Baby OOTD: Yellow Belle

I love the color yellow on Zeeka. It makes her look pretty! Although, my hubby says anything looks good on our baby girl. He is her number 1 fan. Hmmm, I think we’re tied on that spot.

Last week, Baby Zeeka had a shoot for Mothercare and these were two of the clothes that she loved the most. One was actually bought by moi even before the shoot. The hair accessory for this shoot was ordered from Lil Miss Belle Hair Accessories.

Here’s is Baby Fashionista’s Baby OOTD!

How do you like my new expression?

How do you like my new expression?

Happy --- Wearing my Yellow and blue Dress by Mothercare

Happy — Wearing my Yellow and blue Dress by Mothercare

Lovely printed dress from Mothercare with matching denim shoes with yellow ribbon

Lovely printed dress from Mothercare with matching denim shoes with yellow ribbon

White sandals from Mothercare

White sandals from Mothercare



Mothercare 0117

Mothercare 0131

What do you think of Baby Z’s OOTD? What other accessories do you think we should get to complete this look?

Thank you to Mothercare for arranging the fab shoot for the second dress!

Hugs to all from #babyfashionista!

Baby Z’s Style Corner featuring Mothercare Philippines

People ask me where do I get my fab outfits. My mommy buys it from her list of “trusted” shops. She has quite a few on her list (she can be very picky!). One of the stores in her list is Mothercare Philippines. The brand may sound like it sells only hardcore baby stuff, like cribs, potty seats, diaper bags, and the other essentials, but guest what?! They also sell cute clothes for babies and toddlers. And these clothes are really very fashion forward, too!

I think I featured one onesie from Mothercare in the past:

I also have dresses from Mothercare and I love all of them. Here they are:

2013-03-27 18.17.16

2013-03-27 18.17.11

Mothercare 1

Mothercare 2

I can’t wait to wear more outfits from Mothercare Philippines. I overheard mommy say that I’m going to have a shoot with Kuya Inigo (Son of Tita Frances of MommyTopaz) for Mothercare today. I hope that pushes through! I’m so excited!

Love lots,
Zeeka, The Baby Fashionista

*It’s fun being a girl*

Baby Blogger

At home, they call me the Social Media Baby, since I’m always popping up on your Facebook news page. I just love sharing my style and OOTD (outfit of the day… Sorry, I had to explain that for my other relatives who are new to hash tags and social media). I bet that when I grow up, I will love blogging as much as mommy and daddy loves blogging. I see mommy the whole day sitting in front of her laptop and I know that I will want one, too, in the future. I will want to have something that I would be passionate about and I know that even if it isn’t blogging or events or programming or comics, mommy and daddy will still support me 100%.

Now for my outfit for the day…

My top is such a cutie! This top is from Cotton On. I got it from their Greenbelt branch. I also got my red shorts from that store to match the top.

"Mom, I can count... one... one... one"

“Mom, I can count… one… one… one”

Hmmm, blog post topic for today?

Hmmm, blog post topic for today?

My Baby Blogger

My Baby Blogger

Don't Try Me!

Don’t Try Me!

The headband that I used in this shoot by Regina Hahn Siy of My Story Photography is from Lil Miss Belle Hair Accessories.

So, how do I look? I hope you like my Baby Blogger look for Baby Z’s Style Corner for this Friday!

Love lots,
Baby Z ~ Baby Fashionista

Summer Loving with Baby Fashionista

Hi my loves!

It’s me Zeeka, the baby fashionista! It’s Friday once again and I’m her to share with you my outfit for Baby Z’s Style corner for today.

Well for today, I’d like to share my summer get up. I know that it’s June already and the rains have come, but I really miss Summer. So, with that, this is my summer outfit!

Baby Fashionista wearing her summer outfit

Baby Fashionista wearing her summer outfit

I am wearing a turquoise and orange dress (which is actually a onesie). The onesie is connected to the dress. I got this from Baby Company. Mamou, Papou and Tita K bought it for me. I paired it up with a headband and shades that were given by Lola. The socks are, of course, my favorite socks from Tito Gino. I think I already showed you the box in this link:

2013-06-17 12.57.50

I hope you like my style for today! If you do, please hit the button below and share!

Baby Fashionista, Baby Z!

*I just love being a girl!*

Rosie the Riveter Look

Hi Readers!

Happy Friday to you! It’s a Friday and I loved this week. I’m actually getting ready for a photoshoot tomorrow. Tita Rej of My Story Photography will be coming over tomorrow to shoot me, my mommy and daddy! I am so excited. I have lined up a few looks that I would like to strut tomorrow. To check out the other shoots of Tita Rej, you can check out her facebook page at I remember that the last time I had a professional photographer shoot me was when I was 2 weeks old with Tita Polly of Oh Happy Day Birth Photography. You can check out Tita Polly’s page here:

For today, I’d like to share with you my look! Mommy was inspired by Rosie the Riveter in this poster.

Image from

Image from

My mom dressed me up in this pink polka dot onesie from Debenhams and she had me use this blue and pink ribbon which was a gift.

Zeeka's Rosie the Riveter Look

I hope you like my look!

Love lots,
Baby Fashionista