Mommy Diaries: Back to School Shopping at NBS was FUN!

Back-to-school shopping was fun! I’m sure you have read my first article on my back to school shopping spree at NBS with some of the Mommas of Manila (haha!). If you haven’t read it yet, read about it here: Now, I wanted to share with you this video that my friend Mikaela and I created on what our tips for moms are.

The back-to-school season is so stressful for a lot of moms, so here are a few tips that we wanted to share with you.
1) Make a list  of what you need. Mikaela makes her own list so she doesn’t forget anything. If you have it on paper, you will remember to buy these things.
2) Plan and have something visual to look back at. I have a whiteboard and cork board at home for stuff that I need to check every so often. I have a huge cork board for my goals, to do lists, bills, tuition fee schedule that I just pin. Then I have a a white board which I use when teaching Zeeka and for both our schedules! Both these things can be found, of course, at National Book Store.
3) Organize your home, so you’re READY! Arrange your home so that you have designated areas for different stuff. Also, I have specific areas for where things are. I have paper inside filing cabinets, colored paper in a big box, markers inside a bag, etc. I usually stock up also on different things. It’s good to be prepared for anything!
4) Label all of your things! As I said in the video, I’m a sucker for labeling everything. All of the things that I shared with you in my unboxing video of what I bought in NBS were all labeled!
5) Prepare a Go-Bag for your child. There are earthquakes happening here and around the world, so it won’t hurt to be ready for anything. I usually prepare a Go-Bag for Zeeka, my daughter. This includes a first aid kit, extra clothes, flashlight, whistle, protein bar or crackers, alcohol, bottled water. In National Book Store, you can find these stuff (except the drinks and food)!
How about you? What are your back to school tips! Leave a comment below, so that we can all help each other! You can also share your tips using #BacktoSchoolwithNBS
Happy Shopping!