

Not too sure if we want to eat burger or pizza? No worries, I can easily change my mind later on. Thinking about completing a task today? Oh, I’ll just to that tomorrow, so I can finish watching my favorite series today on Netflix.

This flexibility is great, but it can also be the root cause of inaction and lack of decisiveness. It can also lead to lack of accountability. We comfortably blame forces beyond our control for our lack of commitment.

“Wala pa akong pera…”

“Wala pa akong time…”

“Tsaka nalang pag di na ako busy…”

“Tsaka nalang pag di na ako stressed…”

“I’ll work on it if I’m in the mood…”

Have you ever said these words?

For the longest time, I, too, have been failing to commit to a few things in life. I always give being ‘busy’ as a reason to not to commit. So this year, I’ve chosen COMMIT as my one word.

As I analyzed the past year (2019), I successfully started going to the gym. The reason why I regularly go is that I book sessions with a personal trainer the week before. I know how valuable time is that I also value the time of others. So, when I tell Coach Daevid that I’ll be there on Monday and Thursday, I make sure that I don’t book any meetings or work during the times that I commit to going to the gym to have the session.

This made me think that if I actually commit to doing more things, I would probably have a better year ahead.

So this year, I won’t make excuses anymore for things that I need to do. I won’t make excuses for not meeting friends and for not going to social functions. I won’t make excuses for fixing stuff that I need to accomplish.

I will make this year awesome by COMMITTING and sticking to my commitments.

How about you? What is your one word for this 2020? Share it with me by commenting or posting on social media with #GINspiration 🙂

While sifting though pictures on Instagram (which I often do), I couldn’t help but feel admiration and sort of envious of what other people have. How do these people have perfect bodies? How do they get to travel often? How do they have so many things — things I couldn’t have? These have become thoughts that I would often think of every time I would open social media platforms. So yesterday, just like any other time and after my numerous observations (haha!), I set my phone aside and went on doing chores and living my own life.

Then that evening, my family talked about the seven deadly sins. I still haven’t memorised these sins, but I still do remember some episodes of the movie SEVEN which was shown last 1995. One of the sins, if you haven’t memorised it, too, is envy. I quickly shifted to a state of panicking a little, as I thought of the those times on Instagram, when I would “envy” other people on social media. Was I “sinning” during all those times? 🙁

But before delving into my feelings and what-not, let’s go back to the definition of envy.

From Merriam Webster, the definition of ENVY is a painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage.

This morning (since I was really bothered), I was reading articles on the different things associated with envy, jealousy, benchmarking, comparing, the ethics behind these concepts, etc. I wondered if the changes that’s happening with tech, social media platforms, etc. have made us more envious of other people’s things and lives. I wondered if feeling like this was really bad.

After reading a lot of articles I have drawn my own personal conclusions (and please indulge me a bit on this).

Looking through social media and feeling a little bit envious of how other people’s live look can either lead to…

1) encouraging you to be a better version of yourself so therefore this little dose of “envy” becomes a source of inspiration.

2) negative feelings of hatred and resentment which lead you to action like backstabbing, spreading gossip, etc.

3) being apathetic about it — which can either be good or bad. “Let him/her live our own lives. I have to fight my own battles, so kuddos to him / her!” (good) or “I don’t care… (dismissing the fact that you still feel some jealousy and harbor some sort of ill feelings still… which I think is bad if you don’t confront the feeling/s).

So I think that thinking of wanting to be better because this concept is presented by another human being on Instagram or Facebook isn’t bad. If it encourages you to channel your feelings to doing good, to becoming a happier, more productive person, I don’t really think that this makes it a sin.

At the end of the day, if you don’t hurt anyone emotionally or physically, and this statement includes yourself (please don’t torture yourself, too), it’s not something bad.

What do you think about this? What are your thought on envy and jealousy. Do you have tips on how to be less envious of others?

Photo by on Unsplash

Recently, during the “sale” season of the online stores, I bought a few beauty and skincare product. One of the things that I bought online from one of the stores is a sleeping mask under a popular brand that I usually buy. I love this brand, so I really wanted to buy it during the sale season.

I went online and saw the official store of the brand, but of course, being the typical consumer, I wanted a better deal. I searched for the cheapest product and found one which was sold in another “store” at 20% cheaper. I added that into my cart, and after a few days, it was delivered to me.

When I got the product, I was so excited. I finished the entire bottle of what I bought in the brand’s store in a mall, so I really wanted to use it when it arrived. When I slashed through the bubble wrap, I saw the box and something did not feel right.

I’m an avid beauty (mostly skin care) blogger and I know what this product looks like. I immediately had a feeling that what I bought wasn’t the real deal. The box didn’t look like the one I had before. When I pulled out the container, the seal wasn’t sealed thoroughly. And when I opened it, it’s smell was close to the original, but the color and the viscosity was not quite as how I remembered it to be.

I immediately went to my husband, and mentioned that I didn’t feel quite at ease with the product. He told me not to use it. Obviously, I didn’t use it in my face, but I thought “sayang naman” (I spent money, so at least use it somewhere else) so I used it on my leg. I didn’t get any allergies or anything. That was the only time I used it.

Then, a week after, I saw the series on Netflix called Broken. The first episode was about the counterfeit beauty products that are being sold.

