My Plans for this Year!

I’ve been thinking about listing down my plans for this year, and I’ve noticed that most of them involve saving up money. It seems like I’ve just been listing down year after year the same plans, and just jacked up the amount that I needed to save.

Apart from money, I never get to fulfil my fitness goal. haha! I just had a conversation with my friend (shoutout to Paul!), and he said na “yan ka na naman eh!” (There you go again!). He was right. Since 2014, I’ve been saying that i’ll be healthy and fit, but after a few months, I become busy and forget that I “planned” to be fit.

But this year “seems” to be different. I think I would be able to run regularly and go to the gym regularly. Well, so far so good! I’ve been able to do that this December. I don’t get fat that easily, but I don’t also lose weight that easily. It’s like my body is “stuck” on where it is now, regardless of what I do or what I eat. So my goal is to be able to sustain running 10 kilometers without walking (just jog or run) like I used to. I just want to feel like I’m healthier than usual.

So, plan number 1 is to run at least 3x a week, so that I can build endurance again.

My next plan is to visit more places in both the Philippines (I want to visit all 133 cities in the Philippines) and the world in 2019. The places that I want to go to (where I’ve never been) are Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the US (yes, I have never been there!), Spain, Germany and Africa. Obviously, I haven’t built enough funds yet to go to these places so probably, one or two international destinations will do this year.

So, plan number 2 is to explore more places that I haven’t been to!

The next and the last plan probably that I’m going to share will now be related to my finances. I’m still a long shot from the amount that I want to save up for Zeeka’s College education.

My dream really is to have enough funds for her to go to any school that she would like to go to when she graduates. Whether it be MIT, Julliard, Yale, Harvard, Parsons or schools here like UA&P, UP, Ateneo, La Salle, etc., we should be able to give her that kind of future.

Plan number 3 is to increase our savings and investments for Zeeka!

I want to keep 2019 simple. I think this year, I will be more frugal on spending.

How about you? What are your plans for 2019? Care to share it with me?