Sakura Mommy of the Month: Why Should you be Mommy of the Month?

I recently heard of this contest from Sakura Philippines. They have what they call Sakura Mommy of the Month.

Sakura Mommy of the Month

Sakura Mommy of the Month

The meat of the contest is where mothers have to submit a photo of themselves that best portrays you as a mother. This got me thinking. Do I have a photo that justifies what I think I am as a mother? I hurriedly went through the photos of Zeeka and I, which were not a lot (since Zeeka’s only one month old and I am camera shy!). I found this photo which was taken by my friend, Polly Fong from Oh Happy Day Birth Photography, and I immediately think “this is it!”.

Zeeka and Mommy Ginger

Zeeka and Mommy Ginger

I think that this picture represents all that I am or all that I want to be as a mom to Zeeka. I want to be a caring mom who is willing to listen to her. I want us to be able to talk about anything under the sun. I want us to have a loving relationship. I want her to feel and see that I would be there to support her and to help her achieve all her goals and dreams. I want her to feel that I love her — REALLY love her.

If you want to share a picture that portrays you as a mother and if you want to be Sakura mommy of the month, check out and follow the mechanics below:

1. Like the SAKURA page on Facebook (
2. Follow the Sakura twitter account (
3. Submit a photo of yourself that best portrays you as a mother. (Submit it to through Sakura Philippines facebook page direct message or in
4. In 5-8 sentences, tell them: (1) why you should be our SAKURA Mommy of the Month and (2) how SAKURA products help you be the best mommy you can be!
5. Photo submissions will be accepted until May 9, 2013. Winner will be announced on May 11, 2013.

For contest winner, she will win all of these items:
1 SAKURA gift pack
1 hair and beauty makeover
1 personal shopping experience
1 fabulous outfit worth 4,500
1 photo shoot
Media mileage for your blog (if you have one)

For two runners up:
1 SAKURA gift pack

The entries will be judge by a panel of judges based on (50%) Essay content and (50%) photo that best portrays you as a mother.

So, Moms, have a go at it and good luck!

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger


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