Creating a Birth Plan

For me, creating a birth plan is a nice activity to do before giving birth. I have created my general information sheet and my birth plan already. The general information sheet is the one that you will hand out to doctors, nurses and interns who keep asking you a series of questions that you already answered. I followed the format that Rome gave us in class.

Creating a birth plan

For my birth plan, I created my own list of wants. This is a wishlist of all the things that I want to happen during labor, delivery and postpartum.

If you want to see a copy of my birth plan (of course I deleted my personal information, so just replace it with yours), you can get it from this link:
Birth Plan Template

What you can do is make a copy of it. Just click on FILE then download it.

After creating a birth plan, do not forget to discuss this with your doctor. I actually discussed this already with her last week but we had to change our plans since I am going for a scheduled Cesarean Section tomorrow (Ooops, yeah! I forgot to mention that. I’ll tell you the full story later on).

Why is it important for you to have a birth plan. This is so as to guide the doctors on nurses on what you wish to have during this special moment in your life. I already asked our hospital, Asian Hospital, and the nurses really read what you have on your list.

Did you or do you have a birth plan already?

Here are some other resources that helped me come up with my plan:

Birth Plan Worksheet from

Creating your birth plan from American Pregnancy Association

Birth Plan Creator from

What are the things in your plan? Please share it with me!

Love Lots,

Mommy Ginger