Smart Spray: Make your Own Disinfectant

I’ve been seeing and getting a lot of “smart” stuff lately. I’m amazed at how this huge challenge for everyone has pushed us to think outside the box and create something new. This week, I received a smart spray that can help you make your own disinfectant. Just wanted to say that this is so cool!

Smart Spray from Smart Home Phils.

About the Smart Spray

This spray converts water and salt into Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid bleach). It uses electrolysis technology to electrolyze the water added with the appropriate amount of salt. Why do I say appropriate amount? The appropriate concentration of sodium hypochlorite disinfection water is safe and also reliable when it comes to protecting us from bacteria.

How to Make your Own Disinfectant

  1. Fill the Bottle up to 270ml with tap water.
  2. Using the spoon that comes with the spray bottle (please avoid losing this spoon), add 2 spoons of iodized salt. One salt spoon is at 2 grams.
  3. Cover up and shake a bit. Remove the cover before electrolysis.
  4. Connect the power cord and turn on the power button (long press) then select the desired concentration (low, medium or high). Long press the work button to shift modes.
  5. To start electrolysis, press the Work button once. A blue light indicator will light up. When it’s done, the blue light of the Smart Spray will turn off.

Cover the bottle and voila! You’re done with making your own disinfectant.

How can you use this Smart Spray?

Here are the things that you can use it for:

Low Concentration

  • Clean fruits
  • Sanitize Hands
  • Clean cuts and wounds
  • Cleanse Seafood
  • Keep meat fresh

Medium Concentration

  • Clean bottles
  • Clean phones
  • Disinfect Sofa
  • Sanitize Table and Chairs
  • Disinfect office and school supplies
  • Disinfect car interior

High Concentration

  • Disinfect Packages
  • Disinfectant on mats
  • wash cloth masks
  • Disinfectant for children’s toys
  • clean and wash kitchen tools
  • Clean sink
  • Clean bathroom

With this new discovery, it leads me to my point that we always need to question things around us. Why do we need to buy some things when we can just create?

Just something to ponder on.

To check out more details on this Smart Spray, please go to

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Building a Better Brand

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs from Pexels

One of the best ways to build a successful business is to build a strong brand identity for your company. The stronger the brand; the better targeted it is to your audience, the more likely you are to generate leads and ultimately convert more customers. Building a better brand takes time. How exactly do you build a strong brand?

Find out what people think of you

The first thing you need to do in building a better brand is to find out what people currently think of your business. Google your company, read reviews and comments, and see how the land lies. Once you know what kind of image you’re currently portraying and once you get insights on your customer’s behavior, you can work on getting rid of any negative views and building upon positives until you’ve created a brand that blows your target audience away.

Check out this video on Conducting a Social Media Audit.

Build your online visibility

As a modern business, you probably have a website and a social media presence at the very least. Chances are though that you could be doing a lot more to promote your company and build up a strong brand identity. For example, you could be creating guest posts on more prominent blogs and websites, which will not only draw more attention to your business but also set you up as a leading authority within your niche. Podcasting would have a similar effect, as would spending more time replying to social media comments in a friendly and informative way. Basically, experiment on different strategies that can build the positive image of your brand.

Keep it consistent

Consistency matters! Businesses fail with branding when their message to customers are not consistent. If your copy, images, downloadables, etc. all have a consistent theme, customers will always know exactly what you’re about, and this is something that will work in your favor. Think about it. You always know what you’re going to get with Apple, Coca-Cola, or Nike, and they are three of the biggest brands around. If keeping consistent is something you struggle with, a good digital marketing agency can help you out, as can using the same team of copywriters on all of your campaigns, but if you simply create a brand mission statement and refer to that before you put out anything new, it will help a lot too.

Give up trying to please everyone

There isn’t a business on the planet that is universally appealing to everyone, so you should give up trying to be all things to everyone. Gone are the days of mass marketing!

If you don’t have a specific target market in mind, chances are you won’t be able to appeal to anyone at all because your message will be so all over the place that it won’t really catch anyone’s eyes. Work out who your target market is and what you’re about and focus on that, and you’ll be more successful for sure.

Offer value

If you want people to look upon your brand favorably, you need to offer them something of value. You don’t necessarily need to be as revolutionary as Apple or as high-end as Gucci, but if you are able to produce high-quality goods and/or services that are useful, appealing, and made to last, this will reflect very well on your business and be a solid foundation upon which to build a lasting brand.

