Time to grab this acerpure cool!

Guess what? Acer, the brand that we love for laptops, tablets, and other gadgets has this new lifestyle brand called acerpure and we got the new acerpure cool. Before we jump into our review of this new device, let me introduce acerpure first. acerpure has new products that are focused on consumer electrical products related to air treatment at the first stage. This is in line with acerpure’s commitment to provide professional air quality (since they have been delivering this in the commercial field in Taiwan for many years). This decision to expand their consumer market was at the end of 2020, and it was very timely, since a lot of us would love to have fresh and clean air at home. Acerpure’s value proposition is to bring us a new lifestyle that combines “Smart” and “Freshness”. With these new products from acerpure, we can enjoy ‘’Simple Pure’’ using technology at Every Moment.

acerpure introduces 3 new products: acerpure cozy which is the air circulator. acerpure pro which is the airpurifier and the acerpure cool which is the air circulator and air purifier in one.

acerpure cool review

So we used the acerpure cool and placed it inside our bedroom. Our baby is oftentimes inside this room, so we wanted to have the air purifier placed inside this room to keep her safe.

So the acerpure cool has the True Circulation Fan. It’s my first time to see a fan really rotate that way — it can move side to side and even look up and down. How cool is that? It also has up to 12 meters airflow distance.

For the acerpure air purifier, it has a 4 in 1 HEPA filter which removes PM1.0 and 99.97% particles down to 0.3 microns. It was also tested for airborne bacteria (Escherichia coli) counts in air with an elimination rate up to 99.99%. As for H1N1 (which we all know about), it was also tested for it with an antiviral activity rate up to 99%. The acerpure air purifier also emits negative ions (10 Million) into the air with its Anion Function Auto Run feature.

Do we like the acerpure cool c2?

Yes, definitely and we highly recommend that you get one. Even if you spend Php 15K for this device, we think it’s really worth it. Here’s why…

It’s a space saver. Normally, you’d have a fan and the air purifier as separate devices. Our master’s bedroom is where all of us sleep at night and where the kids nap in the afternoon. We have to bring in Zeeka’s bed, because she wants to stay with us, and her bed takes up so much space. We don’t have a big room and with the fan and the air purifier in the room, there’s hardly any room to walk and move. The acerpure cool just does the job of these 2 devices well without taking too much space.

It gives me peace of mind. We live in a condo unit and obviously, we have no control over what happens in the units of our neighbors nearby. With COVID threatening our health and safety, as a mom, I’m just more comfortable if all of the purifiers are turned on. But of course, we just don’t get any air purifier. With the acerpure cool, we’re really sure that it has been tested against the virus we are scared of (like H1N1 / COVID) and also against particles like dust that I’m super allergic to (yes, I have a bad case of allergic rhinitis). Before having the acerpure, we all got COVID in the family and mind you, we don’t go out. We really think that we probably got it from the building. Having the acerpure cool here at home just gives me and my husband that peace of mind that we have another layer of defense against unseen enemies!

It’s super innovative — I love the circulation fan and the display with the app. In our condo unit, I don’t think air really moves around that much. Sure, we can open the windows but only to a certain extent that air doesn’t really circulate. And we know that this is important so that the air that we breathe is fresh and clean. I also love the display since I know and I am assured of the air quality inside our home.

These are just some of the things that we love about having the acerpure cool c2 here at home.

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