Learning How to Make Bento Boxes using Cheez Whiz

I recently got the chance to attend a Bento Making Class conducted by the Bento Mommas and which was sponsored by Cheez Whiz. I recently developed this love for making bento boxes. I love it because it brings out my creative side, plus, you don’t have to cook anything (I can just put together a Cheez Whiz sandwich all the time) and if you do, you can have someone cook it for you and you just need to creatively combine all the ingredients together. I really don’t know how to cook, but I promise that I will find the time when my daughter’s a bit older and if I really find the need to learn.

I love bento making because I get to use all of these colourful materials and ingredients. For the class, we had to make two bento boxes. One bento was a snack bento box, while the other one was a rice bento box for lunch. We started with creating the snack bento box with Cheez Whiz as the star.

Cheez Whiz Bento Making Tools

Bento Mommas teaching us how to create bento boxes

Bento Mommas teaching us how to create bento boxes

We had to create our very own Snowman! It was the perfect theme for the Holidays. First off, we had to cut four pieces of circles from the white Gardenia bread that we were given. These were the materials / ingredients that we were going to use for the body of the snowman. Next, we had to spread the new variant of Cheez Whiz, which was the Cheez Whiz Milky Delight flavour. It’s the perfect blend of Sweet Milk and Mild Cheese. I love its sweet taste!

Cheez Whiz Milky Delight

2014-11-16 14.43.14

2014-11-16 14.44.45

2014-11-16 14.45.26

After creating the two mini circle sandwiches, we had to place them inside the container to create the snowman. After which, we had to decorate it with raisins, sour candy and chocolate. Check out my little unfinished snowman. The pieces were “glued” to the bread using Cheez Whiz.

2014-11-16 14.52.04

My Bento Box Cheez Whiz Creation!

My Bento Box Cheez Whiz Creation!

The next bento box that we made was a rice bento box. I loved this since we made our own Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer! First of all, what we did was we got a Glad sandwich bag and scooped one cup into the bag. We formed the head of Rudolf and we placed in inside the container. We had to check on the size of the scoop of the rice by closing the container. We had to make sure that we had enough room to still place the nose, eyes, etc. without destroying the head.

2014-11-16 15.23.00

Next we cut a heart using the bread and placed it at the middle of the rice, facing downwards. For the eyes, we used sliced cheese and nori and for the nose, we used tomatoes. For the antlers, we used pretzels. To stick all of these in place, we had to use Cheez Whiz Milky Delight again as our glue.

Again, for the bento box to keep its form, we need to fill up the box so the components won’t move. We placed chicken on the side and green apple again on the other end. We used broccoli to fill up the other parts. As you can see, the box is a balanced meal with food from the grow, glow and go food groups! This is my finished product.

2014-11-16 15.50.41-2

2014-11-16 15.59.20

2014-11-16 16.03.08

2014-11-16 16.08.34-2

I can’t wait to create other amazing bento boxes with Cheez Whiz. After all, you can Cheese anything with Cheez Whiz. To learn more about the Cheese Anything campaign, please visit cheeseanything.com.

My Bento Box Creation with Cheez Whiz (Part 1)

>When babies grow and become toddlers, they grow longer and more stable legs (Duh!). Why is this the intro statement? It’s because for the past few days, my daughter has become the source of my weight loss. I keep running after her. She has been pretty difficult to deal with lately, since all she wants to do is explore and play. Some moms tell me “Oh, it will get worse!” I remember the time my sister-in-law, Manilamommy.com, used to chase Kuya (my nephew) around the house when it was feeding time. Oh, wait! She still does. I fear for the day when I have to chase my daughter around the house, too, when it’s meal time. Good thing, she still eats a lot. But to give me a head start, I think I will already practice making creative bento boxes and merienda for her using Cheez Whiz!

I loved and still love Cheez Whiz! Amazing that Cheez Whiz has been in the market for 50 years creating delicious moments of joy for both moms and kids. It has always been the number one cheese spread brand for me. So in creating my Halloween Bento Box (practice makes perfect!), I will use Cheez Whiz, so even if the design’s bad, I’ll have the taste to redeem me!

