Summer Loving with Baby Fashionista

Hi my loves!

It’s me Zeeka, the baby fashionista! It’s Friday once again and I’m her to share with you my outfit for Baby Z’s Style corner for today.

Well for today, I’d like to share my summer get up. I know that it’s June already and the rains have come, but I really miss Summer. So, with that, this is my summer outfit!

Baby Fashionista wearing her summer outfit

Baby Fashionista wearing her summer outfit

I am wearing a turquoise and orange dress (which is actually a onesie). The onesie is connected to the dress. I got this from Baby Company. Mamou, Papou and Tita K bought it for me. I paired it up with a headband and shades that were given by Lola. The socks are, of course, my favorite socks from Tito Gino. I think I already showed you the box in this link:

2013-06-17 12.57.50

I hope you like my style for today! If you do, please hit the button below and share!

Baby Fashionista, Baby Z!

*I just love being a girl!*

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