BABY OOTD: Ines Moda Infantil Dresses

Hi Lovely Readers! Today is another day where we feature Baby Z’s Style or BABY OOTD for the day. We didn’t get to feature a style last week to give in to my post on visioning for moms, which we thought would be more important for you to know about and sign up for since the workshop will be tomorrow. So with us skipping featuring an outfit last week, we will be featuring two outfits.

Baby Zeeka’s BABY OOTD for the day is from Ines Moda Infantil.

Peach outfit 1

Peach outfit 2

Butterflies 1

Butterflies 2

Butterflies 3

I want to be a model when I grow up

I really love these baby clothes and dresses from Ines Moda Infantil. These are the two outfit that we have which are of Zeeka’s size. The other outfits for BABY OOTD that we have from that store are for a 12 month old baby so they are still a bit big for Baby Z.

We hope that you like Baby Fashionista, Baby Z’s OOTD. ‘Til next Friday!

Summer Chic Baby Clothes

Another hot summer day! It’s election day today. Vote wisely!

How are you taking the heat? Baby Z is quite chill and comfortable.

Summer is about to end. Before it ends, I want to share with you Baby Z’s Summer Chic look. Baby Z is donning a flowery onesie with her sunglasses!

Summer Chic

\ Summer Chic

Sharing with you how to choose Baby Clothes for a Hot Summer Day!

  • Even if you are tempted to have your baby wear layered clothing (whether it may be for an #OOTD or for “just-in-case” thoughts), during hot weather, avoid having them do so. Single layers clothes will be enough.
  • Keep your baby safe from the rays of the sun. I know that they have sunscreen for babies. Please do check with your pedia for a good brand to use. I love sunscreen and I am a believer of sunscreen.

If you have other tips on choosing baby clothes, please comment below! 🙂

“I hope you like it! I forgot where I got my floral onesie. The plastic neon pink shades are from Metro! Department store and the mittens are St. Patrick Baby.

Love lots,

Baby Z”