Children’s Book Recommendation: I am Happy

It’s been doubly hard to look for activities for Zeeka these days for two reasons. The first reason, which is quite obvious, is that we are limited to the activities that we can do at home. And aside from that, Zeeka is very picky. She knows what she wants.

Recently, I’ve notices that she easily gets bored. Even with games in her gadget, she’s not as enthusiastic anymore. We took to reading lately, and i’t been hard looking for books that she would be interested in. Good thing, I came across a Children’s book called I am Happy.

I am Happy Book Cover

The I am Happy Children’s book was made by Filipino writers and artists. I love how cute the drawings are. This book also exudes so much positivity. I love how it teaches kids values that we uphold as Filipinos.

Mommy Ginger and Zeeka Reading I am Happy

Why We Like This Book

I’m sure one of the questions that you may have is what makes this book different from other Children’s books in the market. Aside from supporting local writers and artists, each page encourages a conversation with your little one.

Most books that we get are just “one way”. The parent reads and the child listens. Or the child reads, the parents listen. Reading just a few pages of this book took us a while, since after each page, we had to talk to each other. By the way, it was me and Zeeka who read the book.

Each page had a question or a story that encouraged discussion. The page that I’m showing below led my daughter to ask me about the “rich past” of the Philippines. I actually needed to tell her more about us being colonized by several countries. I definitely need to brush up on Philippine History again! haha!

I am Happy book

What I also like about this book is that it just makes you feel good after. It encourages you and your child to look at the things that you can be grateful for. I really think that I am Happy is such an appropriate title. We really felt happy after reading this.

For those who want to order the book, just click on this link: The book is just Php 250. Hope you can support local artists!

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