7 before 37

Faces. When I look at different faces — faces of loved ones, faces of friends, faces of acquaintances, faces of strangers, I think about the beauty and the mystery of life. Each face that I remembered tonight was seconds, minutes, hours or years of memories that made up my LIFE. How amazing is that? If you look at your life, how many faces have you seen? How many faces have actually taken up moments in your life?

In 7 days, i’ll turn 37. 37 is actually not a bad age. I think it’s actually the perfect time to contemplate on past actions and on choices that I’ve made, and still have ample time to work on more things.

I know my life isn’t perfect. I am not perfect. And I know that behind the faces that we have are complex individuals that sometimes others may not expect or even comprehend. Sometimes, we can’t even understand our own actions. But behind these complexities, we all have the same objective. Our objective is to be the best version of ourselves for whatever we believe we may encounter in the future (whether it be a God that we believe in, a divine being, reincarnation, etc.). So whatever we believe will happen to us after our death, we’re prepared and we know that we have acted accordingly to reach that “goal” or acted in accordance to what we believe is true to our nature.

I wish that life was that easy.

I wish that life could be as simple as choosing what’s right and avoiding what’s wrong, choosing good over evil. The reality though is that life presents us with tough choices. Some of these choices may all be “good”, depending on who “sees” it or who’s affected by the decision. And some may be bad, but sometimes, different factors can even blur that line of an act being “bad or a sin”.

In the past year, I’ll start with two things that I learned from my own experiences and from what I have observed. Do you know what these are?

It’s that life is made out of several (let’s say) time components, and when you see a single part or a moment in a person’s life, you cannot judge nor draw conclusions. This is because, you haven’t seen all of the components. And another thing is that you only have control over your own actions and decisions. You cannot and should not think or event attempt to control another person’s life. These two points (I think) are the basic premises of respect.

So keeping this in mind, we should not punish ourselves for broken time components, because we know that we can do better and make the next components better. In doing good, we don’t need to brag, broadcast or tell the world about those amazing moments, because what really matters is that you enjoyed those moments, you were present and that you will forever remember them.

So there. Those are my thoughts on this night. Those are the thoughts that came to my mind while remembering the faces, the feelings and the random moments in my life. On this night, 7 days before my birthday, I wish all of you clarity, empathy and hope that would help you live the rest of your lives in happiness and love. 🙂

My Birthday Wish is to be MAD!

I’m 34 and I think I’m pretty happy with my life. Wait! That didn’t sound right. I AM HAPPY with my life. I am blessed with a loving family, a wonderful husband, a cute little daughter, good friends, a great team and supportive readers. I guess I’m in the point of my life where I want to give back to society, so with that…

My birthday wish is to be MAD or rather, to MAD or Make a Difference! And I hope you will join me after I share this story…

Enzo is the son of my friends, Me-ann and Ariel. M.A.D. for Enzo’s Cause was launched in October 2011 as a thanksgiving by my friends for the blessings that they have received. You see, Enzo was born with a hole in his heart but at 8 months, he was miraculously healed. Because of this, they decided to launch this cause which we named after him. This advocacy is something that they really want to spearhead since my friend, Me-ann also had the same conditions and needed and underwent an operation.

Make a Difference!

Make a Difference!

What they have done is they turned their son’s birthday parties into a fundraising event wherein family and friends give donations instead of gifts. Beneficiaries of their cause are social services patients –most of their expenses are paid for already through government support but they still have minimal costs to shoulder, ranging from P6,500 to P40,000.

To-date, the Becina family has helped a total of 17 kids of various ages coming from different parts of the country. They always try to visit these kids to get to know their story and to tell them about Enzo and Me-anne’s story. After three years of doing this, they are still doing it because it has become more than just a thanksgiving gesture now. It has become more of a mission to promote the act of paying it forward. What I admire most about this family is that they are the only family I know who is doing these things for these children.  “We may not be financially rich but we have a big heart overflowing with the desire to promote helping our fellowmen. I have always believed in the goodness of people. Imagine if every person would vow to help, I am sure that act of goodness will make a whole lot of difference in the world”, Me-ann said.

The Becina family has committed to a target of 50 kids by the time their son turns 7 (October 2017), they have been creative with their fundraising activities. “My son tried in the past to sell golden retriever pups, we gave away soda alkansya with the caption: “It takes only a little… to change a child’s life forever,” and soon, we will be launching our biggest project called Sponsor a Child Program wherein for only P10,000, not only do you get to sponsor a child but you also experience visiting the child with us. Each encounter may just last for about 20 minutes but it will definitely be life-changing”, Me-ann shares.

