Bringing Sexy (and Good Health) Back with F45 Training

I’m thinking of reformatting GTV. First of all, I think I won’t have the budget to continuously pay for my production team and secondly, I feel that I have so much more to give if the episodes aren’t scripted. I can be my wacky, weird self. If you get to know me in person, I am a serious, all-business and no-nonsense kind of a lady, but there are a few times (oooh, alright… maybe more often that I can remember) when I totally don’t make any sense. Hihi! My friends can attest to that.

Anyway, my point is that the lives of the people that you read online are just a part of REALITIES that they have. I’m not saying we’re all fakers, but obviously, our blogs are not “on” 24/7, if you get what I mean. We cannot constantly monitor everything that we do and share everything with the public. We chose the fun, inspiring and amazing part of our lives.

My Chubby Face :)

My Chubby Face ūüôā

Like for instance, in my case, I don’t often share about my insecurities when it comes to the way I look. I hate having pictures take, less having my video taken, because I feel my face is too huge. I look fat. I feel I have humongous “braso” and I have weird looking feet. I wish my nose were shaped differently. There you go! I have said everything that I needed to say, but it won’t change anything, so I decide not to talk about it.

I also don’t show you or mention that I have been sick (I literally felt that I had pneumonia already) for the past month. I have this really bad cough, but I haven’t had the time to go to the doctor. I also feel soooo unhealthy. This is why two weeks ago, I started eating healthy. I started going on a diet. It seemed so long ago since the last time I felt healthy and sexy (I think it was January of this year during my boudoir shoot:¬†

Bringing Sexy, but more importantly, "Healthy" Back!

Bringing Sexy, but more importantly, “Healthy” Back!

I also stated getting my groove back when it comes to exercising. I used to be a gym rat, but with managing my businesses and all, I haven’t had enough time to go to the gym. But since I feel soooo unhealthy, I decided to start working out again.

I got an email from 45 Training recently offering 3 FREE Trial Classes. One Saturday, I decided to go and successfully managed to bring my husband with me. I think I was successful since F45 was really just three blocks away from where we’re staying so he agreed to come with me.

F45 Training at BGC Stopover

F45 Training at BGC Stopover

When we got to BGC Stopover, we went straight to the third floor where F45 Training was. We were equipped with a towel and a bottle of water. I came in my gym clothes (just like the one I’m wearing the picture above). The gym was a huge open space with a lot of equipment — some of which I have seen before and some totally unfamiliar.

2015-10-10 09.10.21

There were also a big sign on what type of class we were joining and in some sections, there was an LCD panel that showed different types of workouts that was part of the session (check out the screen situated on the upper left side of  this picture).

We were greeted by a really courteous trainer. I believe his name was¬†Fred Tembrevilla. Fred explained to us what was going to happen. He told us that the name of the session that we were attending was Hollywood. Hollywood is a 60 minute, high intensity interval circuit around 27 stations that will put your strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance under the brightest of spotlights! Oh, so that’s why it’s called Hollywood. I just got it now, while retyping the description in this picture!

F45 Schedule of classes

We went through the training and yes, it certainly showed me that I was unfit! Haha! We, my husband and I, got to do just one round of the training. We were given a break in between rounds to which we could not “break” from. I really enjoyed the training though, even it if it was just a round (for us).

f45 training 2

What I liked about F45 Training was…

  1. The trainers were constantly checking form and looking around to see how everyone was doing. They had three trainers on the floor, which was superb!
  2. We were constantly motivated. They would say, “good job” or “you’re really doing great there”. They’re not like those psycho trainers that we often times imagine.
  3. The exercises really targeted different parts of your body. Usually, the day after, it would be my thighs that would always hurt, but lo and behold, it was actually my triceps and back that hurt! I was happy because it was the good kind of pain (the one that¬†tells you that you’ve finally used them after decades).
  4. You are free to work just within your limits. You are free to stop when you don’t feel well. F45 Training offered and environment that encourages you to go on (no pressure at all).
  5. Perfect for moms, like me, since you can go at your own pace. It’s also perfect for beginners because the coaches are really adamant about keeping the right form.
  6. They have schedules that would fit your schedule! (dang it! Can’t use that one as an excuse!)

So there you have it, folks! That was my assessment of my first class at F45. I think I will go again next week. Let’s see! My strategy is to build up cardiovascular endurance first via the treadmill before I go for my second trial class. To avail of the trial classes, just sign up in their site and it automatically gives you the three classes for FREE!

The site is I will monitor my progress also for the next months. I plan to really be healthy and prolly sexy come December, so that I can eat and gain all that weight back again. Haha! Oh, the cycle of life!

Perfect Gift for Hubby for Valentine’s Day — Boudoir Pictures!

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and with all the birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions that we celebrate, I always have a hard time looking for the perfect gift for him. I wanted a gift that he would appreciate. I really thought about it and remembered one thing that I really wanted to do for him. For our 5th anniversary last October 17, I decided to muster the courage to give him boudoir pictures.

Boudoir Le Blanc
I learned about this concept of Boudoir pictures when I encountered Boudoir Le Blanc during the time I was pregnant with my daughter. This was my article during that time (Boudoir Le Blanc Review). In a country that is so traditional and conservative, even wives or moms shun the thought of giving sexy pictures to their husbands. Why are we so shy to give our partner something that they can treasure forever? Admittedly, the first time I got to know about this, I wasn’t prepared to have my photos taken “boudoir” style during that time. First of all, I was pregnant (although looking back, it would have been a good time to have the picture taken). But mostly, it was because I felt insecure. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea. I’m ¬†uncomfortable in front of a camera with all my clothes on, so I was super uncomfortable with the idea of me having my picture taken in sexy clothes and lingerie.

But the past year has taught me to love myself more — to love all the flabs and the cellulite that go with it. I built enough confidence (although I was still scared to death during the shoot) to do this. So, fast forward to late last year, I prepared a lot for this shoot, so that I would be able to give my hot husband ‘hot and sexy’ pictures of myself.

Working with Boudoir Le Blanc team was really great! They gave me pegs for the outfit that I was supposed to bring during the shoot. After which, I had fun shopping for those things with my sister Kinney of We then finally had our shoot early December 2014.

Cute design at Boudoir Le Blanc's Studio

Cute design at Boudoir Le Blanc’s Studio

Prep time!

Prep time!

The make-up artist, Tina Joson, who I knew before this shoot (since I have worked with her for Manila Workshops), worked with her hair stylist to achieve that sexy look that I had to have for the shoot. Sisters, Heather (the stylist) and Tooney (the photographer) were there to work with us during the shoot. It was a fun shoot! I never felt so comfortable posing in a lingerie and in front of the camera! I was so surprised. They really made me feel like a model.

No Peeking!

No Peeking!

Super nice set up of Boudoir Le Blanc

Super nice set up of Boudoir Le Blanc

2014-11-04 11.33.43

End of Day Photo with the Boudoir le Blanc team and my sister,

End of Day Photo with the Boudoir le Blanc team and my sister,

And after a month of email exchanges from the time they sent the contact prints, here are some (Sorry, guys! I can only show you some of the pictures! :P) The sexaaaah pictures are for my husband’s eyes only!

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 5

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 5

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 4

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 3

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 2

Ginger Boudoir Le Blanc Pics 1

Haha! That’s about it! Oh, I have good news for the other ladies out there who would love to have their boudoir pictures taken. Boudoir Le Blanc is holding a Pre-Valentines Boudoir Marathon on January 24! And guess what, it’s only for Php 5000. ¬†This is a good deal, ladies!

Boudoir Le Blanc Pre-Valentines Day Marathon

Boudoir Le Blanc Pre-Valentines Day Marathon

If you are interested, message them on facebook. Check out