Seeing Doubles? A Multiples Support Group

This month is all about preparation. One of the things that you need to prepare for in life is having a baby. Whether you are a first-time mother or consider yourself a “veteran,” MedelaMoms Maricel Cua and Beng Feliciano have your best interests in mind, especially when it comes to making sure you are able to give your child the best nutrition, i.e. breastmilk.

MedelaMoms is all for supporting moms by helping them prepare for this big change in their lives, especially when it comes to supporting them in their breastfeeding journey. I got to know about Medela Moms since they helped me prepare for Zeeka (and now I am still breastfeeding her at almost 11 months).

I have heard about tandem feeding and I couldn’t imagine myself having twins and breastfeeding both. I admire the oms who have successfully done it (actually, I admire even those who have tried, too!). It can be challenging nursing multiples and you will need all the help that you can get.

Seeing Doubles A Multiples Support Group

To help out nursing moms of twins/multiples, MedelaMoms invites all couples expecting multiples to come to the Medela House on February 8, Saturday, 9 a.m., to the launch of the “Seeing Doubles” Multiples Support Group. Different mommies with twins will share their precious time to talk about their experiences carrying, giving birth to, breastfeeding, and raising multiples! This is the time for all parents with multiples to ask their questions and satisfy their curiosity, and maybe even find the answers to all their concerns and worries. The “multiples moms” who have been invited by MedelaMoms to speak are ready to help parents for the arrival of their own sets of multiples.

Alongside the launch of “Seeing Doubles,” SweetPea, a cocktail/formal nursing wear company will also be launching its line through a fashion show. Walnut Melbourne PH will be providing the shoewear of the children in the show. Celebrity Moms Amanda Jacob and Marilen Faustino-Montenegro and children will be dropping by, too, to share their own modern day mom breastfeeding experiences.

Amanda will also be conducting a book signing and a limited number of her book, Project Mom, co-authored with Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, will be on sale that day.The event is free of charge but attendees are required to pre-register by texting or calling MedelaMoms at 0917-8110821 or sending an email to

To get the latest updates from MedelaMoms, connect with them through their Facebook page (Medela Breastfeeding Products) or better yet, add them as a “friend” on Facebook (


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    February 7, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Yey! thanks for sharing : )

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