Reflecting on Life: Lessons Learned in 2015

Today is such a perfect day to cap off the year that was. The sun is out, but the weather is pretty much cooperating since it’s not too hot and the wind is blowing. It’s pretty cold for a day in this tropical country. The weather is perfect for doing some serious contemplation.

I started creating the files for 365 days of learning for and 365 days of learning is a project by the team where we gathered 365 short lessons from different people and we share one with you daily. In collating and creating some of the lessons, I thought of my life and looked back at the things that happened to me in 2015.

Reflecting on Life

It was a challenging year for me. It was a year that tested my patience, strength and perseverance. There were a lot of moments that brought happiness and moments that brought tears. There were numerous times when I felt uncertain, detached and so unsure of my life. It’s true what they say that life is a roller coaster ride. My 2015 was hell of a ride! But with that ride, I got to learn a lot of things and these lessons that I have learned or these realizations, I know, will be such a great help for me as I welcome 2016.

The True Meaning of Success

More than three years ago, my definition of success was to be the boss of a department in the company that I worked for. Success for me was getting a promotion and with this would come a raise that would help me buy things that I want for myself and my family. Then, after starting my own company, my definition of success was trying to build an entity or several entities that would eventually give me passive income, so that I can sustain the lifestyle that we wanted as a family. I still am trying to achieve this last goal, and I have worked overtime in achieving this is in 2015. By overworking, I forgot to set aside time for myself and my family. I also just rushed through things so that I get to the results at once.

The Arboledas

2015 has made me realize that the true meaning of success for me is enjoying every single day with family and friends while doing the things that I love the most. Success can be achieved on a daily basis when you have cherished every single second of the day, and then go to bed happy and contented that you have lived life to the fullest today.

Collaboration over Competition

Collaboration has been a buzzword, especially in the start up scene this 2015. I have used this word quite a lot this past year, too, and I know you’ve been seeing a lot of this hashtag from me, but this has become more than that for me. 2015 has shown me clearly what working with others can do. With collaborating with others, I have found true friendships that I would have otherwise not have found. And guess, what? Most of them, I have actually met online and have grown to be friends with offline, too!

With my Beauty Biz Bliss co-founders, Frances of and Martine of

With my Beauty Biz Bliss co-founders, Frances of and Martine of

The beauty of being open to whatever lies ahead is that you find the most precious people unexpectedly. You find people who will be there for you through good or bad times. These people will be ready to support you all the way.

With my good friend Fitz Villafuerte

With my good friend Fitz Villafuerte

Some may even trust you enough to share their ideas and their goals. They may even consider you as a business partner for other endeavors that they might think of.

Yours truly with Lyle of

Yours truly with Lyle of


With Tina Rodriguez of TrulyRichMom and Donna of

With Tina Rodriguez of TrulyRichMom and Donna of


The Educating for Life Team of Sanne, Michelle, Mariel and yours truly

The Educating for Life Team of Sanne, Michelle, Mariel and yours truly

Yes, we fear competition, especially in this highly competitive world, but through a deeper understanding of myself, how I am as a person and a knowledge on how I can make that unique difference in this world, I am now braver.

Work Smarter not Harder

This 2015, I really got drained with all of the work that I had to do. The past year has taught me to try to work more efficiently and smarter. I know that I always say that I’m a workaholic, and there is no use to denying that fact, BUT I am not proud of it. This coming year, I want to simplify things and declutter (my life). I have to learn to say no and feel okay about it, if I know that it will just bring in useless worry and anxiety. I need to feel less guilty about declining things that I can’t handle anymore.

Results Matter

Any marketer would know that the first goal is usually to build awareness. For the things that I have been doing and for the goals that I want to achieve, I think 2015 was a great year for building awareness for it. I’m so glad that I was given a lot of opportunities to spread the word about my own personal advocacies, but this year, it will all be about results — seeing actual change. My wish for 2016 is that more and more people develop that habit of learning. I also wish that more and more people build successful businesses — businesses that would help others achieve their own personal goals and dreams, too.

Try New Things

I helped write a chapter for the book - Cyberpreneur Philippines

I helped write a chapter for the book – Cyberpreneur Philippines

This year, I have gained back that zest for life. I have learned to just jump and see where life takes me. I am proud to say that this year, I have tried to make my own youtube episodes, have helped write a book, have discovered the love for boardgames, have tried flying across the air (flying trapeze), have received my yoga certification (YTT200), have grown my team, have joined 3 tech startup companies, have appeared in a TV commercial, have done several interviews, have seen my daughter’s first Christmas presentation, etc. I realize the value of trying new things. Some felt like these weren’t really for me, but other things felt pretty good. I may have failed in some areas, but I am thankful of the fact that now I know better.

Dear 2015, 

I am grateful for all of these lessons that I have learned. I think I have grown more mature. You have taught me how it is to love life with a renewed energy.  I think the challenges you threw at me made me a better and stronger person. I sweetly let you go today and welcome in a new year of hope, faith, love and learning. 

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

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