Basic Yaya Training Workshop on August 13

A big shoutout to all expecting moms and dads and with those who have infants and toddlers. We are running another session on August 13, Saturday of the Basic Yaya Training Workshop. This will help yayas and nannies learn the basics of taking care of your children. This session focuses on House Helper Training on New Born, Infant, and Toddler Care.

If you are interested to sign up, please go to this link:


The fee is at Php 1000 per seat. Mommies and Daddies who want to join the yayas and nannies will also need to pay for a separate seat. Please be aware that this workshop will be in taglish since we want the nannies to fully understand the lesson.

Fee is only Php1000 per head. Snacks will be served.

These are the topics that will be discussed in the session:

Newborn Care
1. What to Expect
– Oral Stage
– Cord Care
– Diaper Changing
– What to watch out for
2. Bathing, Holding, Burping, Swaddling
3. Feeding
– Helping the Mom when Breastfeeding
– Formula/Bottle Feeding
– Solid Food
4. Milestones and Activities to do with the Baby
5. Handling Separation Anxiety of the Baby from Parent

Toddler Care
1. Understanding a Toddler
– What to Expect
– Milestones
2. Potty Training
3. Developing a Routine
4. Playing and making the most of your time with the child
5. Handling Behavior
– Saying No to Toddlers
– Conversing with the Child
– Rewards and Punishment
– Watching TV and using the Ipad

Open Forum
– Questions and sharing will be entertained
– Picture Taking

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*** This series is brought to you by Manila Workshops, Mothercare and Venture Lab

Basic First Aid for Yayas

TRUST. In order to build trust, one must be worthy of it by showing consistency in actions, expertise, willingness to learn and loyalty. For most of us here in the Philippines, we have house helpers, yayas, kasambahays who live with us in our homes. We need these people to be trustworthy and loyal. We treat them as part of our family.

As they do their responsibilities and help us with day to day tasks, we in turn must be willing to show them also that they matter. One way is to really hone their skills and help them develop themselves as individuals. This was what we had in mind when we created the Basic Yaya Training Session at

Yaya Training Workshop

We are inviting you to sign up your yayas, househelpers, kasambahays to the third session of the Basic Yaya Training — Basic First Aid for Yayas.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Hope you really can send your yayas to the workshop on the 30th. If you are interested, please sign up at

Basic Yaya Training Sessions Starts on May 2

A lot of hullabaloo on how yayas and helpers are treated were brought up in the past month. I was recently interviewed in a mommy magazine on how we should deal with them. My answer was to treat them as people. Yayas, helpers, kasambahays, or however they are called are still human beings like us. They deserve the same respect and love that we give to others.

I know of a lot of people who complain about abusive and disrespectful behavior from their helpers. I, too, have been a victim of these kinds of people. But, again, to that I say, we cannot generalize. I have had my yaya for two years plus now and the ride with her (like any relationship) is not perfect. We have gotten into arguments before. She has gotten into arguments with my husband. But, what I think led her to stay is that we treated her fairly and we treated her with respect. We treated her like how we would treat a family member. We love our yaya and I hope she stays with us.

During her stay, I have had her attend workshops before so that she could increase her knowledge. I believe that even our helpers should be given the opportunity to grow as individuals. They should be given the opportunity to learn more about what they do best or even about things that would make their life comfortable.

With this, I invite you to sign them up for the Basic Yaya Workshops for 2015. These sessions are brought to you by Manila Workshops, VentureLab, Mothercare and Ready to be Rich.

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Basic Yaya Training Workshops 2015

Register them now by going to this link:

If you have questions, you can contact 🙂

Basic Yaya Training Workshop

Any of you having yaya problems? I think this has been a very popular topic. If you meet a mom and don’t know what topic to use for small talk, the “yaya problems” topic never fails. Most of us have yaya horor stories. I’m glad that I was lucky to have employed this yaya that I have now. Although moody (sometimes she’s ‘masungit’), I see the genuine care and love that she has for my daughter. That’s what matters most! If you are lucky enough to have gotten a yaya like this, invest in trainings.

Lucky for you because Manila Workshops will have the last run of the Basic Yaya Training Sessions 2 and 4 this year at Babyland Shaw.

SESSION 2: Understanding and Caring for a Newborn, Infant and Toddler (August 23, 2014)

Basic Yaya Training Session 2

SESSION 4: Understanding Common diseases on Children, What to do in Emergency Situations, Preventing Accidents and First Aid (August 30, 2014)

Basic Yaya Training Session 4

EARLY BIRD RATE (Register and Pay before August 15, 2014): Php 1000 per participant per session

Regular Rate: Php 1200 per participant (After August 15, 2014)
Group Rate: Php 1000 per participant for 2 or more participants in the group)
*Includes light snacks and materials to take home

To sign up, please fill out the form below:

Sign up using this form:

The instructor will be Ms. Cristina Mendoza, RN.

About the Speaker:
– BS Nursing (’10), Southville International School and College
– Passed the Nursing Licensure Exam on July 2010
– Worked as a School Nurse and Preschool Teacher in The Bridge School from 2010-2012
– On call Preschool Teacher in The Bridge School (present)
– Full time Yaya Seminar Facilitator of VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc.

Hope you can share this with those who need help in training their yayas. This will be the last workshop for basic yaya training this year so you might want to send them already!