Versatile Fashion with a Heart from Aurelia & Amelia

It takes a certain type of personality to be able to start your own business and make it fly. From the minute I got to know this lady, I knew that she was a go-getter! I felt that she was someone who would make things happen. We met in a coffee shop and immediately and excitedly told me about versatile fashion. I loved the passion and the enthusiasm. Lo and behold, after a month, Katrina Manalo is now launching her own social enterprise business called Aurelia & Amelia.

Aurelia & Amelia is a social enterprise and a social-selling organization based in the Philippines that focuses on promoting versatile fashion while enabling Filipino women earn additional income, do something they love and contribute to social-change.

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This was the first time I hear about versatile fashion. I am one who dresses up simply (a shirt paired with jeans does it for me). It’s very difficult for me to spruce up outfits like these. Seeing the different products of A&A made me believe that I, too, can be a fashionista!


*Image from Aurelia & Amelia


*Image from Aurelia & Amelia

What I love about Aurelia & Amelia’s products is that there are a lot of details that Kat really thought about, which is present. And example are the little charms that symbolize these four seals. If the product represents some of these seals, the buyer will see charms representing the seals in the piece that she bought. The four seals are Eco-Friendly, Socially Responsible, Shop with a Heart and Made in the Philippines.


Another thing that Aurelia & Amelia stands for, other than just versatile fashion, is versatile fashion with a heart. For every purchase of the product, a portion of it goes to the daily expenses and allowance of  a child under Project Pearl’s care. Project Pearl is a non-profit foundation that cares for abandoned children.




This is the perfect gift for your mother, sister, tita, etc. These are fashion pieces that they can wear everyday. By giving them a piece from Aurelia & Amelia, you are also helping build a brighter future for a child.

Come and join me attend the launch of Aurelia & Amelia at BGC this coming Saturday. If you have the time, please sign up now See you there!