That’s when I realized how dangerous these counterfeit beauty products are to your health. I decided to throw the product that I bought.

I highly suggest that you check out this series.

Have you ever been a victim? Share your story with me 🙂

Moving forward, personally, I will check if the store is either the online store of the brand itself or at least the official distributor of the brand.

Sharing this so that we can all be aware that there are counterfeit beauty products out there.

UEC Philippines is hosting Young Authors National Competition, a scholastic writing contest specifically made for Filipino young authors and writers.

Exciting prices and awards await the lucky winner. But most importantly, aspiring young writers get the chance to learn more about creative writing through the event. 

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Young Authors National Competition.

Young Authors National Competition helps boost your young author’s confidence

It’s one thing to teach young authors creative writing. It’s another to get them motivated to write.

That’s why kids need to be a part of a young author’s program.

Writing competitions are a surefire way to help kids do better. Having a goal that drives them to do better can do wonders for their skills. It also helps them build their confidence. 

And Unique English Classroom Philippines does just that. 
UEC Philippines is not your traditional English program. They offer a range of unique programs that helps kids fall in love with reading and writing in the English language.

One of which is preparing kids to become better at creative writing through contests and competitions. 

Creative writing is a skill. The more you practice, the better you become. And with the right feedback, kids can be better communicators and writers in the long run. 

Better communication skills boost one’s confidence levels and also help improve their self-image. 

Because of this, children will be more open to trying new opportunities and taking more calculated risks. 

Writing competitions open doors of opportunities for your child

Networking at a young age can do wonders for your child. It allows them to meet kids with the same interests and also open doors for them. 

Writing contests like the Young Authors National Competition also connects kids to potential mentors.  

These mentors can provide young authors and writers with the necessary feedback and guidance. 

Professional writers, guests, and judges get the chance to see your child’s work. This gives your kids access to golden nuggets of knowledge that can greatly improve your kid’s writing skills and style. 

Who knows, your young writer may just be the next best selling author the world is waiting for?

Parents get the chance to show support for their young writers

In between work, raising kids, and paying the bills, most parents struggle to spend quality time with their kids. 

Events like these help parents show their support to their children’s passion and bond with them at the same time. 

It means a whole lot for kids to know that their parents encourage their dream. It boosts their confidence and increases their willingness to try new things. 

Competitions, whether it be physical or mental, can have outstanding effects on children.

Pediatric neuropsychologist Timothy Gunn puts it in perspective. According to him, competitions and contests help kids learn the value of hard work and consistency. 

It also teaches them self-efficacy and cooperation among their peers. 

Kids with parents who encourage healthy competition also have a better chance of participating in events and activities again. They also win and lose gracefully. 

Losing is never easy, especially when kids have given it their all and fall short of winning the top prize. But with their parents’ support and encouragement, kids get to process the loss easier and faster. 

Competitions help kids create a process for writing

Here’s a confession that I know most writers relate to. I tend to edit what I write while I’m writing. 

And it’s one of the worst tendencies to have as a writer. 

When your brain edits as you write, it hinders the creative process.

The goal of the first draft is to let your thoughts flow like a spring. Once you’re done, that’s the time you polish. 

Writing camps help correct this kind of tendencies for young writers. 

This training will help young authors sharpen their skills and introduce them to new and better ways to write. 

For starters, kids get introduced to brainstorming techniques. They also get tips on the best research tips for developing plots and characters. 

Kids develop patience, humility, and resilience through continuous feedback and handling revisions. On top of that, they also learn how to self-edit, review, and polish their ideas to make their stories better. 

How to join the Young Authors National Competition 2020

Do you have a child that’s interested in becoming the next best selling young author? This is your chance to make it happen! 

The journey starts on January 11, 2020, Saturday, 9 AM to 11 AM at UEC branches near you. 

This writing competition is open to UEC and Non-UEC students aged 9 to 16 years old. 

Each participant is expected to write a 1,500-word short story with a theme to be announced on the day of the competition. 

Judges for the event will be coming from the UEC Philippines head office and UEC Singapore. 

Three top winners will be chosen and given a chance to compete on the national level. And a special Reader’s Choice Award will be given to one. 

This event is free. All you have to do is to click here to register and compete

The next Young Authors Competition will be on a nationwide level and comes with a 2-day creative writing boot camp. 

So what’s in it for you and your young writer?

The event will be facilitated by none other than Unique English Classroom’s Catherine Khoo

A joining fee of P1,500 will cover the two-day writing boot camp plus snacks. 

What’s great about this national essay contest? Even non-UEC students can participate and learn more about creative writing. 

Students will get the guidance they need to create better stories and a much-needed confidence boost before they participate.  

The contest winner will get an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore for two. The top three winners will also be invited to be a part of the prestigious International Youth Author’s Club. 

They will also learn how to become better writers through a free month mentorship from the UEC founder and head trainer. 

What a steal! 

Signing up is easy. All you have to do is register here

You can check out the payment details in their flyer below.

I recommend this creative writing boot camp for kids. 

In today’s world, cultivating your kid’s creativity and imagination is no longer an option. It’s a necessary element in ensuring their future success. 

Want to know more about the Young Authors National Competition? Check out their website today.