Breastfeeding is still the ‘Best Start’ with Dads or Moms or Whoever!

Guys at Mead Johnson Nutrition, seriously? What is up with this Best Starts With Dad campaign? I’m sure that your brand managers and your marketing people are pretty much aware of the Milk Code. I’m sure that all of you are intelligent enough to know what is and what isn’t a violation.

Do not think that we, consumers, do not read and that we do not think. Do not think that we do not know subliminal advertising. Why come up with the title Best Starts with Dad for Father’s Day? Even when you tell us that the promo is for those with kids who are 3 year old and above, the word “starts” seems to target even those dads with younger kids. When you say ‘start’, you usually begin with a number called ZERO. You don’t begin counting from 3.

Anyway, it’s just sad. I’m not really the type who would reply to such an issue, but this makes me sad especially now that I am a nursing mom. You do not know the effort, the time, the patience and all the blood, sweat and tears that some of us moms go through just to defend our stand of breastfeeding our kids. I think my mom and I did not talk for quite a while because we had opposing views on breastfeeding (I’m glad that she is very supportive of it now! :)… love you, mom!) I had to stand up to some of my relatives who did not believe in breastfeeding. I was just so glad that my husband was there every step of the way to support me in this decision.

From the moment Baby Z was born, I had firmly decided to breastfeed and my hubby was there by my side. He would help me research for facts that we could show or tell our relatives and friends to convince them that breastfeeding Baby Z was what was best for her. Until now, every day, I make that decision and I’m glad that he is still by my side.

It’s just so sad that subliminally, you are telling people and rewarding them for choosing formula as the best start for their children.

For those who want to know more about the issue with the #beststartswithdad campaign, please visit my friend, Jenny Ong’s blog:

Anyway, I hope you stop this campaign, and help spread the word that breastfeeding is still the best start.

Love lots,
(ang bait ko pa! :>)

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger