5 Baby Products for Better Health

Today, I’m listing down 5 things that can help you with your baby’s and your overall health. It’s important that both of you are safe and healthy during the first years together. As a new mom, things can get a little bit overwhelming (like most “new” things are), but you’ll get the hang of it! Don’t worry. Here are the 5 baby products for better health (my own list):

A Nasal Aspirator

New babies and infants don’t yet have full control of their breathing; due to this, snot can easily build up in their airways, causing them discomfort and difficulty sleeping. Not something you want if you’ve just managed to put them down and are looking forward to a glass of red. If you notice your baby is fussy about taking a bottle or going to sleep, but you can’t tell why it could be a sign of nasal congestion. The easy way to solve this is by using a nasal aspirator, which can quite effectively remove the troublesome snot.   

Coloxyl Oral Drops 

The second in my list for the 5 Baby Products for Better Health is Coloxyl oral drops. If your baby has trouble passing stool, it can be very stressful for them. They will feel uncomfortable without knowing why, and you may find them upset for no apparent reason. If you’re unsure what is causing the trouble, don’t hesitate to contact your family doctor to get an expert opinion. If it turns out to be constipation, the best way to resolve the issue is to add some stool softener to their baby constipation relief meals. Coloxyl Oral Drops are a good choice. For children up to 3 years old, the drops will provide relief from constipation over a period of 3 years. The drops work by drawing extra water into the stool and softening it so that it passes more easily. 

A Nighttime Multi-Tasker

A nighttime multi-tasker is not just good for your baby’s health; it’s also good for your own wellbeing. The product is a combination of nightlight, sound machine, and gentle time-to-rise alert that will become a familiar feature of your baby’s bedroom as they develop. The familiarity is important as the lights and sounds start to make them feel relaxed or sleepy. It will also wake them gently in the morning and provide an essential dark light for those times when they wake up, disgruntled, in the early hours. 

A Baby Collaboration Carrier 

The first few months after your baby is born is a time when they are still very much attached to their mother. It is sometimes called the fourth trimester. Your baby will feel most comfortable when they are wrapped tightly in blankets or held close to their mother’s chest. That’s one reason a baby collaboration carrier is an excellent idea. Another reason is it makes transporting them very easy and comforting. With the carrier, you can happily take them to a friend’s home to visit, or on routine visits to the doctor or clinic. 

Electric Breast Pump

And the last product on my 5 Baby Products for Better Health list is more for you, mommy. With a new baby in your life, things can become pretty busy, and, if you’re new to parenthood, there can be a lot to learn all at once. Feeding your baby requires time and preparation. What I did before, since I still needed to work was that I would milti-task. Electric breast pumps are the best since you can pump breast milk and work at the same time! Such a time saver!

What is in your list? Share it with me.

Have a great day!