I have chosen to support this charity this year for my birthday. I hope that you can join me in making a difference! If you want to donate, please email me at ginger(at)mommyginger(dot)com and I will hook you up with Me-ann 🙂

An Eventful Birthday Week

My birthday was last Tuesday and it’s almost one week of being 33. A lot of things happened this week — both good and bad.

This week, Zeeka had colds and cough. Kakainis! This was the first time she has ever gotten colds and cough. My pedia cousin though said that this is normal. During the first six months, she tells me, the baby still has the antibodies that she got from the mother. It’s during the 6 month that the immune system of the baby weakens.

I hated seeing her suffer. It was actually worse than the hand, foot and mouth disease that she had. I didn’t see her suffer like this during that time. For babies, you really need to use an aspirator since they still don’t know how to breathe through their mouth. Baby Zeeka would scream and shout when I would try to suck out all the mucus out of her nose. Huhuhu! I also gave her Disudrin (o.5 mL) three times a day and she also had to take anti-biotics, Pediamox (1.2mL), three times a day. She is still not done taking her antibiotics. Poor girl!

Baby Zeeka not feeling well... on the way to the Pedia

Baby Zeeka not feeling well… on the way to the Pedia

At least, she’s better now. She felt better during my birthday, too, so we got to go out. Check out our matching outfits during that day.

Family picture during my 33rd Birthday

Family picture during my 33rd Birthday

My Little Zeeka and I with Matching outfits

My Little Zeeka and I with Matching outfits

Dada Ej treated me and Zeeka (and yaya) to breakfast at Early Bird Breakfast Club. I would normally sleep until late when I plan ‘not to work’ on certain days, but since it was my birthday, it was too fabulous a day to waste. I wanted to start the day early. I had an amazing breakfast too of fish cooked in lemon garlic sauce. After breakfast, we then had coffee at Figaro, which was just a few steps away.

Yummy Breakfast! Fish... para healthy

Yummy Breakfast! Fish… para healthy

Coffee Art at Figaro

Coffee Art at Figaro

I then left Baby Zeeka first at home, so she could sleep while EJ and I went to mass with my parents. After mass, we picked up our little girl and headed straight to SM Aura where we ate at Tamarind, the Thai restaurant on the 5th level. It was the birthday treat of my parents. AFter lunch, we headed straight to Starbucks, where we had coffee and where we saw Dominic Ochoa. He was a pleasant and down-to-earth guy. He willingly had a picture taken with Zeeka (or rather, Zeeka willingly had her picture taken with him… haha!).

Baby Zeeka with Dominic Ochoa (actor)

Baby Zeeka with Dominic Ochoa (actor)

Another highlight of the week was that we got to have another run of the Yes Mommy workshop at Medele House. Yey! This workshop seems to be an annual event/workshop already. Of course, I would like to thank all those who attended and to Unilab for Co-sponsoring the event. BTW, I found this love for Disudrin (as mentioned above). It really helped Baby Zeeka get through her colds.

The 2nd run of the Yes Mommy Workshop

The 2nd run of the Yes Mommy Workshop

Mommy Ginger and Baby Zeeka with Mommy Phoebe and Baby Ava

Mommy Ginger and Baby Zeeka with Mommy Phoebe and Baby Ava

Other highlights were…



I finally got to try Bronuts! I will create a review of this in my other blog, ManilaReviews.com.

My strong Baby Girl

My strong Baby Girl

My little girl started crawling ‘forward’ already. She usually crawls backwards. Also, check out how strong she is already. She can stand by just holding her hands!

Opened another account for Baby Zeeka

Opened another account for Baby Zeeka

I again opened another account for Baby Zeeka. It was a In Trust account for her. I already have account number one for her where savings will be kept (cash gifts for her birthday). This account number two will actually be mommy and daddy’s disbursement account for Baby Z’s expenses, like her birthday, etc.

Our very own Christmas Tree

Our very own Christmas Tree

Christmas came very early this year! I already have our tree up. This is our very first Christmas tree as a family so I was excited to set it up. And guess what, I was the one who set it up since EJ was down with flu. The tree was a gift from Mommy Beth and Daddy Vic. I then bought the lights and the christmas balls from SM department store in SM Aura. I chose the pink and silver balls since it reminded me of Zeeka. She loves the color pink and she loves mirrors.

Urdaneta Clubhouse

Urdaneta Clubhouse

And my last highlight is that I got to book the venue for Baby Zeeka’s first birthday already 🙂 We will have it at the clubhouse in Urdaneta Village.

So you see! It was a really eventful birthday week for me. This is the reason why it is only now that I got to write this post. How about you? How are you?

I’m 33.

It’s my birthday. Yes, I’m 33.

