Sleeping with a Baby: Using Kozy Blankie Crib Nest

On Using Kozy Blankie Crib Nest

So there are a lot of stuff that we bought for Yani that I want to share with you. Being pregnant and having a baby again is so exciting! There are a lot of new and cool tools and products that help you in taking care of the baby and in making sure that they are safe and comfortable. One of the things that I’m constantly frightened of is SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. I usually wake up at 2 am and can’t sleep until around 4 am, because I find myself watching Yani breathe. People say that it’s dangerous for parents to sleep beside their baby. In our case though, Yani sleeps beside me and EJ.

She sleeps beside me since I still breastfeed her, and it’s more convenient to be in a side lying position when breastfeeding at night. I’ve noticed that her sleep is not interrupted as much, and she’s not as irritable. She falls asleep easily.

But to avoid SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, we use this crib nest from Kozy Blankie.

This baby crib nest keeps Yani safe from suffocation from the pillows that we have or even from the blankets that we use. This nest is also super comfortable.

It comes in different designs. To be honest, all of the designs are so cute!

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