Pampers online app called FirstBook

OMG! Do you know how hard it is to create an application. My friends and I started creating one last year. The idea was conceptualized more than a year ago and it is only this June that we are launching the application. It’s a mobile application, by the way. Anyway. both mobile and web applications are really made to solve people’s problems, to entertain them (like those super fun games that you find yourself immersed with for hours and hours), to basically, help them with a particular aspect in life that they want help with.

One of the things that we moms love the most is taking pictures of our little ones. I know I do! I even had to buy extra space for my Dropbox account despite the fact that I already got extra storage from a dozen friends. That’s how badly I need storage space.

We love to show everyone the pictures of our baby from the time that he/she was in your womb to the present day (I posted a pic of my baby just 5 seconds ago! Just kidding!). But seriously, we have pictures of every single moment. We have pictures of our baby’s first especially. Because Pampers, the world’s leading diaper brand, understands that we need to keep all these important pictures and store it somewhere besides our hearts (awwwww!), they recently launched a digital scrapbook made for both moms and babies, which is called FirstBook. Pamper’s FirstBook is an online FaceBook app that allows moms to create a scrapbook, where we can store and post and share (it has so many features) our baby’s Firsts.

Pamper's FirstBook

Pamper’s FirstBook

Create a Baby Book using Pamper's Firstbook

Create a Baby Book using Pamper’s Firstbook

The app was recently launched during the introduction of Pampers Baby Dry, the best and driest diaper in 10 years. I wrote about that event in this link:

I totally love the new Pampers Baby Dry since it has the new core technology to deliver a thinner and drier diaper: a Soft Touch-Dry Layer which quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin and Magic Gel which locks in wetness for up to 12 hours of skin dryness, so babies can enjoy continuous sleep to help them achieve their many firsts in life.

Pampers Baby Book Zeeka 1

Pampers Baby Book Zeeka 2

I’m almost done with my FirstBook for Zeeka. I loved the experience of reminiscing these wonderful moments. I was teary-eyed most of the time. It’s taking me a long time to finish this because I love going through all the pictures one by one! haha!

For moms who will share their baby’s Firstbook movie from now until June 2015, Pampers has a special treat for you! Just upload the video with the official hashtag #FirstsWithPampers and stand a chance to win 1 year’s worth of all-new Pampers Baby Dry! FirstBook PC and mobile versions are now available, and can be accessed via

Have fun!

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