Cheeze Whiz Bento Creation 7

The ingredients that you need for this Bento Box that I made are the following:
– Lettuce
– Bread
– 1 piece of Tomato
– Nori wrapper
– 1 Hard boiled egg
– Cutting board
– A Sharp Knife
– A Container
– And of course, your Cheez Whiz that’s now creamier! Yey!

So for my first bento box, I will create a mummy inside a sarcophagus with bats flying all over! The first thing that you need to do is to line the container with lettuce. My container is quite deep so I had to place a lot of lettuce. Plus, this will be your side salad.

Cheeze Whiz Bento Creation 6


Next, take the edge from the bread loaf. It’s normally in a beige-y or brownish color. Cut little strips. Use these strips to line them and turn them into the sarcophagus.

Cheeze Whiz Bento Creation 5


Next, use the cover of the Cheez Whiz Bottle and cut out the head for your mummy. Do this for two pieces of bread.

Cheez Whiz Bento Creation 4


Next, spread Cheez Whiz on the top portion of that one piece of bread that you cut off. Cover it after with the other piece to make a mini-circular sandwich.

Cheez Whiz Bento Creation 3

Next, create the body by cutting off again a portion of the bread to make the triangular shape (with the top off for the neck area) as seen in the picture below. Again, spread Cheez Whiz in between the pieces of bread that you cut off.

Cheez Whiz Bento Creation 2


Next, cut the egg whites of the hard boiled egg into strips and line it all over on top of the bread. Take the nori wrapper and cut a small rectangular shape for the eyes. Next, take two small pieces of the egg whites and place it on top of the nori wrapper to turn it into the eyes of your mummy.

Next, cut the nori wrapper and create two bats (although my bats have huge heads! Haha!). Next, get the piece of tomato and this will be your pumpkin. Create eyes and a mouth using the nori wrapper.

Cheez Whiz Bento Creation 1


Tada! This is my bento box. I’m not a creative mom and this is only the second time that I tried to create my own bento box. I’m so happy though because when I showed my daughter the box, she couldn’t stop pointing at the mummy and laughing, so I’m happy. She also ate the head already, so now, I have a headless mummy.

At first, I didn’t believe that a creative merienda’s can actually entice children to eat them, but since my baby took a bite at the head immediately, then I guess it really helps! Cheez Whiz, which is perfect for merienda, made my bento box even yummier, especially now with it’s new formulation!

Don’t forget to fun up merienda with Cheez Whiz! Sign up at http://cheeseanything.com/ to get recipes. Share with me the Halloween bento boxes that you create! ‘til my next creation. Ciao! Happy Halloween!

How to Manage your Online Business and How to Handle Projects

This year is really exciting! I’m launching another online business together with 4 wonderful ladies (which includes my sister) and an advocacy that encourages people to achieve an active lifestyle. A lot of people ask me how do I do that — how do I get to manage and be part of all these exciting endeavors and still fulfill my obligations at home. So this Saturday, my husband and I have agreed to be the speakers for the topic How to Manage Projects for the Real Ways to be a WAHM (work-at-home-mom). Work-at-home-dads are also welcome to join (since hubby is speaking, too!) and even single people! Actually, anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to manage projects and how to manage an online business is free to join.

Here are the details of the workshop:

Real Ways to be a WAHM

Real Ways to be a WAHM



This is the first time again since 2010 when me and my husband will be speaking as a team, so we are really excited for this. The both of us with Joy have really prepared a great workshop for you so we really hope that you can come and join us!

It’s not too late to sign up! Please register using this form.

We would like to thank Insular life and Swish for being our sponsors for this event. We would also like to thank Skinny Minis Cheesecake shop for being snack sponsors.

We can’t wait to see you on Saturday! Sign up now 🙂

Mompreneur Raquel Chua of Mama Chows

I met this very sweet lady, Raquel Chua and her husband Jon, in one of the workshops of Manila Workshops. Since I saw her passion for her business and the twinkle in her eye when she was talking about her products, I decided to interview her for the Mompreneur interviews section of this blog.

Mompreneur Raquel Chua, Pastry Chef of Mama Chows “A Mom’s Delight”


Here is her story…

Ginger: Can you tell us a more about yourself, Raquel?
Raquel: I love to eat sweets like merengue (the one that you can buy at a local market), chocolate cake, warm leche flan (it has to be warm), breads and chocolates. But I only like eating, not making those. I remember that I started baking at the age of 10. I would go with my mom while she attended her night classes at a local public school. I made my first cheese cupcake at the age of 8, but after that I lost interest.

Choco Pistachio Cookies

Choco Pistachio Cookies

Now, you may be wondering, why am I a baker? During my OJT, I was assigned in the pastry department for 3 weeks. I fell in love with their chocolate chip pistachio cookies (from a famous hotel in Manila who serves chocolate cookies). The chef told me that he saw potential in me and if I can prove myself, he will give me his recipe. I took the challenge, and of course, I got the recipe. After that, I began to take interest in baking again. I worked for my mom as her assistant baker. I was just baking cheese cupcakes for her and molding ensaimadas. Then, eventually she taught me her ensaiamda recipe, and I took over. I studied baking at CACS and Heny Sison for short courses then formally enrolled at the Essential Baking at the Heny Sison Culinary School.


Right now, I am a mom to my 2 year old baby boy named Saffron Matthew B. Chua. During my pregnancy though, I had GD, hypothyroidism, asthma and had to undergo 3x a week non-stress test. My pregnancy was very delicate and expensive. My husband (also a chef) and I decided to name the baby after the most delicate and expensive spice (just how my pregnancy was). My husband Jon and I are married for 3 years, but we were going steady for 12 years; thus, we have been together for 15 years.

I worked for a pharmaceutical company and was handling the healthcare program. I would go to different companies and offer free blood screening and then after that we package vaccines/medications for them and consultations for diseases like Hepa B, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Asthma. After a year and half with them I resigned and focused on baking.

Ginger: So are you a full time mompreneur?
Raquel: Yes!

Ginger: Any hobbies?
Raquel: Baking, I like collecting containers (Subconsciously! Aren’t we all?). Seriously though, I love fixing our house, I also love anything ‘crafty’. I am also trying out bento box for my Saffron and playing with my toys (Sylvanian Families). I’m into week planning menu, too. My advocacies are anything for ‘the children’. May it be wellness (I am pro breastfeeding), manners (the use of po and opo), education and early love for reading books. I have been supporting World Vision and Bantay Bata for 3 years now.

Ginger: Any goals in life?
Raquel: Our goal is to have another baby (hopefully, a baby girl and this time around and I pray it won’t be that delicate), to own a house (not on a condo, scared of earthquakes), to be financially stable and to travel (in our house we live by this… LOVE is spelled as TIME).

Ginger: Now, on to your business? Can you tell us more about it?

Raquel: It’s called Mama Chows “A Moms Delight” under the company name Mama Chows Food Express. We provide gourmet *ge-lai meals, lactation pastries for mommies and regular pastries good for everybody.

*To know more about ge-lai, please refer to this explanation by my mom blogger friend, Jen of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom (Po-ge-lai and Breastfeeding)

Ginger: How long have you been in business?
Raquel: I first started as Raquel by GinQuelRuS or GinQuelRuS Pastries for the regular yummy pasties I do. I have been included in ABS-CBN FOOD Magazine Present Perfect from 2001 to 2012. I make hand-rolled ensaimadas, cheese cupcakes, bars and cookies. I went by this name for 10 years. Then 2 years ago, we changed it to Mama Chows. With Mama Chows we started while I was pregnant, I made lactation cookies as gifts for friends and as preparation for breastfeeding. When it was my turn, my husband and I made a deal that I will undergo ge-lai only if the food served would be yummy. Ge-lai tradition is almost at a flat line. Friends were asking us to make it for them and that’s when we started the gourmet ge-lai, which eventually converted my GinQuelRuS recipes and transformed them to lactation pastries for the moms. And now we stick by the name Mama Chows, so not to confuse everyone.



