Sangobion Christmas Surprise

It was an eventful Wednesday for me and Zeeka. My day started early with a meeting. I had to be at UCC Burgos Circle at 8am. For a mompreneur, this is just normal. People may think that we, mompreneurs, are not as busy as people who go to work but on the contrary, we sometimes work longer hours than most people. Case in point, yesterday, my day started at 8 AM and it ended at 12 midnight.

After my morning meeting, I rushed to the Sangobion Christmas Party. I really wanted to attend, since I knew that Sangobion was donating Php 5000 to Philippine National Red Cross for each person who attends the event. I thought to myself that if I could help the victims of Typhoon Yolanda by attending the Sangobion event, why not right?

The program was basically handled well by Giselle Sanchez as the Salaminkera. With funny and relatable jokes, she gave us, women, a glimpse of what happens to ladies at times when they are all haggard and with no focus. She was so funny!

Giselle Sanchez in the Sangobion Event

Giselle Sanchez in the Sangobion Event

My friend, Mommy Frances' ( special appearance :)

My friend, Mommy Frances’ ( special appearance 🙂

With her stand up comic spiel, I actually realized that after giving birth to Zeeka, that’s when I really became conscious about keeping fit and healthy again. I used to be soooo into fitness and health during my teenage years, but when I started working, I became lazy and always tired. I had no time to workout and I wasn’t motivated to eat healthy not to take vitamins.

Sangobion's check donation to the Philippine National Red Cross

Sangobion’s check donation to the Philippine National Red Cross

2013-12-18 13.20.49

With the other Mom Bloggers!

With the other Mom Bloggers!

Baby Zeeka and I!

Baby Zeeka and I!

Now that I’m a mom, I realize how important staying fit, healthy and looking great is. You would want to stay healthy for your child especially if you are still breastfeeding, like me. Also, others believe that striving to look great is just for superficial people, but I say that everyone should strive to look great… Yes, even if they are already married! We had a meeting with an experienced investor (a 71 year old tito of a friend) and he gave us the advice to keep the sweetness alive everyday in a marriage. A marriage is something that is continuously worked on and the courting does not stop after the wedding. With this, I say that it’s every married man and woman’s job to keep themselves attractive even after marriage.

It’s great that there are products, like Sangobion, that helps you keep your stamina up and helps you still look great. For 2014, I wish you a year where you can achieve great health and all your fitness goals!


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