Offer excellent customer service

In building a better brand, we tend to forget that we are talking to people. With this customer service often gets overlooked as something that can help. People are more likely to engage with businesses that have treated them well than those who have not, and if you have a good reputation for listening to your customers, making things convenient for them, making their experience with you a memorable and happy one, people are going to look upon you more fondly than the competition.

Be yourself

Above all, as a business, you should strive you be your own unique self. Do things you won way, even if it’s different from the rest of the crowd, and do so unapologetically because half the battle of building a string crowd is being able to stand out from the competition.

A strong brand can get your further than almost anything else in the business world, so make it your mission to do whatever you can to build one of your own and you will see the fruits of your labor. It may take some hard work and ingenuity, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Debt Solutions for Working Moms

Having debt can be a source of shame for many people. Despite the very real fact that more Americans have debt than don’t, people feel embarrassed and ashamed about speaking about their debt problems. Event countries have debts. In the Philippines, each Filipino’s share will be at Php 83,239 to make up the Php 9.05 Trillion Debt of the Philippines. If we wanted to have a debt-free country, we’ll have to each shell out Php 83K+. So today, I wanted to talk about debt and more specifically, debt solutions for Working Moms.

Debt can have all sorts of negative connotations which can make us feel anxious, leading us to bury our feelings and never speak about them. As working parents, we want to instill in our kids the very best habits when it comes to finances, but if we have debt hanging over our heads, this can get in the way of feeling like a confident and capable parent. So how can you alleviate your debt issues as a working mother?

Photo by JD from Pexels

Here are three simple steps to guide you on your road to finding new confidence and debt freedom as a working mom

Talking It Out

Talking won’t make the debt disappear, but it will definitely help you feel at peace. Many working moms, particularly single moms, never share their stress with others for fear of burdening them or coming across as a bad parent. But the truth is, having debt doesn’t make you any less of a good parent. We all have our reasons and we all have our pasts, and for some people, that includes incurring debt over time which we are struggling to pay off now. There’s no shame in it, and the only way of getting rid of the negative stigma around debt is if we talk about it with our loved ones. 

Seeking Advice

As a busy working mother, you might find that you simply don’t have the time to research how best to alleviate your debt. You can end up feeling like you are a slave to the credit card company who demands money without any human sympathy at all. In this case, seeking financial advice is extremely important. You can call a citizens advice service or book an appointment with a financial advisor to talk through your debt, and how it can be paid off in the most achievable way for you. Most financial advisors don’t just offer insurance products; they offer sound advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Exploring Other Options

If you feel you have been unfairly charged interest and might have a case to make against the debt you owe, you should seek out legal advice to see if this is worth pursuing. This will help you to explore all your options and potentially even alleviate some of the debt you owe, without actually paying it. These cases are rare, but it is always worth pursuing if you feel you have been wrongly charged. 

In the Philippines, you can seek advise from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) once this happens to you. If it’s a cooperative lending you, seek help from the CDA or Cooperative Development Authority.

In addition, if you are in the US, you can explore programs such as DTSS Restoring America’s Freedom, which will help you see how your debt could be unconstitutional. 

Final Thoughts for Debt Solutions for Working Moms

If you have debt which is weighing on your mind, take steps today to ameliorate your stress and anxiety. Talking it out with someone close to you is vital, followed by seeking financial support which can help you understand your situation a bit better. Finally, exploring all options will allow you to see what you can do about your debt. 

Any other debt solutions for working moms that you want to share? Comment on the comment section below.

Helpful Hints that will Help you to Display Family Photos on your Wall

When it comes to decorating your home, you need to make sure that you take your time. You need to make sure that you plan everything out strategically and that you also take note of what you want on which surface. If you do this, then you will soon find that you are able to get a way better result out of your design and that you are also able to coordinate everything properly too. I’ve been bothered by this white wall for some time now and I’m planning to display family photos.

The Art of Hanging Pictures

There’s now way around this. When you hang pictures, you may find that you end up facing a lot of challenges. Photos are taken at different times and with different cameras. This will reflect the level of tech that was available at that time, so in other words, pictures don’t match. Some might be in colour, others may be in black and white and then on top of all that, you have the frames to think about as well. How do you even begin to think about which frames suit your photos as well? Careful planning will help you to avoid this issue, among other issues in the future.  If you want to store your images for now then look into Google Photos storage limit: Is the free storage really unlimited?

Photo by Stephanie Ho from Pexels

Plan your Arrangements

When you are trying to put a ton of nail holes into the wall, you need to have some kind of plan. Your landlord or your future self will thank you for this. Some people much prefer to have a hands-off approach and are happy to put pencil holes on the wall, hoping that everything falls into place. Most people would prefer to have a much more involved approach, such as by tracing the frames onto wrapping paper and then taping that to the wall so you can get an idea of how it is all going to look. The great thing about doing this is that the paper can easily be moved until the ideal arrangement has been found. From there, the only thing that you need to do is arrange your photos.