Ginger: Who is your market?
Raquel: Chinese mom’s who will undergo ge-lai. Mostly Moms who are either breastfeeding or moms who is looking for yummy & preservative free pastries for their kids.

Ginger: How did you come up with this idea?
Raquel: When we were still pregnant. We learned that we can cut hereditary illness by 50% if we breastfeed for 2 years. That was our main goal, to give our child somehow 50% advantage. Everything was set on stone that we will breastfeed our child. Then came the news that I will undergo ge-lai, which means I will not be allowed to eat veggies, fruits and drink water. We researched and research and I had stumble upon lactation cookies & Medela house. At that time, the lactation cookies available were not that yummy. So my husband said, “Why don’t you make yours since you are a professional baker?”

Cheese Cupcakes

Cheese Cupcakes

Ginger: So What made you decide to start this kind of business?
Raquel: Friends were requesting me so that they can give these out to their friends. Then we started selling.

Ginger: Were there any obstacles that you faced when you decided to pursue becoming a mompreneur?
Raquel: It was less for me because I have been baking for almost 13 years now. The hard part was perfecting the formulas. In baking you have to have balance. You start with an idea, then come the combination of flavors that you only formulate in your mind. You, then, execute and bake this and patiently wait for the results. If it is good then, congratulations. If its bad, then we have do it again. Baking is different from cooking since in cooking, you can re-adjust everything at the same time. Another concern is shelf life and storing these goodies. After that, comes the formulation of nutritional facts and the literature that comes with it.

Ginger: What are three traits that you think a mompreneur should have when starting their own business?
a. Passionate: She has to be passionate with what she is doing and knows what she wants.
b. Hungry for knowledge: One should never stop learning; this will help her grow.
c. Organizational skills: She has be to organized in all aspects, may it be with her filing system or in her house. She needs to be determined that she really wants this and that this is not something she’s making because everyone is into it now (i.e. online selling). She has to be focused with her priorities.

Baking Couple

“Being a mom and wife is 24/7. I would drop everything for my family, literally everything.” ~ Raquel

Ginger: Any unforgettable lesson that you learned as a Mompreneur?
Raquel: We have to set our priorities straight. There was a time when I was so into baking and attending to other moms’ breastfeeding concerns that I neglected time with my son and husband. Now, I set my own limits. Being a mom and wife is 24/7. I would drop everything for my family, literally everything. I also made a schedule and I stick to it.

Ginger: What advice can you give to other Mompreneurs?
Raquel: Don’t let others tell you want you can and cannot do. You are the only one who can decide on that. Empower yourself. You can achieve everything and anything you want as long as you put your heart into it.

Ginger: Thank you, Raquel, for going through this interview with me. I will you more success!

Mama Chows Contact Information:
Website: under construction
Email address: mamachows@gmail.com
Mobile Number: 0917.3220926
Facebook Page: facebook.com/mamachows (Ginquelrus Pastries)
Twitter account: twitter.com/mamachows

Supplier List for Baptism

At last! My Baby Zeeka has been christened. Baby Z had her baptism last Saturday, as those following my blog would know. I gave you a teaser of the things that were to be at Baby Z’s baptism last Saturday in this link:


I also talked about ways on how to prepare for your baby’s baptism.

Well, today, I will be sharing with you the list of my suppliers, which I hope many of you will find useful. I got a lot of inquiries when I shared photos in Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mommyginger), twitter (https://twitter.com/mommyginj) and instagram (http://instagram.com/mommyginj). For those who have not yet followed me in these social networks, do follow me, please! So for the benefit or everyone, I am creating this list and a review of each supplier.

Church: Christ the King Parish

We chose Christ the King Parish, since it’s accessible (mid-way) to both people from the North (QC, etc.) and people from the South (Paranaque). We tried going there on a Monday, but we didn’t know that the parish office is closed on Mondays (so that’s a tip for you). The schedule of Baptisms are at 10 am and 4 pm, but we got the Special Solo Baptism with Priest. We paid Php 3,200 for everything, regardless of the number of ninongs and ninangs. For regular baptisms though, it’s at Php1,000 + Php 200 for the first 2 pairs of ninong and ninang (4 people) and Php 60 pesos per succeeding pair.

Baptism at Christ the King Parish

Baptism at Christ the King Parish

They require you to bring your own candles for the Godparents, but they will provide the big Baptismal candle. For the attire of the baby, they just advised us to bring a white bonnet that can be worn by the baby during the rites. Nonetheless, we bought a white attire for Zeeka.

Pouring of the Holy Water at Zeeka's Baptism

Pouring of the Holy Water at Zeeka’s Baptism

Documents required before you can book a schedule would be your Marriage Certificate and the baby’s Birth Certificate. The Certificate of Live Birth from the Office of the Civil Registrar General will do.

Christ the King Contact Numbers: (+632) 638.4838 or (+632) 633.0280

Venue for Lunch: Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse

We rented the entire Valle Verde 5 Clubhouse space. The clubhouse can actually be divided into two rooms, but since we had 150 guests, we got both rooms. The rental for the place is at Php 8000 for residents and Php 9500 for non-residents. The place had low ceiling and the clubhouse isn’t that new anymore, but very convenient to go to. It also had a play area/ park just beside the clubhouse where the little ones can play. There are a lot of parking slots also which guests can use.

Valle Verde 5 Contact Details: (+632) 631.0496 (look for Maybel)  | http://www.valleverde5.com.ph

Invitation: Artique: Design | Web | Print Media

Of course, when I got to book both the Church and the Venue, I had the invites made. As mentioned in the previous post, I knew that I wanted pink and gray as the color motif for the party. I just had to figure out the central theme to make it ‘cuter’.

Zeeka’s room had sticker owls. This inspired me to go with the owl theme. Haha! We practically have chosen Zeeka’s favorite animal for her already. Since I wanted to go with the owl theme already, I asked my friend Mompreneur Lique (woman behind Honeybaby) of Artique to create the design of the invite.

An with her amazing talent, she came up with this!

The three owls in the invite are me, Ej and Zeeka! It was perfect. She created the perfect character and design that would tie the entire event together.

Artique Contact Numbers: mangelicastro@gmail.com | 0922.531.7048 | 0943.679.0081
Portfolio: http://artique.foliohd.com/

Candles: Ginger’s DIY Project using Washi Tapes from Paper Chic Studio

I’m the type of person who loves creating scrapbooks. I have a scrapbook of EJ and I during our first years together. Now, I am actually creating a scrapbook for Zeeka. So when I was planning Zeeka’s Baptism, I wanted to make some of the things by myself — one of which was the design for the candles.

Candles for the Baptismal Ceremony

Candles for the Baptismal Ceremony

At first, I thought of using candles, but then I remembered that my mompreneur friend, Cai of Paper Chic Studio was selling washi tapes. I loved the patterns and the designs of these washi tapes that I ordered 6 rolls of different designs. I used two of the designs to make the design of the candles.

The ever-reliable washi tapes from Paper Chic Studio

The ever-reliable washi tapes from Paper Chic Studio

Candles during Zeeka's Baptism

Candles during Zeeka’s Baptism

Paper Chic Studio Contact Details: http://www.paperchicstudio.com/ | info@paperchicstudio.com

Baptismal Gown: Klart Lim

I wanted the day to be special for my little Zeeka and so, I ordered a gown for her. It was the perfect white dress for my little one. I had it made by my friend designer Klart Lim. The thing about Klart is that she can work on a given budget. She will then tell you what she can and cannot do.

Here is the gown with the cute little bonnet that she made for Baby Zeeka.

