Practice Makes Perfect! with Akads PH

Before we talk about what AKADS PH is, for readers who have been reading my posts ever since, you may wonder what kind of parent I am.

Most of my friends think that I’m the type of parent who puts a lot of emphasis on academics — that my daughter should always get perfect scores for guaranteed success in the future. Lol! Contrary to that though, we actually don’t check on her grades. What we check up on though is if she learned something new during the day.

During dinner, we would normally ask her what she learned during the day and if she had a good day. Zeeka would then enthusiastically tell us about her day and what she learned.

In terms of helping her with homework, we make sure that we are there for her if she doesn’t understand certain parts of her assignment. She rarely comes to us really for help. We make sure she knows that it’s her responsibility to accomplish her tasks, read instructions, and submit it on time. She knows how to use apps. She knows how to print documents that needs to be printed. She knows how to reset the router if need be. Most importantly, she knows how to search and look for the answers online if she doesn’t understand something.

Akads PH

Recently, I asked her if she wanted help from a tutor for any of her subjects. She said that she really wants to be good in math and her exact words, “I need help on how to add 3 numbers quickly, mommy.” This is where I booked a session with Akads PH. I got to talk to Apa, too, one of the founders of AKADS PH.

Basically, AKADS PH is a site where you can book online college tutors who can help your kids work through and understand their lessons in Math, English, Filipino, Science and Chinese.

One 1 hour session is at Php 400 (Package price of 9+1 Sessions is at Php 3600). Php 360-400 per 1 hour session, in my opinion, is worth it!

I had Zeeka try out a Math session. The steps to book a session are the following:

  1. Go to (Click on Sign up for Free if this is your first session or directly book a session)
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. You will then receive a chat request on Viber from them. This is where they will send the name and picture of the tutor. If you have lesson plans, pages of the book, syllabi, notes, etc. that you want to share with them beforehand, feel free to message them back.

I was told that this was a temporary process though. They are improving the site so that the parents will be notified immediately once they find a tutor.

How was the session?

I asked Zeeka and she liked the number problems that were given because the examples were relatable. The tutor, Giulia, successfully explained the concepts by telling a story where Zeeka had to think of certain relatable situations. I like that she turned on her camera, too, so that she can establish rapport with the child. She was also very patient and professional.

What I like about the tutors form AKADS PH is that they are young, but competent individuals. They can teach well (they undergo a vetting process) and can give relatable examples using current popular things, people and scenarios.

The Reason Why I Signed Zeeka Up for this

I don’t believe that tutors are there just for times when your children are failing. I think that any tutors are there to supplement or to support your children in learning.

What we tell Zeeka is that practice makes perfect. Math, like other things in life, will be easy if you practice and practice. I guess she took that to heart and wanted to be proactive about it.

We can’t be there always to help her practice, and it’s nice to have someone else to talk to or to get someone else’s perspective on things. We think that the tutor will be able to provide this.

Also, having someone else to talk to (not her classmates and teachers… and US) can help her build her confidence, too, in talking to other people who she doesn’t really interact with often.

Lastly, she likes it! She had fun and I think that’s what matters most in learning new things. 🙂

If you want to try their services, just head over to

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