Baby Signing

I have always wanted to teach Zeeka baby sign language. I learned about this when my husband shared with me a video of a baby signing and communicating with her parents using asl (American Sign Language). I think this was when I had just given birth to Zeeka and we couldn’t understand and figure out why she was crying. We were thinking that she won’t probably be able to talk until she’s one year old plus, so we wanted to know if there are other ways we could get to communicate with her.

We researched on effective ways of communicating with a baby and I came across Baby Signs Philippines. I met, Sharon Agoncillo of Baby Signs Philippines, who is now a good friend of mine. I learned more about baby sign language from her over a cup of coffee. She holds classes and teaches parents how to teach their kids signing. I have partnered with her (through Manila Workshops, my mompreneur business) in bringing the news about baby sign language to more parents. Last year, we ran the baby sign language and safe sleep workshop under the Parenting Pals brand of Manila Workshops. For those who want to learn more about her services, check out her site here:

After learning more about baby sign language, I researched more. I love looking through the pictures on Instagram, although mostly not for me but to look for things for Zeeka. From Instagram, I learned about this compilation of DVDs/CDs called Baby Signing Time. It was posted by Oh! Baby. They were selling the set of CD’s for Php 2929. I wanted to try it out so I bought it.

Zeeka watching Baby Signing Time

Zeeka watching Baby Signing Time

Baby Signing Time 0002

Baby Signing Time 0003

Baby Signing Time 0004

When I told my mom about it, she feared that Zeeka might be delayed in talking since she’s signing. I have read articles that say that signing is a way to help your baby communicate first before she can actually speak. It doesn’t delay speech. The advice that I have read is to keep talking to your child. Here are some FAQs if you want to read more about Baby Signing Time:

Well, so far, we have been watching the video twice a day (in the morning after taking her bath and in the evening after merienda). Yesterday, I was so pleased that I decided to write this article. She already gave me the sign for milk! Yey! Zeeka is only 8 months old. I can’t wait for her to practice signing the other signs.

What I like about Baby Signing Time is that the ‘show’ isn’t boring. In fact, I find myself singing the songs myself at different times of the day. What is more impressive is that the lady in the video, Rachel Coleman, got into baby signing because her daughter Leah was born deaf. Read Leah’s story here:

I was talking to Kris of OCMominManila the other day and she had the same video, too, when her kids were growing up. What we like about the video is that even if you have no plans of teaching your child ASL, the CDs are good background music! Kids just love the songs.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing the Baby Signing Time set, visit

Let me know how it goes! I will also share with you Zeeka’s progress đŸ™‚