Zeeka's Gown

Zeeka’s Gown

Here I am getting Zeeka to wear her Baptismal Gown

Here I am getting Zeeka to wear her Baptismal Gown

Mamou Annie (my mom) helping me tie the ribbon

Mamou Annie (my mom) helping me tie the ribbon

The gown that Klart made was at Php 3500. I gave her that budget and she really made a beautiful white baptismal gown. I was so happy! Unfortunately though, my little one got my sensitive skin so she cried and cried during the ceremony since she didn’t like the feel of the beads on her skin. Haha! Lesson learned! At least, this would serve as a tip for you if you are buying or having a gown made for babies. Check the fabric and where the beads are placed.

I highly recommend Klart though! She’s a wonderful designer 🙂

Klart Lim Contact Details: http://klartlim.com/

Ceiling Decorations: JUST KIDDOS Hosting and Entertainment Services
Being in events has made me sensitive to even the smallest detail that can make an event more beautiful or grander. I wanted the venue to be more than it usually is. I wanted to decorate the place, but with limited budget, I thought of just decorating the ceiling.

It was a good call since the place looked nicer.

Ceiling Decorations by Just Kiddos

Ceiling Decorations by Just Kiddos

I commissioned the services of Just Kiddos Hosting and Entertainment services. We only communicated via email and they got my instructions perfectly. I told them that I wanted swags and balloons for the ceiling and that my color motif were shades of grey and pink. The total package for the ceiling decorations alone were at Php 5000.

Just Kiddos Contact Details: Address – Main Office: 18 Unit A, Catambay St., Brgy Mag-ampon, Tanay, Rizal | (+632) 470.8910 | 0927.6918107 | 0949.9103534 | justkiddosph@gmail.com | www.justkiddosmanila.com

Caterer: Bistro 109

We had our lunch catered by Bistro 109. This catering service is owned by a friend of ours and I love, love, love the food!

For Zeeka’s Baptism, our menu was:

Dinner Rolls
Beef Lasagna with Trio Cheese (which everyone loved!)
Steamed Rice
Main Course:
Pork Medallions with Bacon & Lemon Crust
Baked Cream Dory Fillet with Olives in Marinara Sauce
Roasted Rosemary & Thyme Chicken Fillets with Shallots & Jus
Assorted Mini Fruit Tarts (Banana & Toffee, Strawberry & Cream)
Fresh Fruits
Free-Flowing Iced Tea, and Soda

They have different packages depending on the food that you order. This is inclusive already of the Buffet and Bar Set-up, the tables & chairs, the table set up and the waiters.

Anne of Bistro 109 and I really planned the table arrangement.

Baptism table set up

Baptism table set up

We had pink and gray table tops, light gray frames and pink flowers. I had 15 pictures of Zeeka printed out and each table got a different picture.

Bistro 109 was very reliable. Their packages range from Php 300 to Php 650 per person.

Bistro 109 Contact Details: : (+632) 642.8123 | bistro109catering@gmail.com | Bistro 109 Facebook Page

Cake: Tazzy Cakes
One of the things that got the attention of a lot of people was Zeeka’s Cake. It was made by TAZZY CAKES. When I was scouting for suppliers, to be honest with you, I had a hard time choosing. What intrigued me and what helped me made up my mind was that Cat of Tazzy Cakes mentioned that she wanted to create a 3D owl. That made me curious, so I went with her.

This was the cake!

Zeeka with her owl cake from Tazzy Cakes

Zeeka with her owl cake from Tazzy Cakes

Baptismal Owl Cake

We specified the cake to be at 10″ in diameter, which was at Php 3500. The flavor of the cake was chocolate. During the party, no one wanted to touch it, but I finally gathered the strength to destroy it in order for us to eat it. It was yummy, too!

Tazzy Cake Contact Details: cats@tazzycakes.com | Tazzy Cake Facebook Page

Giveaways for the guests: Baked Twinkles

For the guests who arrived, we ordered from Rice Krispy Treats and Cake Pops from Baked Twinkles. I got to know Baked Twinkles when I discovered and reviewed their goodies (I loved the Chocolate – Quezo De Bola Tuiles) for Manila Reviews: http://manilareviews.com/2010/11/baked-twinkles.html

Rice Krispy treats and cake pops from Baked Twinkles

Rice Krispy treats and cake pops from Baked Twinkles

Last year, I found out that they were also into creating cakes for celebrations and giveaways. I ordered their rice krispy treats, which were at Php 35 each. They had it designed with the letter Z in pink and periwinkle. I also ordered the cake pops in red velvet and chocolate. These cake pops wer also a hit during the party! Each were at Php 35. The cake pops were in pink with white drizzle and white with pink drizzle.

Remember that I showed you this picture?

Curious to find out what this is?

Curious to find out what this is?

This is actually the base that I created by myself for these cake pops. I used styro, crepe paper and washi tapes. Pretty cool, huh?

Baked Twinkles Contact Details: Baked Twinkles Facebook Page

Giveaways for Parents and Godparents: Papemelroti

I saw these really cute frames from Papemelroti and I knew that I wanted to get these as souvenirs for the parents and godparents.

Giveaways for Parents and Godparents

Giveaways for Parents and Godparents

To make it more special, I placed different pictures of Zeeka inside the frame. 😉 Zeeka’s name and the details of her baptism were engraved in the outer portion of the frame. The color also matched the theme of the celebration.

The frames came in these boxes. These boxes are ordered separately.

Souvenirs for Ninongs and Ninangs and the Parents

I then sealed each box with washi tapes and used the stickers from the extra invites to seal the plastic.

Papemelroti has really unique giveaways and souvenirs that you may want to check out! Theyrespond really fast. You have to pick up the items from their main branch though in Quezon City.

Papemelroti Contact Details: http://www.papemelroti.com/

Photographer: Pau Bengero Fotography

Oops, I almost forgot! The most important part of this celebration is the “picture taking” part! We all need good pictures to remember joyful occasions like these. It was fortunate that I got to meet Pau Bengero (who also covered my sister-in-law’s little Noah’s baptism).

Pau and Van (Pau’s wife) were very professional. They were there on time. Van was also good with kids. She was even singing to Zeeka to keep her calm.

Pau Bengero's Photography 3

Pau Bengero's Photography 1

Pau Bengero's Photography 2

I plan to get them again for Zeeka’s first birthday party! For his rates, here it is (I got package A):

Baptism/Kiddie Party/Birthday Party Photography Packages:
Package A: Service Only Package (Php 4,500*)
2 photographers
Minimum of 500 shots
Max of 4 hours (excess hours will be charged 500/hr)
All high resolution shots stored in CD/DVD as proof and ready for printing.
Package B: Service + Album (Php 8,000*)
2 photographers
Minimum of 500 shots
Max of 4 hours (excess hours will be charged 500/hr)
All high-resolution shots stored in CD/DVD as proof and ready for printing.
20 pages 8×10 magazine style album complete with layout
Pre-Birthday Shoot (if will avail of Kiddie Party package – 2500 **)
Pre-Birthday Shoot(if shoot only – 4000 **)
Video coverage for the event — output will only be a photo-video AVP that will have a combination of the best photos taken in the event plus some pre-selected video clips from the event. Please take note that this is not a complete video coverage. – Php 5,500
**For Pre Birthday will provide all shots to the client, all shots will be ready for printing, AVP of the photos will be provided.
**Pre-birthday shoots are mostly done outdoors. The client will provide the location in coordination with PBFotography
 *If the event/pre-birthday shoot will be held outside high-resolutiononal fees apply ( if outside Manila and it requires toll fees, oot fee applies to shoulder toll/gas/misc expenses.).
Pau Bengero Photography Contact Details: http://pau.bengero.com/

These are all the suppliers that we commissioned for Zeeka’s Baptism. I hope this post helps you in planning for your child’s baptism!

Do let me know if you have questions or if you need help planning your party! I’d love to help 🙂

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger