LifeScience: A Move to Functional Medicine and Systems-Based Healing

I love learning new things about the human body. I just find the human body truly amazing. We seemingly do simple things like eating, sleeping, breathing, etc. but beyond what we see are a lot more things happening at the same time, which we do not see. Recently, I met a really great doctor, Dra. Eca Lorenzo does consultations at LifeScience. She explained a very interesting topic, which was functional medicine.

Let's enter LifeScience!

Let’s enter LifeScience!

LifeScience Lounge

LifeScience Lounge

LifeScience Pharmacy

LifeScience Pharmacy

To be honest with you, even if I am amazed at how our body works, I spend little time taking care of it. I think most of us take our health for granted, especially when we do not feel sick or feel any pain. And sometimes, even if we feel some pain, we just go to the doctor, take medicines and trust that the pain will go away soon. This is the reason why we see doctors as people whose main responsibility is to cure the sick and prevent people from dying. For those who watch Grey’s Anatomy, we see doctors in action, going through surgery after surgery, taking out complications in one area of the body or identified areas. This is how we view doctors.

But talking to Dra. Eca made me realize that we need to put more weight into what we always say that prevention is always better than cure. And taking prevention to heart means that you focus on improving your life and making the right health choices, guided by doctors who base their advice also on facts.

To make sure you understand what functional medicine is, I took a picture of this chart that Dra. Eca showed me.

Lifescience 10

Functional medicine is an approach that offers personalized medical care and searches for the root cause of a person’s health concern and not only treats illnesses and its symptoms but also what caused it. It is not alternative medicine or holistic medicine. Basically, it’s an approach that allows the doctors to spend time with their patients to look at their medical history, to map out personal timelines and to look at the different factors that may influence one’s health in the long run. So even if you are feeling well and dandy now, a certain lifestyle may lead to you having chronic diseases in the future. Functional medicine is all about changing some things in your lifestyle so that you can avoid these diseases and illnesses.

During my visit, I was super impressed with the place. What was cute was that the walls had motivational and inspiring quotes!

Lifescience 11

Lifescience 15

The Body Composition Analyzer

After understanding what functional medicine is, I was led to a Body Composition Analyzer. The report was very comprehensive. The report from the BCA told me the % and the weight of Fat, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Muscle Mass in my body. It also gave me my Body Mass Index (BMI) and my Metabolic Age. Aside from those, it gave me my visceral fat score, physique rating, which part of the body I had the most muscles and fat, my body fat distribution, leg muscle score, etc.

With the results that I had and the medical history that I gave Dra. Eca, she gave me great recommendations with my primary concern which was allergic rhinitis. I will definitely try out the things that she suggested and we’ll see from there if it lessens my allergies.

Lifescience 6

Lifescience 7

Dra. Eca then showed me an even more detailed report that individuals who sign up with LifeScience get. The report showed vitamin deficiencies in the body of a person.  In knowing these deficiencies, you can actually point out what part in the conversion of energy is affected by the deficiency. This was the coolest thing I have ever seen!

For those who are scared of having chronic diseases later on in life or for those who are already ill, I suggest you still visit LifeScience and sign up with them. It may be pricey, but the benefits are huge. Ultimately, we know that health is wealth.

If you want to visit LifeScience and get your free Body Composition Analysis with Doctor’s interpretation, fill out this form:

Please do use it though before August 30, 2016. This will help you understand your body a lot!