My Family

My Family

I’m happy that I have a loving and supportive husband, a cutiepie for a daughter, a great family and great friends. I even have a great business with great friends who are helping me run it, a great home with a great view, great blogs with great readers — basically, everything’s great. I thank God for that. I really do.

Yesterday evening though, I cried. I don’t know what happened to me. I just felt like crying. Nothing significant really happened yesterday to make me cry, aside from the fact that my daughter, Zeeka, had cough and colds and I was worried. I don’t know why, but after expressing milk at around 11:30 pm, I just felt like crying.

It was weird because prior to that time, I was full of hope and optimism. I was even telling EJ about the sermon of the priest in last Sunday’s mass where he was talking about Lazarus and the rich man. The priest mentioned that we all need to strive to seek for opportunities to serve others and to help others. I was giving Ej a pep talk that we need to see these ‘opportunities’ in everything that we do. Later that night, I guess, I found out that I was the one who needed a pep talk.

I went to our sala area where the TV was and thought of why I was crying. Yes, I am the type who analyzes everything, so I had to analyze, step back a bit and think of a reason why I was feeling the way I was. Sometimes, I over analyze things, but for this particular instance, I just had to think that I wasn’t just going crazy. I then got to the point where I drew the conclusion that I think I was feeling tired. And, knowing that it was my birthday tomorrow (since it was 12:00 am, Sept. 30), I wanted to just relax for a day.

What was making me tired? I am more tired now, I think, then when I was working. I think ‘I’ am making ‘me’ tired. I really don’t know how to relax. My husband asks me oftentimes, what did you do today. My usual answer is ‘Nothing much. The usual stuff’.

The usual stuff for me is made up of a lot of exploratory ‘business’ talks with people for Manila Workshops and my blogs, writing for my blogs and for sites that I am a contributor of, overseeing Manila Workshops’ event directors, trying to set up new businesses (right now, I am a part of three new ventures), managing and monitoring the finances of my businesses, creating presentations for my speaking engagements, attending online classes where I am enrolled in WHILE trying to also do the following: breastfeed Zeeka or express milk every three to four hours, carry her until she sleeps while yaya cleans the room, teach/ play with Zeeka and read to her, rush to the bank to pay bills, create plans for Zeeka’s birthday and fix the schedule for my business and household for the week.

I was trying to look at my life and I was indeed a busy girl. I guess it’s because whenever I get to meet people or whenever I discover things, I see a lot of opportunities where I could make this world a better place. What I do is I seize the opportunity and I go for it and I help out.

Although, for this year, I think I need to follow Ej’s advise and keep my life simple. I think I need to learn how to edit my own life, not just my articles. I need to set aside time for myself — to just ‘be’. I need to learn how not to think too much, how not to worry about a lot of things and how to just stay put and pray.

I need to be offline and not be online 24/7. I need to go back to yoga or running — yoga and running helps me relax and gives me more focus. I need to enjoy playing with Zeeka and not think about emails and plans while playing with her. I need to have more conversations with EJ during weekends and not look at my phone every 5 minutes. I need to stop and smell the roses.

The Birthday Celebration for Daddy Ej

Everyone should deserve a break on their birthdays. I’m glad that my husband, Ej, got to have a day off from work for his birthday last Friday.

The day started early for him. When I woke up, he was actually playing his favorite iPad game already, Magic. I normally would reprimand him for always playing (he gets migraines and sometimes, I blame his excessive playing), but this time, I didn’t say anything about it and instead greeted him with a hug!

I had our helper go to Mrs. Fields at Treston School early that morning. She left at 8AM since the surprise I ordered will be ready by just around that time. The thing that I didn’t expect was that we had breakfast early that day. Ej asked me where the help was and I told him that she had to step out to buy load. He said ‘where did she buy load? Ba’t ang tagal nya? (Why is she taking so long?). To that I just laughed nervously.

Then after a while, she came back with the gigantic cookie with the words ‘Happy Birthday, Dada Ej! Love, Ginger and Zeeka’ written on top of it in blue and green icing. The cookie was a huge chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart. It was very delicious! Of course! It was from Mrs. Fields, so what do you expect 😉


Ej and Baby Z blowing the Cookie Cake

Ej and Baby Z blowing the Cookie Cake

For lunch, we went to eat at Lugang Cafe at SM Aura. I got to try the one in Greenhills before but Ej didn’t get to try it yet, so he was happy that we were trying it out.

String Beans with Salted Egg

I was happy that I could order my favorite vegetable dish again, which was String Beans with Salted Egg. For the complete review of the restaurant, please go to ManilaReviews.com.

After we ate, we went around the mall and then had coffee at Starbucks. I had a great chat with a friend from way back in high school. She had a baby, too, of around the same age as Baby Zeeka.

After that relaxing stay at Starbucks, we went back home so that the little one could rest.

Come dinner time, Ej and I decided to eat out and we decided to eat at Red Garlic Bistro. Again, you will get to read about the review in ManilaReviews.com. We just walked going to the restaurant from our place. We we’re chatting on our way to and from the restaurant. I really miss these long conversations with my husband. He really gives me a lot of good ideas for my business. With that short talk, I was able to come up with an outline for a talk that I was planning to give.

What was my gift for Ej? Well, I guess were in the stage in our marriage where a simple dinner would suffice already. I think every couple gets to a point when the priority in terms of spending will be for the kids already.

Speaking of spending and finances, I attended the free seminar of Sunlife for mommies, which I will share with you this week.

How about you? How do you spend your husband’s birthday?

Love lots,
Mommy Ginger

Happy Birthday, Daddy EJ!

Happy Birthday to the one person who makes my life unbelievably happy!

Happy birthday to my panggah, EJ!

Life has been a blast with you by my side. I have been smiling from ear to ear every since the day I met you (my jaw hurts already).

2013-03-09 10.24.56 Happy birthday, Daddy EJ!

You have been a very understanding and supportive husband, a good provider and now a loving and caring dad to Baby Zeeka. I want the whole world to know that. I also want the world to know that you are a very genuine, humble and kind-hearted person. You have a good heart, gah! Stay that way.

2013-06-15 10.14.51

2013-06-22 08.22.38

Always pray. I know that we have gone and now are going through a difficult situation in our lives, but always remember that the Lord will not give you anything that you cannot handle. He loves you and I know that He will continue to bless you. Just keep the faith! Kaya natin, ‘toh!

Ginger and EJ

I cannot express enough how much I am grateful for all the things that you have done for me and for Zeeka. I am so proud of you. May you have a great, relaxing and stress-free day ahead 🙂

Again, happy birthday! I love you, panggah! 🙂

Love lots,

Baby Zeeka’s Fourth Month Birthday

Last Monday was Zeeka’s 4th month birthday. This month, we didn’t get to buy Zeeka a cake, but it was still special since Daddy Ej took a leave of absence just to be with is for the day.

So what is a typical “month birthday” like in our household? A lot of people ask if they should celebrate the monthly birthday of their little ones or just celebrate the 1st birthday. Well, in our home, we do celebrate “month birthdays”, but it really is just a simple celebration.

Each “month birthday” celebration is uniquely celebrated — different from how we celebrated it the last month. This month, our day started early since I had to go to a meeting in Shaw Boulevard. My meeting was at 10 am so we had to leave at 9 am. We got there pretty early (didn’t expect traffic to be light). We got to start early so by 10:15 am, I was done.

One of the rituals though is that we dress Baby Zeeka up. During her month birthdays, she always wears a special dress with matching accessories. For her fourth month birthday, she wore this…

Zeeka's Fourth Month Birthday Outfit

Zeeka’s Fourth Month Birthday Outfit

We wanted to go to Shangri-la Mall, but we decided yo go to Megamall instead since the former didn’t open until 11 am. When we got to Megamall, we decided to eat and celebrate at Yabu. Baby Z, as usual, was in the best of moods. She’s like that when we go to malls or when we stroll around in places she hasn’t been to.

Baby Z at Yabu

Huh? Where's my Rosu?

Where’s my Rosu?

Of course, we had to have dessert, so we bought ice cream from Gelatissimo.
Gelatissimo Ice Cream

Poor Baby Zeeka. She still couldn’t eat, so on the road going to her pediatrician, she was eating her Fisher Price “hammer” toy.

Baby Z with her Fisher Price Hammer Toy

Baby Z with her Fisher Price Hammer Toy

We left Megamall at exactly 12 noon to head to St. Luke’s Global City. Baby Z had to have her second round of 5 in 1 vaccines today with Dra. Saulog. Maaan, she couldn’t stop crying. We gave her paracetamol to ease the pain. She would stop then after a few hours she would cry again. This went on during the entire afternoon and evening. Even if we went to my lola’s house after. To distract her, we had her play the piano.

When we got home, we gave Baby Zeeka our gift. It was a dress that we bought from Mothercare in Bonifacio Global City.

Mothercare Dress for Baby Zeeka

Mothercare Dress for Baby Zeeka

Then, after that, I nursed Zeeka (oh by the way, I failed to mention that I’m still exclusively breastfeeding her so I didn’t get to mention that we would nurse every so often) and then she went to bed.

That’s pretty much what we did and how we normally celebrate the month birthdays. We’re a simple family so how we celebrate is pretty much basic and simple, too.

How about you? How do you celebrate your baby’s month birthdays?

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger