Rosie the Riveter Look

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Happy Friday to you! It’s a Friday and I loved this week. I’m actually getting ready for a photoshoot tomorrow. Tita Rej of My Story Photography will be coming over tomorrow to shoot me, my mommy and daddy! I am so excited. I have lined up a few looks that I would like to strut tomorrow. To check out the other shoots of Tita Rej, you can check out her facebook page at I remember that the last time I had a professional photographer shoot me was when I was 2 weeks old with Tita Polly of Oh Happy Day Birth Photography. You can check out Tita Polly’s page here:

For today, I’d like to share with you my look! Mommy was inspired by Rosie the Riveter in this poster.

Image from

Image from

My mom dressed me up in this pink polka dot onesie from Debenhams and she had me use this blue and pink ribbon which was a gift.

Zeeka's Rosie the Riveter Look

I hope you like my look!

Love lots,
Baby Fashionista

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