Group Black and White Photos Together

The most consistent and popular way for you to mount your photos would be for you to use black and white images. A black and white image will make your photos seem timeless and you may even find that the uniformity gives you a great look. Remember that every old photo you have can be printed in black and white. This all comes down to digital editing technology. If you want to get some ideas, then it would be wise for you to try and explore images online. When you do, you can then find out what everyone else is doing and you can create something similar.

If you are not sure if you can pull off the black and white theme, then try and look at the color scheme of your home. If you have a grey color scheme then it may be worth you trying to invest in something that reflects this a little more, such as black and white photos. If you have a bit more color in your home, then black and white photos may not be the best choice.

After all of these tips, it’s time for me to put these into action. Time to look and display family photos! Share with me how you displayed family photos in your home!

Smart Plasma Mask with Build in Ionizer: Mask We All Need

I have a new mask called Smart Plasma Mask to keep me protected and I must say, this is the mask that we all need. Let me tell you off-hand that at Php 5500, it’s pricey for a mask but affordable as an Ionizer. I started with the price so that you know how much the investment is before you continue reading the article. With that, let me tell you that this device is super worth it.

To check purchase this, you can go to this link: Use MSCSMOMMY FOR AN ADDITIONAL 6% discount! 🙂

Let’s start with the “why”… why did I buy this mask?

I haven’t been outside that much since March 14. See… I still remember the date. The longest time that I left the house was when Zeeka had a stomach ache and we had to go to the hospital. Turns out, she was just VERY constipated (thank goodness!). I bought the mask because one of the things that I have noticed when we wear masks is that, we can’t breathe easily when we’re wearing the N95 masks that we have. This is good because that means it really blocks the virus. But when you have senior citizens and kids, it’s hard for them to wear these because they get annoyed.

Next is that with the face shields that we are required to wear with the mask, it’s uncomfortable. Don’t know about you but I perspire a lot (so does my husband and daughter) and when we wear these two things together, we’re drenched in sweat.

And the last thing that I’ve noticed is that when we remove our mask in a restaurant, we just place it anywhere. With this, it’s not really that “hygienic”.

So I did my research and found this high tech mask! As you know, I love reviewing unique things like this, so I did and tried the device.

Before going to the review of the mask, let’s start with what makes this Smart Plasma Mask different from other “power masks”. It’s different because it’s also has a built-in Ionizer.

What is an Ionizer?

Ionezers create negative ions. Negative ions attach to dust and make it fall. This is why people with severe rhinitis like me are advised to have ionizers in the room. As for it’s chemical reaction, negative ions break down virus and bacteria. This is why people use it during this time of COVID.

Have you heard people say that if you have allergies or respiratory problems, you should go to the beach? The scientific explanation is really because of the amount of the negative ions in the air.

Check out this chart that shows the different negative ion concentrations.

So usually at home, we have a low concentration of negative ions.

All About the Smart Plasma Mask

The Smart Plasma Mask has a negative ion concentration of 80,000 /cm3. I started using it as an ionizer also in our room this week. Just to let you know, I tried to wean off from my antihistamines. I’ve been taking one tablet a day since a year ago. This year, I really want to stop using.

Last Sunday, I stopped, so Monday I really felt terrible. They only thing that helped me breathe, at least a little, was this Smart Plasma Mask. I would place it on my bedside just like this and I would leave it turned on using the switch holder.

It really helped me a lot, and because of this, I have been turning it on every evening since that time.

During the day, EJ loves using it also when he does errands. He said that it’s very comfortable to use and it’s easier to breathe.

What he finds really fascinating is the design of the mask when you ‘re not wearing it. You can just hand it around your neck!

Some FAQs!

How long does the battery last?

It lasts your 2-3 days without charging

How long can I leave it on?

8 hours is fine (like leaving it overnight). Please turn it off in the morning by removing the switch holder.

If something happens to the device, who can I turn to?

You can contact their distributor here in the Philippines. It’s under Min Shiang Corporation.

How do I clean the device?

You can wash the silicone ring with hot water and you can use alcohol as well.

How about charging the device?

Please always USE ONLY the inclusive adapter 5V/1A (Ampere) when charging. Only use a powerabnk with an output charge of 5V/1A (ampere).

Again, to buy this SMART PLASMA MASK, you can go to this link: Use MSCSMOMMY FOR AN ADDITIONAL 6% discount!