Social Media Diet

OMG! Can I just tell you how hard it is to go on a social media diet? I don’t know if you guys felt it but I have I have been monitoring and posting less these past few days (well, it felt like that), but only to see that I haven’t missed a day of posting on Facbeook, Instagram and Twitter. It just felt like I did post less. Oh, I’m such a disappointment to myself.

Social Media Diet

I am actually enrolled with a yoga teacher training program which will last from January 12 to February 6 (i’ll tell you more about this some other time), and with that, I promised myself that I would be on social media less. Classes run from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM so I told myself that this would be perfect time to go on a Social Media diet, and yet, for the past few days (three days to be exact), I have failed. Aside from that, I have told myself that I will not reply to emails and will take the time off from my businesses and working, but that too didn’t work. I went to a meeting after class yesterday evening and was actually a bad idea since I was keeping my eyes from shutting the entire morning. Luckily, I had amazing coffee which helped in keeping me awake the entire afternoon.

Now, my point is that we really need to disconnected sometimes to feel more connected. Wow! See what I did there! 😉

The past few days, we have been discussing the philosophy of yoga and it has really given me a lot of insights on how we behave as individuals, how I behave, how the world is, etc. Really deep stuff, guys! Like do you know that the word YOGA means ‘union between’ and that YOGAS refers to the practice?

Anyway, my point is that in the class, I realized, too, why I find it so difficult to follow through on this social media diet. One is that we can’t stop moving and we need to constantly be on the go. I have told everyone that I won’t be checking my Social Media accounts and yet, constantly during the day, I find myself logging on into it (and logging out) and browsing through the status and images. We have already created that habit that we need to be constantly connected.

Another thing that I realized that is that I personally feel left out when I don’t get a joke or a conversation that revolves around something that friends or family saw on social media. A lot of things happen in just a day that you don’t get to log on. I remember this instance when I think my VIBER went wonky and that day, I got a text from my mom that was just to check if I saw her message on Viber. We have arrived at an era where more conversations are made via messaging apps, rather than actually setting up coffee meetings or even calling people.

Do you know how hard it is for one to be ‘bored’ these days? Every day and every minute, there is something that we can do and we feel the urge to do it, and do it immediately! Keeping still for us is hard to do, especially now that we have all of these tools and gadgets that we use.

So, what I did is that I will bend my own rules a little when I start my social media diet again this coming Monday. My exceptions will be…
1. I will post at most two pictures a day
2. I will only check my accounts after my classes, which will be after 6:00PM.
3. I will pre-schedule my blog posts (which is really my commitment to myself).
4. I will only check emails on the weekends or try to check every other day during weekdays.

That’s it! How about you? Have you gone on a social media diet?


  1. January 27, 2015 / 9:43 am

    I hear you!

    In my case, I’ve been compelled to go on that diet because of heavy workload! As in I can’t squeeze in checking out other people’s posts on Facebook or Instagram, or even their blogs! I miss reading other moms’ blogs, and even writing my own blogs!

    PS: I love your boudoir shots! I love your face there, so glowing! 🙂

    • January 27, 2015 / 11:34 pm

      Hi Dew! 🙂 haha! That may be a good thing. With this Yoga Teacher Training Class that I am attending, I am realizing how I can actually survive with less time spent on Social Media. I miss blogging though, so I hear yah! 🙂

      PS. Aaaaawwww, thanks! 🙂 *blush*

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