Mom and Baby Fashion and Some Summer Fashion Tips

I love it! I pulled up my jeans today and I think I lost at least 1-2 inches. The mere fact that I think I need a belt to keep it up is a good sign. I’m on this challenge with my friends that whoever loses the most body fat will win 10K. I hope to win the cash prize and the bragging rights! I won’t tell you what my program is though for now, for the fear that my friends will get to read my strategy. I promise to share it with you my readers though in once our challenge is done.

The challenge though is to buy new clothes!

I have always loved shopping and now that I have a daughter, shopping is more fun! I know that for those with little children, two of the pertinent issues are that of nutrition and fashion. What do you feed these children? Are they getting enough nutrition? What clothes do we buy for them? What looks good?

So on May 24, 2014, Saturday, from 1-5PM, join Manila Workshops, Medela Moms, and Unilab, and sign up for this half day workshop. Registration fee is just at Php 300 per person. There are only limited slots available so sign up and pay immediately!



Mom and Baby Fashion / Baby Nutrition

Mom and Baby Fashion / Baby Nutrition

Oh and another dilemma for me is picking the right clothes for the beach! A must have for me is the cover-up. I have yet to find the perfect cover-up for that bikini that I plan to use when I hit the beach.

Celebrity Mom Sheer Cover Up

A sheer cover-up is perfect for a one-piece swimsuit, exposing just the right amount of skin since the opening is all front. The fringe effect adds a little style unto the ensemble.

Celebrity Mom White Coverup

Oh, I love this white cover-up. The texture of the dress is not too sheer for less exposure and is best paired with a bandeau bikini top since the cute of the neckline is deep-v.

Celebrity Mom Tunic

I’ve also noticed the fad now is to own a tunic dress. I’d love to own one since it’s perfect for chilly evenings in the beach where I want full coverage, because it not see through and has a thicker fabric than the usual cover ups. It also doesn’t limit itself only at the beach because you can wear it while running simple errands in the city by pairing it with some white sneakers.


If you want to learn more about summer cover-ups, check out the anniversary issue of Celebrity Mom, featuring Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan on the cover! Follow them on Facebook ( and like them on Twitter (@CelebMomPh) and Instagram (@CelebMomPh).

So, I’m actually off now to shop for some stuff! Hope to meet you on May 24 so that we can talk more about fashion. See yah!

Baby Z’s Style Corner featuring Mothercare Philippines

People ask me where do I get my fab outfits. My mommy buys it from her list of “trusted” shops. She has quite a few on her list (she can be very picky!). One of the stores in her list is Mothercare Philippines. The brand may sound like it sells only hardcore baby stuff, like cribs, potty seats, diaper bags, and the other essentials, but guest what?! They also sell cute clothes for babies and toddlers. And these clothes are really very fashion forward, too!

I think I featured one onesie from Mothercare in the past:

I also have dresses from Mothercare and I love all of them. Here they are:

2013-03-27 18.17.16

2013-03-27 18.17.11

Mothercare 1

Mothercare 2

I can’t wait to wear more outfits from Mothercare Philippines. I overheard mommy say that I’m going to have a shoot with Kuya Inigo (Son of Tita Frances of MommyTopaz) for Mothercare today. I hope that pushes through! I’m so excited!

Love lots,
Zeeka, The Baby Fashionista

*It’s fun being a girl*

Baby Fashion Friday: Hot, Hot and Hotter

Hi my loyal readers! Welcome to another blog post about the hottest trends in baby fashion. I decided to schedule updates on baby fashion every Friday. I’m calling the updates Baby Fashion Friday (although of course this will still be under the tab Baby Z’s Style Corner).

This week is about color and two of the most loved colors for this season is pink and red. So for this week, my style focuses in using these colors as my base color and mixing it up a bit with prints.

Well, you all saw my dress for my fourth month birthday. To those who haven’t seen it yet, here it is.

My Fourth Month Birthday Attire

My Fourth Month Birthday Attire

St. Patrick Baby Socks

I am wearing a white dress with grey polka dots and a baby pink ribbon in front. This was given to me by my grandmother, which she bought from the US. As you can see, it is still a bit loose, since the dress is actually for a 6 months to 12 months old baby. I paired it with white with pink stripes St. Patrick Baby socks. The headband that I have is a pink headband with a sequined bow from Lil Miss Belle Hair Accessories.

Here are other pictures of me!
2013-07-08 08.55.30

2013-07-08 08.55.00

For this week, too, I got to go to meet the other babies from our birthing class. It was so much fun! I had a blast. That day, I wanted to wear red so this is what I came up with…

Red Shorts and 'animal prints' onesie

Red Shorts and ‘animal prints’ onesie

The red shorts is from Cotton On. The onesie is from Marks and Spencer. The red socks were from Baby Company, given by Tita K, and the headband was a gift, too!

Yellow and Red Ribbon

Yellow and Red Ribbon

Me and My Baby Friend, Murielle

Well, that’s it for this week! I hope you like the baby fashion get-ups that I shared with you today!

Baby Fashionista, Zeeka

*It’s fun being a girl!*