Beatrix New York now in Manila!

If you are a brand catering to moms, we are actually a market that is easy to please. Yes, we, moms, are actually easy to please. We need things to be durable. We need things to be washable. And, we need them to be cute enough so our kids will use your product. See! If you have all of these qualities, I’m sure you will be able to penetrate this market.

Launch of Beatrix Manila

This is the reason why Beatrix New York captured the hearts of moms here in Manila. They knew what we wanted and they gave it. I guess it’s no wonder that they understand what we, moms, need because the founder is a mom, herself. Beatrix New York was founded in 2007 by Claire Theobald. She created the brand because she just wanted a bag that was not only cute, but easy to clean and durable.

Claire teamed up with creative director, Marcus Woolcott and designed three bags that they joined in a fair. Customers loved the bags and this was the start of the company!

This month, Quirks Marketing introduced Beatrix New York to the moms in Manila. I went to the intimate gathering and I love, love, love all their products.

Cutie Octopus Bags

Cutie lunch box

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka 🙂

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

These are the products that they have:

Beatrix Lunch Box (Php 1695)
Beatrix Little Kid’s Backpack (Php 2195)
Beatrix Big Kid’s Backpack (Php 2550)
Beatrix Wheelie Bag (Php 5095)

The thing that I loved about it was that the lunch box is machine washable. You can just throw it in and it doesn’t get deformed! So cool, right?

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

being washed

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